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November 29, 2016
I was searching the news on something having to do with a NE college. I saw it in the local paper yesterday and I was wondering if this was becoming the trend. the college decided to run the flag at half-mast then lower it? all because of trump's win. the vets came on campus and there were protests and at some point during the night the flag got burned. 

so … let me see if I understand this. the students were protesting by using the american flag as the symbol of … american government? rule of law? the hierarchy of the throne of american democracy, which is … freedom to choose and … american people voted trump into the white house so … the students were protesting the freedom for america to vote? and is this why so many politicians of the liberal persuasion were mourning castro's death? 

does something seem off? trudeau of canada was criticized for planning to attend the cuban funeral. americans questioned obama's political correctness on castor's dictatorship and … thousands in cuba, many of them young students, are mourning their "father". hmmm … something off in this scene?

are the youth confused? or is theirs a breakdown in community? it's beginning to look and sound very much like that tower of babble you read about in their scared books. I mean ... sacred books. 

and you know something? in my search I couldn't seem to get away from the breast being advertised. the woman's breast. it was on just about every page ...somewhere. and I started to laugh: what is this obsession with the woman's breast? who keeps pushing sex? and it was advertised in exactly that way. it wasn't ART in the sense that we understand the FEMALE ANATOMY … it was strictly for sexual preferences, to push sexy … usually large, bursting out of tight, sheer clothing … young women … aging women … appearance for sexual appeal, and I wondered: what is the INTENT of those engaging in these ads? 

what are they really selling?

the protesters, for or against something … what are they really selling in their appearance? if they hate trump do they hate their supporters? if they hate trump do they support illegal immigration and islam? do they support soft on crime and poor vetting procedures? what exactly are they supporting? freedom of appearances just not what they oppose? they are okay with legalizing marijuana but not trump support? 

:) your world is looking very kucka in its reform mode, jew. what are you going to do about it?



as of 4:20 AM  no one has [responded] to spuddie's post. hmm … 

Preemptive facepalm for:
1. Attacks on the entire Somali refugee community as collective guilt for the guy's acts (Remember if its a white guy who runs amok, he's just crazy. If he is a person of color he is a terrorist)
2. Anti-gun control arguments that a good guy with a gun stopped a rampaging driver/stabber
3. Nonsense about how the school's accommodations for Muslim prayer somehow inspired this attack

the white …? how about "innocent" whites being attacked because the climate is ripe with awful smelling fruits?

remember the WHITE "supermom" jogger that was abducted and badly beaten … hair chopped off … ? the word is two hispanic women are responsible for abducting her and …

WE see that they are the two having brutally beaten her. why? ANGER … created as a sickness where EVIL can easily find a home in a climate of … "attack the white" and how easy to do it to a small, vulnerable … woman, who probably thought the two hispanics really did need directions when they stopped the car to ask. that scented WHITE WOMAN … you know, the ugly climate of hate … where the whites are being blamed for everything from --- to ----without asking that ALL PEOPLES BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHOICES  … that privileged WHITE woman, how dare she be so … so white and so pretty and so … white. more so than people of color? the WHITE WOMAN, all fit and white … like an image of …

what are YOU ... PEOPLES doing? you give EVIL a house to do baaaaaad, bad stuff. hmm?

JESUS calling out "demons" does not work that way, folks. the scene where JESUS calls out demons is calling out the evil hiding in institution, climate, systems of ... (recall we spoke of Spiritual Metaphor?). calling out hypocrisy does not attack a race of people. THE CHRIST operates within the mind of the Believer to expel systems riddled with disease! white is no worse than black, and no better. a nonissue. if a government sets up a system that favors whites, and you do realize that there are many blacks in the WHITE HOUSE … in seats of power and influence who could change things if they believed these to be unjust-unfair … but the SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE that marginalizes or that does not require that peoples be responsible for their acts … that does not provide safe communities … that does not address the crimes as they need to be addressed, etc, etc, etc … why do the spuddies of the world continue to blame white? it does nothing in this Day to stem the violence. and female and child are the easiest targets. don't you see how EVIL OPERATES? or are you a nonbeliever in SPIRIT? if you are a nonbeliever in SPIRIT then you live in ignorance.

hello medical-mental health professionals, how is life treating you?

