it happens ...

by way of man ... by way of animal ... by way of man as animal ... it happens ... 

it's here, it's reproducing and it will take over ... as nature moves and things change

now, how is this a reflection of man? there is a gnostic writing (Thomas) that says:
7 Jesus said: Blessed is the lion which the man eats, and the lion will become man; and cursed is the man whom the lion eats, and the lion will become man.

what does this teach? 

this is teaching us what is of Prophesy: the Evolution of GOD and MAN. 

the lion represents the science of verse. what is {it} ... IT IS ... it is what is: what is {God}.


okay, let's look at "what is science" 

definition: scientia = KNOW  ... compare this with gnosis: knowledge (related to gignoskein (scien) - know and gigno - having to do with growing---to be born)

one might say that God is THE ART OF SCIENCE(s) ... or, A PLACE OF KNOWING (an active, moving place---mind and LOVE OF {this} creates the Heartmind; the ascent in this) ... this is a male determinator ... much like sperm ... but the value of this cannot be determined without what? female as a 'divine' element ... a place of conciliatory being, or ... awareness (place of awareness). 

there exists God (Spirit) element to rectify in {this} ... but not as an artificial substance or beam. non believer believes in science but not god, not understanding that GOD exists within the rite of passage in this 'activity' ... but because he does not see it (no man has ever seen God), he credits logic, hard work, titles, material, his own impulse and personality. believer in God as Spirit credits Spirit (not speaking of religionists---those of the acumen of dogmatic principles, which can and does include atheistic streams) often not realizing that without logic, what we better define and understand as SENSE AND REASON, hard work and the type of material ... along with imperative discipline and dedication (an ongoing relevant or revealing 'agreement') ... God is realized ... even seen ... but not while in a man or manmade state. atheist does not experience what is God/Spirit because his reach is too short ... or, he keeps falling short of that "born". this is not a condemnation as it is a fact. where judgement comes into question is usually in his court of law: rendering unto caesar ... wherever this may be: religion or state or both

if you don't know something you don't know something. where man is residing in dishonesty is where he is either willfully ignorant, or not INFORMING the people when there is a great need for information ... for safety, health and wellbeing.
man drives lusting ... careless and factless, because he does not see the bumps in the road, some of which are quite swallowing up ... (his pit that he often falls into---wallows in ... wanders around in in ignorance) and this growing pit becomes the stumbling blocks for others.

if man seeks IN honesty ... desiring the answer to the age old question "does God exist?" ........... he will find a stone for stepping in crossing over to a realm of continuance. he will KNOW Spirit is alive ... he may not "see this" ... but he will know it exists. why doesn't he know now? various reasons/causes ... many things stand in the way and maybe he has himself sold into slavery ...

as Jesus tells the parable of the paralytic seated by the pool, waiting his turn ... 

why wait for a sign? why wait for man's titles ... like popes and kings ... why wait for priest or bishop? many nonbelievers and believers in Spirit can already see through to the instability of these houses. they can already see man wearing ritualistic garments and may say, no, this is just ritual I have no use for ---taking up my precious time and my hard earned dollars ... why give to men of licensed religion? why do something I don't love ... why can't I do what I love? 

what do you love? 

this is where we get into the health and wellbeing of man and his community ... neighbor, spouse, partner---CHILDREN
where and how he spends his time and ... is there a BALANCE WITHIN SENSE AND REASON in this life choice

continued ...