concrete proof? wouldn't proof be enough? how does making it concrete make it more proving of something?

PAUL speaks on tablets of stone. you know the passage. we shared on this in previous posts. the tablet of stone would be creeds and written documents stating proof of something like christianity or a form of christianity and other principles for a system of practice, belief and behavior, ethics and the psychology of the theology. I smile here thinking about these because in this day ... with all the "proof" of these tablets of stone ... one would think christian sects would have gotten the message, but the truth is ... most deny it. they deny the fact that they are still so far from TRUTH. they rely on their systems of belief and practice to save them from what their institutional headship says is evil. interestingly, ignorance and denial are in partnership with untruth. for instance, if I decided that a school would be good for my child, I would want to know the system of the school: how it operates, who are its teachers and staff and what is the "proof" of these and the proven positions of its leadership. today we can go online and find a lot; not everything but a lot. if an alarm sounds in some area relating to the school or teacher or administration ... or even the beliefs and practices of the institution, more research is needed to help ensure the protection of the child. one might even consider looking into the bus and shuttle drivers should there be a need for this, including the bus/shuttle service providers. 

if more people began this process for their child, there would be change where change is needed. parents would ask that schools, especially in their area, especially public schools, meet the necessary goals for change. change would come if more people asked questions. many years ago, I recall a principle telling me at a meeting: you know the saying, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. but it was broke ... and it is broke ... but ignorance and lethargy hug the pride of institution like a cat inside a bag. the thought of a cat inside a bag is awful, and no cat wants to be in the bag ... so, what is the message? the saying goes back to the days of insolence in the treatment of cats. this tells us the old school methodology is ignorant and lethargic, even cruel. you get the picture ... we don't need to beat a dead horse on this :( 

it's interesting how we are in 2016 and it's like people are just waking up to the fact that racism is and always was more than just a black and white issue. america is not run on dunkin' ... mankind has been mostly dipping into the inadequacies of system. law. degrees. titles. leadership and politics. and policy. and each party thinks his side is correct in these, and the others ignorant ... stupid ... whining ... careless ... hypocritical ... corrupt ... worthless ...

each group set itself up in a unified fashion and in doing so, it sends the message of stone. some even become so large they create a wall ... a very big, loooong wall. and interestingly, the larger this "union" the more defects ... cracks ... fissure. 



see ... in this presentation of the roman pontiff, one can see an attempt at unifying for agenda> CHINA.

that the ARGENTINE pontiff should ignore his own scandals and attack the scandals of others is what? he is pushing agenda, and we see the emirates at work. how is it that so many cannot see it? 

we will share something important ...

I have not read this until just a few minutes ago, and only part of it.

the purpose of this sharing is to show you a glimpse of what will be. recall we shared on forums, in SPIR and OWA that the face of christianity will change as will the landscape of religion? zionism is this change. christianity will emerge faceless as it should be ... it will be ISRAEL in the seat of jurisdiction ... not religion. this was not to be forced. it was to come forth through the power of the holy Spirit ... in its day of Resolution. we enter the EAST. 

cont ... 

SADNESS, LONELY MADNESS ... (the year, 2002, from a child; she was only 7 yrs old)

while reading Santamaria's JOY ... I became reacquainted with the spontaneity of youth and its glorious yet sometimes forlorn sounding expression. at a very young age, Joy expressed in sensitivities exceeding her age. she was a loner ... but not alone. alive and fierce in her parenting, she was giving birth to her gifts. she was not a lonely writer. she was a born ascender, replete with the drive to ignite, and she did ignite. once she conquered something she was determined to conquer ... it was necessary for her to move in order to remain igniting. her marriage to the educated and highly creative CS LEWIS tamed her inner drive ... maybe too much. this is what I see. it became about him more than her, even though he was enamored of her. people fall in love---don't they :)

the writing in blue ... the one above, was in response to a letter written to the girl because she was leaving her town and going far away. the response sounds to those of formulaic and indoctrinated mindset like a sharing from a potentially troubled child ... deep, bright, but potentially troubled. I have witnessed this so I know it to be true. the writing is a reacting to a fierceness that exists within the hearts of young artists of SPIRIT. they seldom know of this and it is critical that parent/mentor and guardian realize the gift and not dull its potential. we are seeing the fall out in our societies from mindset catholic ... and by catholic we are saying UNIVERSAL, as in secular - "of the day", with the expectation to be a certain way (uniform) to serve not the faith and wealth of the ART of EXPRESSING, but the jurisdiction in pride of institution and its system of beliefs. 

