here's the real deal ... the vaticant madness tried to hi-jack 
using that allahstine "peace" treaty papal postman bull  ... because ... they panicked (you know: loss of numbers, property ... and the latinos going AWOL ... leaving for the evangelical slide---note the vaticant's use of things like EVANGELICAL ...)
this rushed Oh, bama-rama to act in a patriarchal fashion ... oops (he was looking quite the storm trooper---was he the cause of that windy sandstorm, or was it the postmaster frannie jorge?
... but the vaticants did a boo-boo---a big boo-boo in their parlor tricks ...

can you guess what they did? and they are trying to back out but theirs is a backLASH ... :O


wow, maybe Egypt needs glasses ... or ... some new vision of leadership ... 
gee, wonder if BO and Political Puppet Jorgie Porgie can EXPLAIN the error ... in all their high mindedness?


Obama is clearly in muddy water. I would not say he is naive, but I do find him allegorically insignificant: he does not "get" Israel, and ... he does not see the importance of endurance ... his knowledge of christianity, even ... is slim, as he has no knowledge of the Christ, but this is the problem of his peers more than his actual parents ... 
but one could easily say, hey, this isn't about religion, you fool! so why bring it up? well ... we bring it up for several reasons, but the bigger reason, which is a question for the citizens of the US, and likely many in the supporting backlash: obama and government are ENDORSING a religious sect not much different from those of Iran, which has clearly shown its BROTHERHOOD STATUS  ... in theology and practice---ideology and belief. so ... who is the fool? also, ask why such a loud and expensive foisting of a religious figure ... at the expense of taxpayer dollars?

as for trusting iran and those like it? huh ... a no-brainer