the crimes in the roman catholic church on female and child ALL OVER THE WORLD? poor climate that refuses to address this disease and … state in bed with roman church does what in that climate? it hides the EVIL …
gee, thanks ignorants … for all those awful scars!!! … every time you praise the pope for his lies, you DENY he is preening … he does not address the disease rampant in his orders! you … you peoples should be ashamed! look what has been injected widely into the world … all in the NAME OF $. 

how ghastly. how irreverent … how can Lord know YOU paying into and supporting these institutions that do bad? and bowing to the gods of these is what? I pity you … I really do, but what can I do but call on EVE to deal with this. EVE, the breathe of the Holy  … Spirit of … the LIVING GOD. betcha they never taught that in your "holy" houses.

the MARRIAGE of the HEART to the MIND creates the Heart of STONE, a foundation built on Truth. recall the Words of JESUS in Peter's words of "seeing" I see that you are …

but if believer lives in ignorance and … allows atheists to attach those millstones around the necks of you and yours … you are no better than he, living a lie. your cults disparage She. and where we say that you bring it on yourself … what you believe is what you will receive is … what you see happening. and the jew demands signs? 

hmm ….


do you understand how system of rule operates? surely you know that the governments and their agencies have storerooms full, maybe even overflowing, and they use it for their own gain … when asked by Spirit of the Living this morning: what do governments desire? I responded: to look profitable to other nations. 

and this they desire above the health and wealth of their own people. the safety and well being of their own citizens! they have the money and the means to give, but they deal in chartering their fleet. they give more to rich countries that look at you with contempt and treat their own citizens unjustly and poorly. so you and your leaders do business with systems of evil … dressed as what? look at the roman catholic church. everywhere the pontiff goes what is sure to follow? death and destruction? disease? look what roma set up in those nations that suffered under its rule …suffers… hiding the corruption and the abuses on female and child …  and then do what? move into disbelief of a GOD THEY NEVER KNEW, BECAUSE BIG HEAD RELIGIOUS WAS IN THE WAY? and now desire a one religious-political system under islamic rule? gads! hey, jew, what happened in germany … under hitler … a prophet for profit? his big, white lie? and you haven't the gift to see what you pay into and support … ? wow, just wow. talk about ignorance … the blind leading the blind? they know not what they do … and neither do you. 

I Am not fooled by your titles. your jewdom or your christiandom or your roman catholic-ism or islamic treaties. I know what you do … you cannot hide from me. and if you support evil in your houses you cannot know God of the Living, because you look the over way when shown your messes. you live in denial. you do not want to see that you are hypocrites. 

take obamacare … this is a system set up by obama's advisors making it not so much obama care but obama's company's type of care. it is a system, good or not good, but if government under its facets desires for other nations to keep doing business with it … if they fear losing business with these they will not hesitate to drop you like a lead balloon! and they can see to stocks going through the roof making some rich and others much less rich … because they control through a system that you live under and vote in term after term after term but … if that arm does bad to you … terrible, dishonest bad … do you remove it or allow it even more power? huh, jew … what a life you live! but hey, what do you bring on the innocent? the young? the vulnerable? how do you mislead them? and if they come at you angry … waking to the indecencies of rome … who can you blame?

hey jew, you better warn your rich obsessive orthodox brothers … THEY ARE COMING TO TEAR DOWN THE TENTS as they have taken much money from homeland security for their own pockets, and the peoples are beginning to wake to where all the money is going … to whom for what? … and they are not going to be pleased. I know we are not pleased … with the unjust patriarchal ignorance …

how about them apples? 

if we sound harsh it's for good reason. warning you as we have said numerous times and … 

we think you long overdue for stepping up to bat. you cannot continue in your half-daze … and claim any form of authority on Truth. this is not make-believe, jew … this is the real deal. you cannot say you believe in G-D and ignore that EVIL has its way within the world, including your own institutions. it is nonsensical … and to play the good cop is to play obtuse. it shows more than ever in this Day. there is always a robber in your midst … because you allow it, pander to it and call it your horn. wake up, and know that you are being misused. ELIJAH be scorned? … you blaspheme the Name for your own political agendas. my-my.  