I get the the 7-year-old's expression. I get it. I knew it the minute I read it and saw no reason to think her troubled. 


the news: we see the ongoing saga over ssm 
the church of latter day saints say no to ssm. 
why is this still news? why is anyone still harping about it? 
in the US, you can switch churches or start your own with its own belief system. 
why does anyone feel entitled to antagonize when it's not necessary?
gimme-gimme-gimme ... what I want how I want it!

when I was in the greek orthodox church ... I asked questions, maybe there was a super big understanding, but I was told to go elsewhere ... I did. I did not whine and demand that the church suit me ... I left and never went back. what's the big deal? it hurt because there was much confusion ... and people there behaved poorly, but hey, I grew and continue to grow for the best. if people demanding that an institution change because they want what they want their way and the institution rules no, you can't have your way ... go elsewhere. we said this before, if people do not understand you and you feel demeaned and treated poorly ... and in this case, you are in disagreement over the issue of same sex relationships-marriage ... you are obviously NOT of that institution's belief and practice, and should therefore move out and either go where you can get what you want or, like every church institute from the start of religion, make your own. why force yourself on others? it makes no sense to us in the case of the LDS for any gays to push their beliefs and practices and NO ONE should be agonizing over this and no government should be interfering ... ssm has been ruled legal in the US.  could it be that the gays want to make a big stink? yes, it's beginning to stink bad and it's really REALLY boring ... get out , get over yourselves and grow up! (those of you in the news touting your new brand of ___). and maybe you can move to those nations that are treating many people horrendously ... and help them out. maybe set a good example. seriously ... 

a bit more on this topic ...
the US government as a democracy had a job to do on this and they did it. obama trots out and starts telling other nations to honor ssm. this is not his job. it's not. there are people very devoted to what they understand as a monogamous marriage of male and female. it is what they believe--- it is a part of THEIR FAITH---their belief system and from this comes forth child or children through THEIR FORM of creating this. why is this anyone else's business? and why is this up for condemnation by society? it is a fact that male and female having sex produce child. it's not always done well, honestly or kindly ... but it is fact ... and some people are bound in their beliefs to this fact, and wish to remain this way. can anyone prove that it is a cause of a terrible epidemic, poor parenting ... disease  ... dangers ...? seriously. stop the bigot-shaming. it's getting so old ... some are guilty of the same crimes they accuse others of---their own form of partiality and invasiveness. their own form of melodrama and judgement. 

and as we said before, GOVERNMENT SHOULD STOP SUPPORTING CHURCHES! church leaders and ... $ should not be going to these systems if they have agreed on a system---ain't that right?

I don't eat meat, pork, poultry, reptile and only some fish. It is part of my belief-not a religion-but a belief in how I feel and experience nature which includes our fur and feather friends. I also feel it healthier for me to not eat these animals and birds. I shop at stores where these are sold ... I sit down and eat with people who eat these (not reptile, at least not that I am aware of ;) ... even cook a little chicken for my dog and for one or two members of my family, but generally I like to stay away from this. if there is meat to be cooked, I prefer that someone else do the cooking and this is usually what happens. I do not ask that anyone stop eating these. I do not agonize over it nor do I antagonize others that eat these and I am not anti meat eaters. 

now, the following is most definitely of great importance in the US ... an 8-yr-old beats a child of one to death. 

OBAMA ---OH-BAMA! where art thou, OBAMA??? don't you have a job to do?