the boy is a symbol of purity? 

the idea of having a child choose in this fashion is fine, quite splendid, actually, but why do they always MISS the message on Mother?

on WISDOM? :D Sophia ... 

why not say "a child is the symbol of purity" 


what do you hear? 

just think of what it's saying to the female children? really now ... no wonder they are getting blasted by another patriarchal sect ... maybe they receive what they believe ... you know the saying: you reap what you sow

gonna blame GOD for that?

seriously ... this is horrible ... all the murder and mayhem and we are sad for this ... but a greek orthodox priest once said to me that the orthodox do not believe in coincidences, so ... what is this murder and mayhem telling/teaching these coptic christians---ALL ORTHODOX? first of all, the exorcisms are a no-no ... there is a grave misunderstanding on this and I really do pray that people will stop this religious practice. now, we look at the situation. where have seeds been planted? male dominion and what has come in this PARTIAL ENVIRONMENT is what? one cannot be honest with self in discussing the Writings and not see this paradox. do you bring it on yourself due to an unwillingness to move? to grow---to put away the things of a child? a boy at play often says: this is NOT for girls! go play somewhere else ... or, this is boy's stuff ... go away, you are a girl ... but Jesus grew UP and brought in the women, never once turning them away ... if following the story impartially. SYMBOLICALLY ... FEMALE REPRESENTS SOMETHING MUCH MORE SPIRIT-IGNITING THAN MAN SEES ... hears or Understands. 

think, people ... is God not knowing you because you are not knowing God?

truly ... I believe with all my Heart that HELP will come to these coptic christians should they be willing to move---to grow ... to begin a renewal of the LIFE OF CHRIST and realize {this}.