Shawnie many of us “outsiders” were insiders until we examined beliefs and claims of the “Church” more carefully and realized that they are pretty much just fabrications and myths.

Now, you churchies don’t so much look alike compared with each other. You just look like gullible fools, and you are gullible fools.

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where do we begin on this comment, after I stop laughing :D

NEWS! NEWS! ATTENTION! gullibility strikes at the heart of mere mortals! I think I could write a book on this ... oh, yes, I AM writing a book on {this}! sorry, gnostic release alert ...

man finds himself having stepped up one step not realizing the steps are leading down into a pit. wow, very escher-esque. hmm ... let's see, how can we say this in a way that does not offend wade's wading at the edge of the water ... leading down into that pit? coz wade is going there whether he realizes it or not ;) yup (and we are not talking about an inferno of damnation).

while atheists may think they are gaining ground and more and more people becoming atheists (in atheistland somewhere between deism and self-centeredness), the opposite is actually in progress. now, we don't want to speak for wade and assume his understanding of church is restricted to rome, which, btw, is a reality, whether he sees this or not, or rc church doctrine, which is also a reality, whether he believes this or not ... but it does sound as if what he is saying is that God is a delusion ... which is what we sense he is saying ... but while his INSIDE SOURCE is telling him he is OUTSIDE ... he is actually conned on both 'sides' ... as he stands, yes---stands, on that flatbed grid, but he did stand ... which is progress.  he stood, but when he tried to step ... in his insistence, he stepped backward in Time. actually, the tables turned on him, which is more to the story. +and please understand, we are not saying all nonbelievers are of this same pretense or nomenclature. 

recall the turning over of the tables in the temple court? this is not a one stop shop, folks ... {this} is continuous ... as mankind repeats his past mistakes ... but not exactly in the same manner. 

allow us to share on work by demetrios constantelos in

Spirituality and Mysticism in the Orthodox Church
As the world becomes smaller and smaller, people everywhere are exposed to beliefs and little-known practices of centuries past. Teachings about spiritual life and mysticism have become popular concerns among young and old, especially those who are not satisfied with the materialist culture in which we live.
Oriental mysticism, Islamic mysticism, Jewish mysticism, Christian mysticism and other forms of mysticism make people travel to Tibet, India and other exotic places of the world searching for spiritual teachings and experiences. Greek Orthodoxy, or generally speaking, Christian Orthodox mysticism, has also attracted many converts, if one can judge from the numbers of young people who join monastic communities, fulfilling a more seeking personal spiritual experience.
However, what is mysticism? Is spiritual life a synonym to mysticism? Some prefer to speak of only a spiritual life. Thus, in addition to what I said in a previous chapter, a few paragraphs on the topic are justified.
Spiritual life is a life where the Spirit rules. It is a life in which the human spirit is in communion with the Creator Spirit. John the Evangelist relates that a Samaritan woman asked Jesus the Christ where is the proper place to worship God, on a mountain or in a city. Christ answered that God is Spirit [Pneuma], and those who worship God must worship in spirit and in truth (Jn. 4.24). However, life is more than worship. ......

Spirituality implies discovery of the dialogue with the self. Living in a culture which worships material success and social prominence, a world which exerts efforts and spends billions of dollars to conquer the visible and external world but overlooks the reality of human aspirations and man's inner world, is not satisfying to many who consider the human being more than a biological being. The spiritual world is just a real as the physical. If we compare the visible with the invisible, the physical with the metaphysical, we realize that the invisible world is vastly greater than the visible. ...

ah, yes ... we are just getting started :) 

continuing ...