and do you think they read torah all day? ;) … riiiiiiight. maybe it is the case that the government pays them (in some way) to spy on you. does not compute? whatever …

and btw, that papini woman abducted had what law enforcement called a message burned into her skin. this is horrid, truly horrid. one can only imagine the pain and suffering having not experienced this and even in the imagination one is with limitation. but as of 12:12 pm I have not seen in the news what was burned into her skin, but I am shown that the "group" having staged this, using these two women, want law and public to think it is a message to direct them in a certain direction … but it is actually to throw them/you off course. the group behind this is of terrorist intent, working from a larger group, and it lurks near and far. how clever, and how despicable! … and there is another horrible incident that will come forth but … EVIL being found out now will move on … to another scheme … until … until YOU remove it from your communities.


"If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace," the post reads. "We will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims." ----OSU islamist attacker 

is it clear to obama and his elite what this is? it is an islamist asking specifically about islam. do you understand now why people are throwing up their hands in disbelief at their president' s desire to ignore the reality of what is? the question we have for the acting president of the US: 

what is meant by the islamist peace? would this be to give those practicing islam what they want … where they want it? how are you/US not making their peace?


so here it comes … 
news out that the CA terrorist and his wife having murdered 14 was FORCED to attend the christmas party and FORCED to stand in front of the christmas tree and get his picture taken. really? he refused but the company he worked for forced him? this I find hard to believe … but let's allow them this … for the moment, as the lawyers (anti christmas?) prepare their case …

do you murder every person you disagree with? do you agree with everything your company asks you to do? are you happy with everything your government does? are you in agreement with your spouse/family members 100 percent of the time? are you in full control of your children at all times? do you agree with your neighbors in everything they do? 

and the biggest question of all: is there something offensive about a decorated tree? does the decorated tree spell out forced obedience to a religion you find offensive? or that you disagree with?

I have a practicing jewish friend who told me a number of years ago that he doesn't get the tree and finds it offensive. why have a "christmas" tree in public places? he asked. I could not in my keen imagination find anything offensive about a decorated tree, especially if the tree is just colored lights and shiny colored balls. and most schools that used the tree for their bazars classified it: THE GIFTING/GIVING TREE (and now that I think about it … I attended a meeting at a public school many yrs ago where this question came up. what to call the TREE … anything but a christmas tree, heaven forbid they call it a christmas tree ;) … and I suggested they call it the gifting-giving tree … but this may have already been used … somewhere … but it just came to me and made sense at the time)

jews, what do you find offensive about a tree? because it is cut down? okay … but what if for each one cut another is planted?

the jews/atheists and islamists will not win on the question of celebrating christmas … a bloodied JESUS hanging from a cross I can understand to be offensive, especially for children, but that is another religious period, and not of this season  … and many churches never use this image (I know I did not grow up with this image decorating the walls of the church we attended. I don't ever recall seeing it in church … and our KJV bibles did not have pictures).

THE DECORATED TREE OF THE NOVEMBER-DECEMBER SEASON IS A TRADITION IN AMERICA … get used to it or get the hell out of america … if I can be so blunt. many people sharing in this do not celebrate christianity. there is not a single argument that anti--christians will win on the use of the decorated tree. or even the celebration of CHRISTMAS as it currently stands … in america. 

you want to take mE on … on THIS … just TRY ME! you will lose. religionist militants, you will not get your way on this …. you will not usurp a much needed celebration for the american people. you will not remove it for your callous operations. but if you want to try … 

I will be at the ready. you can count on facing ME should you try to force your tribal delegates on our SENSITIVITIES. 

and hey jew, if you are behind this eradicating of "christmas" festivities in america … you will have ME to contend with. go ahead, jew, bring it on … :D

just think of all the angry businesses counting on the season of christmas you will have to face first. that in itself will kick your ass :O


I received a summons in the mail yesterday: jury duty this time ;)

I served on a panel a few years ago and found it full of lies. I don't think I can do jury duty, at least in how the system is currently operated. I will write them and tell them why. 

which reminds me of a time about eight years ago, or so … I was summoned for jury duty and I went in and was not chosen for the panel. the case involved jewish people. I wondered why I was not chosen, but I thought the name THIEL may have had something to do with it. I am not a mind reader, but I am not naive about the process … you know, the sorting process. and I could go into my family history and share where members are in error on the history of our parents and the origin of the name Thiel, but that would take too much time. the truth is the name Thiel has a long history … stemming well before german roots, or the passing through of the nation calling itself germany.

