there was a comment from a guy saying his wife took (they took) a 55,000 pay cut so that she could be home to raise their child and not have to send child to a daycare center where ....................
he said he is poor but knows they did the right thing

what is your child worth to you?


religious help, family ... friends. legal correspondents ... even a man to marry, and she could not rid herself of the despair of having taken a life so viciously at a young age ... 

because she could not understand WHY she did what she did ... she was never able to come into some, even a little, understanding on why ... and as nice as the archbishop was to her, and maybe he has little knowledge in these affairs ... his help could not calm her of the hell of her deed

so, what changes this? it is not a lost cause---oh, no ... there is a way to release the "victim"  ... as she, too, is/was a victim, and people too often forget that children TRY to grow up in the most horrendous environments ... the beatings, the rapes ... the brutality and the meanness ... and people who judge and say "good riddance" on these abused child cases are as cold and callous as any abuser can be ... and we do not care to give them voice on these cases as it only repeats the trauma ...

but there is a way to release these victim murderers from that hell and it's not suicide

does the rcc have the answer to this? do they have the answer in their INFALLIBLE TEACHINGS to help her? exorcisms don't work, bishops and priests and pope ... you don't know what you are dealing with ... you have no knowledge in this ... so, what will you do with all those young murderers spending much of their youth in jail? because more and more and more are on the way. you seem to want to parade yourself as the VOICE of right and wrong as you SAY YOU ARE CHRIST'S CHURCH  ... so, go on ... what will you do?   


Paula, you did what you did partly because you were high on drugs, but also ... also because you had no understanding on the value of life---of the living---of a living person. your CONSCIENCE had no "bearings" ... because your upbringing had not offered you this foundation. you had no real concept of the value of life because yours had not been treated as being of value. once you realize this ... that there was little way at that age of 15 and in the physical, mental, emotional and spirit condition that you were in ... could you see your way to understanding that the woman you targeted was a person of value ... you begin the process of renewal ... and this, with solid and personal mentoring ... you are shown not only your work, but your worth: other children like you. they need you. and once you realize this need ... your life has value, and it becomes about you through helping others like you (at 15 and younger) ...  your life begins anew through the little ones in need. you would fight for their release ... as you fight for your own.

now, where and how did you manage to get a gun? did someone give it to you? someone you knew?