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why do I not fret about people not seeing what needs to be seen and therefore continue being deceived? there will always be the poor? why do I not parade myself throughout cities and towns telling people what they should or should not be doing? why do I not force my FAITH on others, demanding people listen to me and abide by my "view"? why do I not set myself up on a pedestal, and perform for the world ... as teacher, prophet, mystic, religious, spiritual or political leader?

because God is impartial. God is no respecter of persons ... and I would not risk the lives of these because I saw self as "the teacher" ... nor am I to allow myself to be used, misused or ABUSED that way. my days are spent in learning-----seeking----asking. that I share in this is part of my gift, part of my Spiritual ID, and yes, warning is gift in this, but no one is forced to look at the work in SPIR or Spirrealism or OWA.

if people should desire this Movement and bring it forth in a broader sense (art tours, books, workshops ..) because they are interested---NOT FORCED---but interested, and it is not costing the taxpayer anything above what they are already paying or willing to pay ... more of a choosing rather than political or religious manifestation ... then it becomes realized in a more natural sense. never fully understood, but is realized in a way more illustrious and gentile (begetting).   

and thank God the 'thorn in my side' is glossophobia ... :D seriously, as I might be the armadillo under a canopy of apostates. I have wondered my whole speaking life why I could not get up in front of a group---any group---and speak, comfortably. I saw this a few years ago and I am glad of it, for I see how this is a test of my endurance ... instruction, as well as a way to keep me from overexposure, especially when it is not my time. my time to speak will come, but until this time, I am given what is needed to share ... in paint and ... and there are those who will speak, who have this gift (what is my brother) ... when they enter the place of understanding within movement.

why do we even speak on this? why do we share at all? why not keep Faith circumcised? because it profits "me" nothing as the Parable of the Mina goes. we see a lot of commenting these days on religious profiling: racism, bigotry, anti this or that ... because someone was called out on something ........ a scarf, a beard ... a clock ... an alcoholic beverage ... 

why do people demand or desire apologies for things that are not part of the necessity of survival? why take them to court and seek money and make a big splash for the world to see? if a disease forced that all beards be cut ... or all fabrics covering hair and face be removed indoors and all bags checked and  ... the like, why does a religious desire apologies where they believe the system---a system not intended to respect their personal beliefs in public economy and living, especially in a time of questioning and concern ... search for awareness ... appease them? this goes for any religion, religious sect or institution in general .... not picking on islam specifically but  ... we use these examples because islam is IN QUESTION, and there are people needing to see the presence of this religion: its humility, parenting, partnering and worth ... in the striving to move into a place of health and wellbeing. the more important and the more immediate concerns are the human sex trafficking, clergy'staff child sex abuse, dishonest practices in government, economy, religion, health care ... poor parenting ... children tossed off cliffs, drowned, starved, fed poison and beaten ... young women and children raped ... drug abuse and pesticide use ... fracking and ... obvious environmental concerns ... 

why do people drug, rape, starve and beat the earth, skies and seas? feed on junk that exhausts the already weary? overpopulating ... overlooking the devastation and the abuse ... while saying, you offended my religion? really? why do you burden our breathing with your demands?

surely the muslims see this? surely they understand the need for this questioning, this trial, and not demand that all accommodate them above others of a system of living in a time of sincere concern. should they not see this they begin to look like they are the boozers, the overreachers, not the man wishing to have a glass of wine while he relaxes between chores, or the school needing to gain some control over the obviously loud noises and sour feeding engulfing the children and leading them into militancy, insidious partnering and self-destruction ... while they take a handful of peers with them. 

it would behoove both government and religious to chastise these boozers and those demanding their apologies. there is work to be done and all that whining is annoying.

which brings me to the confessional. 

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we have been posting and posting on this ... a comment copied on the recent "invasion" in europe

Germany is only starting to taste the "sweet" presence and customs of their new residents: 
A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by an asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. 
80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter in Munich are male... the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. — Bavarian Broadcasting reports

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