and another sharing on the Thiel name …
oneofmy brothers went to aruba for a vaca a while back. he said that when he arrived and they saw his name, they said> Thiel? a good german name … and he said that the people started treating him like a celebrity, he found it funny. I found it uncomfortable. gotta tell ya … you won't find me visiting aruba. it's nothing against germans … I do not want people to assume anything about me based on my american birth. 


alternative doilies

November 24, 2016
being a female I am offended daily by mainstreaming. that's our word for society's lusts. it does not matter what you say you are, if society claps for you when you say things like "black girls rule" or you make crude jokes about fucking women, or about a woman's "private" parts … and you are too popular, and too financially successful, and too influential … to be brought down by society's civility, which is highly overrated  … you are no different from the alt-right in the news recentl...
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CITY of denial

November 20, 2016
the world.

but how do you assist the world in seeing its hypocrisy? 

what we see happening is nations that were once salivating in liberalist economy turning toward a more conservative stance. the people will be voting in more conservative leaders. the people. the other half? or the other growing half? and where does this place reformed and progressive ___, and secularist? and why would nations b...
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the "honesty" of deity

November 17, 2016
what is a deity but a god. in gnosis one is god until G-d turns on a light. and says, (in a language not born of man but of Spirit) … yo, look at this room! what a mess. would you like help in cleaning it?

a dream some time ago had me standing in my apartment that belonged to the world, but it was not really an apartment … but a room. that room was filled with dry leaves. I remember thinking, wow, an apartment all to myself. the wind blew suddenly … and all the leaves were swept out. 
it ...
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<instruments of the devil>

November 15, 2016
poets, songwriters … even politicians use the word freely. what word? devil. the devil. but too often they refuse the reality of … the devil. the devil is of evil spirit. this is real. there is an entity we call evil, and it dwells in the minds of man. this is how evil in the world has its way, gets its way, distracts and misleads … to have it his way. evil is the opposite of good. evil is lawlessness. evil is a spirit force capable of things man has yet to understand, or believe. since...
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the broken vanity

November 12, 2016
last night the discussion …
with a person who does not believe in Spirit (of the Living God), one having cast his vote for clinton confessed to me that he did this because he did not want trump to win (the nader thing) but he wished that he had voted for bernie sanders.  "I never said I liked hillary," he said, "but I did not want trump to win." I had argued some with this person off and on throughout the election saying: you say you are voting in the lesser of two evils, but you are still ...
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the embarrassing do-over

November 10, 2016
ermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says it was "an embarrassment" that millions of white working-class voters decided to back Republican Donald Trump in Tuesday's presidential election. The former rival of Hillary Clinton is calling on Democrats to take a strong stand against the role of corporate interests in politics.

former rival? formal rival [hillary] is CALLING on democrats to stand against THE ROLE of corporate interests in politics? 

wow, maybe that paragraph belongs on the WAD. if this isn't a...
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Gnostic Philosophy:

November 9, 2016

you vote in a liar you get a liar. does it matter which one?


did not know whether to post the following news article under the previous <forked delivery> or here ;)

yada-yada …
now here's the rub … it's not over yet. no? 

are you ready to listen? I have known for a while that the republicans would win this term. hey, it is what it is … it would take too long to explain it all but … wha...
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<forked delivery>

November 8, 2016
I shall not tell a lie.

who cut down the cherry tree and for what purpose? 

I read an article on that recent earthquake in oklahoma … about how the wastewater from the process of fracking … drilling … is injected into areas of the earth that has caused an increase in earthquakes. I am going at this very simply here. okay, so I read a few comments and of course the usual "hate republican-blame republican" comments are there, as if no democrat or any other group  is involved in fracking and...
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the wad in the mouth...

November 7, 2016
walks without peace, erdogan.

if you think the US or the EU are in any way of sense and reason, you are barking up the wrong side of the tree. first< we do not agree with your handshake of a government under the militancy of islam. it's a contextual error of insignificant parts, however, the US with one hand holds up a flag waving it proud, saying how just and smart and civil it is while hand...
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