anyone who does not see this as a "form" of an invasion is clueless, and those lawmakers who deceive by behaving as if this type of reasoning or even questioning is capitalistic failure or racism is not doing his/her job to serve the CITIZENS OF HIS /HER JURISDICTION. it is not for any public figure to tell nations what they should or should not be doing (are you listening, roman pontiff---vatican? you can tell your members to take in refugees, but these must abide by the LAWS OF THE STATE, and not expect handouts if there are none  ... OR ... these can move to VATICAN CITY, which I googled and saw that it has NO ISLAMIC CITIZENS--- 0 <yep, that's what the stats say> and the most recent PUBLIC STATEMENT BY THE VATICAN ON TAKING IN TWO FAMILIES---well, we know you are cherry picking as you so often do: hmm, let's see which one will serve our agendas best ... because the vatican does nothing unless it serves itself---FOR SOME MEASURE OF CONTROL ... look-see ... the countries in poverty and despair that have either roman catholic church as state or a growing population of this same) 

now, we are not saying that these refugees should not be accommodated in some way, but like EVERYONE, they must abide by the laws of the COMMUNITIES and they must take work where it is offered---like everyone coming into something new. to expect your culture, practices and religious freedoms be given free reign in societies trying to EVOLVE---move out of set beliefs and principles is rude and ungracious. now, if a nation of peoples is incoherent on WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR ... decent and just---then they should not be bringing in any refugees/immigrants unless these will assist in the process of IMPROVING SOCIETY as these may overburden communities AND these may be treated as badly or worse than those trying to grow---IMPROVE

... but how can a nation know? you can see it in their praise and adulation (isn't that right ROMAN CATHOLICS AND PARTY FAVORITES? you drag america down into man worship ---IT IS A SAD SAD DAY WHEN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PULLS THIS STUNT, thinking everybody loves rayman ... no, there is no sunshine where dishonesty and ignorant walks) ... product ... dress ... food ... teachings ... reproducing, treatment of women, children and animals, and the environment ... both the existing and the incoming

well, what say you?