did you hear the joke about the pope's prelate? no ... neither did we. 

a throne is prepared for ... the king? no. a prince of peace? no. hmm ... a poster boy? ah, yes ... the married man they call their god. married? why yes ... didn't you hear? he married himself. how? how can a man marry himself? EASY .. it's called vainglory ... some just call him Vain. 

Let's hear what neilos the ascetic has to say on this:

first ... it is interesting and of considerable concern that the ORTHODOX have married themselves to a creed, claiming themselves the truth on God's Word, use THE PHILOKALIA (a few anyway) ... which carries titles like:

On Spiritual Knowledge
Topics on Natural and Theological Science
On Inner Work in Christ
On the Character of Men

but seem to have little UNDERSTANDING ON THE CHRIST: What is God ... the Evolution of God and Man ... so, they shall receive exactly what they believe: the catholic court and their silent macabre

we shared a long time ago that the roman catholics will flee from their institution ... and many will run to the Orthodox faith and practice ... and it will not go well. why? because the roman catholics believe self the elect---correct ... in life and worth. so, imagine that roman church influence on all those orthodox youth ...Good luck to you, Orthodox ;) Genesis 6.3


This is why the monastic life has become treated with contempt, and those who follow it are mocked by everyone. For who would not laugh when he sees someone who yesterday served in a tavern, posing today as a teacher of virtue, surrounded by pupils? Or when he sees a man who just left a life of civic dishonesty now swaggering all over the market-place with a crowd of disciples? If such people realized clearly how much painful toil is required to guide others on the spiritual way, and if they knew the risks involved, they would certainly abandon the task as beyond their powers. But because they remain ignorant of this and regard it as a glory to be the guide of others, they will when the moment comes tumble headlong into the pit.