oh, wow ... was reading the previous on this, especially the part about the abuse and the suicide and immediately I was shown Paul, a priest having committed suicide a few years back. something struck me as off in this ... there was/is more to the story and that I was to post it here ... I googled the story and the following is what came up:


oh, man ... I had not heard this follow up after his death ... but I had kept his picture from the newspaper in my things for quite a while----knowing there was/is more to his story (I may still have it). honestly, I sensed abuse, but did not know who was the abuser and who was the abused ... but I also sensed that he was being abused. my first thought was that a higher ranking official had paul murdered because he was going to speak out about abuse. I felt this very strongly ... AND, I sensed that he had been sexually abused as a child. so, now we see he is being charged with having abused a 13-yr old boy. of course if this is true ... those overseeing paul are just as guilty ........ yes? 

but allow us to discern a bit more in this case ... this "depressed" man ... 

yes, I am sensing him abused as a young teen ... into seminary ... where a priest used him repeatedly. this priest and those who knew about it are still active ... I sense the sexual abuse he is being accused of is not clear ... there seems to be something arranged ... something constructed for some reason, but I do not know who or why other than this is to continue a cover up of high ranking officials ... and child or children are being used illicitly ... 

just sharing what I sense on this ... take it or leave it, but the biggest here is that I sense coverups and dishonesty.


When this "suicide" story came out in the news, I recall reading the archbishop saying that paul had been bullied as a child (teen? when I have more like I will look for the article on this)

I wondered why ... now, I wonder again ... why? because he was gay? was he being sexually abused and showed depressed or 'different' behavior (from from his peers) ?


there is this:

and the phoebe prince incident----that awful, awful incident!