these are your cities and towns and …where your families spend their time.


deblasio said it's NOT terrorism. is deblasio ignorant or just playing a game with y'all? any effort to set off bombs and destroy is a terroristic act … on something … somewhere, even for a movie … or a test. if you take an area and use it to test a bomb, even, you have destroyed living creatures in that area. it's a terrorist act on bunnies and birds and other wildlife and the environment---OUR UNIVERSE. and surely deblasio knows that this type of incident terrorizes even if nobody gets injured. IT IS TERRORISM because it impacts the minds and hearts of the people. how indifferent can a public official be? denial? most of them wake up every day living in a bubble of denial. his city is crawling with terrorists … from the drug dealers to the 911 fruits.

how are you protected?


it's as if the belly of the body was sliced open to reveal the contents of society. people are getting to see and experience the evil that has existed in the world since the inception of MANKIND, apart from Light.

can you navigate in these waters? can you trust your city-town officials to be AWARE and to do the right thing? for YOU and your loved ones … or will you be the first to be attacked, your houses and homes, your family members, your work places … your parks and shopping places … even your phones and cigarettes are exploding in your face. 

in your Face. hmm … 


going to take this on:

"coming from the writers (the bible) who thought the world was flat"

seriously? I can't speak for those of RELIGION … stupid atheist (their words not mine) … like JUDAISM AND ROMAN CATHOLICISM and ISLAM and all those following these religious creeds … but where IN THE WRITINGS does it say the World is FLAT?;)

I am laughing right now 9and so is God, Spirit of the Living9 ...and it's early in the morning and it makes my stomach hurt. I hate to break it to "stupid" atheist and his kin, but the World in all its ignorance and unknowing state IS flat! the Writer of the Earth ---UNIVERSE--- is not flat … if you know {this} you would know that it is YOU that is flat if YOU are not aware of the bubble in which you live. 

:D it's like listening to children quarrel over whose pool (head) is bigger and better. "my pool is better than YOUR pool!"

okay, let's show you the MEANING of the WORD! 



discerned on deblasio regarding this incident and am shown that he is hiding important information. he has not been honest. do you follow him or do you wish to know the facts?

atheist says, prove that he is dishonest! so … you go along with him and his party affiliates? you believe he tells you the truth that you might know important information that you might make important choices/decisions for you and for your children? elderly parents and those depending on you for proper advice? 

o-k-a-y, let's see if deblasio is being truthful to and FOR the people he has sworn to serve or … is he protecting something of his self-interest and industry. 


now, there are investigators, law enforcement … feeling the sting of bad behavior coming from "one of their own" … making them look untrustworthy, trigger happy, poorly advised and poorly trained, poorly taught about a number of things and … protecting policies and/or protecting religion … protecting race? (we shall see) … this is not the way, and some of these feel that it is important to be straightforward and up front with the people having to endure in this climate and feel that to deny them the truth or important info may cost them something precious. so … to show favoritism to any religion or political entity would be wrong as people are a body filled with many and these bombs/threats/knife wielding when not specifically attacking police or a specific group ... could and do injure severely and kill randomly and without election. 


will america be their next playground?

"The group said it was a revenge attack, accusing tribesmen in the area of launching an assault on its forces and of capturing militants and handing them over to the government."

a climate of fear? no one speaks up for fear of REVENGE … being targeted by islamist supporters? 

***consider where and how areas are turning into little to bigger "somalia" and other tribal groups within religious-political indwelling IN THE US. which screams for the the US citizen to say, hey, we have been trying to remove these insulated colonies to bear witness to fruits of a more sustaining life, so why is it that the US government is CREATING what has already been done and failed? history has shown us this and these marginalized groups become breeding grounds for dissidents turned violent (remember the gangs of new york ….the irish and the italian and …?) and even if a few come and stay within their teachings, they bring more and more without proper investigation practices (an OPEN DOOR/WINDOW?) and we have seen the statistics on bearing children, what we call heavy breeders.

and ...people know things but are afraid to turn over this info?  and who-what might deblasio be showing favoritism to that he might keep from losing? what fear does he hide behind with title and ignorance? what does he put at risk?

angry militants attacking their own is part of the history of man … for power and control. what do you allow into your neighborhoods that will create a system if violent? who will murder your child or rape your child that you trusted and put your faith in … or voted into office? history has shown that man is not protected through his industries of policy and religious doctrine. because it is the way of man for him to start attacking and muddying his own. 


so deblasio's comments and advising protected those in manhattan this last weekend? 


dropping bombs but unclear of the target?

oh, so sorry we killed your people but … russia-yada-yada-yada …………….?

who is trying to cover-hide-the bad?  much like those hacked emails ?

the attacker asks if a person is muslim or not before stabbing and his motive remains unclear?

me thinks the motive is very clear but law enforcement wants to appear as if he has a job ahead of him on questioning … a dead man? he killed him so how might he find out "his motive" other than if you are not a muslim in america you are…  in danger … somewhere. truth is … it will be just a short time before being a muslim in america is not safe from these mentally disturbed people.

which brings us to an important question … what is america doing to the US?

people may ask, are you suggesting that islamists should leave the states? again, there are muslims and there are islamists … and some islamists in the US are preaching dangerous material … OBVIOUS material that does not fit well with a predominately christian nation (sorry to break it to you, atheist, but your research studies keep saying this), a secular nation? a political nation? a liberal/conservative nation? although some areas are being overtaken by other sects. so …liberalists, supporters of palestine's "freedoms" … do you want an islamic nation and not an american nation? because it looks very much like obama and co are slipping in a big religion right under your noses. then again, in your major support of his creed (the FUTURE will not slander the prophet of islam), you are part of this, aren't you? you want this, don't you? is this your "stick it to the christian" idea? or are you somehow … somewhere … making $$$$$$$ off of this? without care or concern for what it does to the environment or the people living there. 

we are not fooled by any of it. we see the deception. 

and so will you … very, very soon.



not interested in these prop pcs, esp now that pope is losing image. what the vatican players had hoped to create has placed them in a corner (we stated this in SPIR). what looked very much like "BUILD A MARTYR" … in the manner of build a bear … trying to create child's adorable saint frannie, the 'humble' and 'prophetic' and 'jesus-like' roman pontiff that the youth and lonely women can take to bed with them at night ... speaking out against the waves of evil gets murdered and martyred that the roman catholic church may once again rise to the heavy cream top of that …plastic bottle? cracked bottle? pope did say he would not live that long … be pontiff that long (hint-hint for y'all). believe it is true! the vatic ants having the plan all along to have frannie murdered to give the people a 'new' kind of saint to follow and worship. their new jesus head.

but along that way …something happened they did not expect. the ring betrayed the roman catholic church. 

-the persistent "rc" commenter on this article is a fraud.

but to reach a finer point on visiting the sick, allow us to begin with this verse, which sheds light on all the rest:

Romans 12.13


13 Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.

distributing to the necessity of saints. hmm … does not sound to me like pope is a saint given this passage. it almost sounds like those struggling are the saints. is pope fran struggling to get out of his high chair … :D


bombs found here … there … bombs exploding in the US and obama is concerned about being insulted?

and attends a BLACK dinner?

come on atheists, surely you must know how poor this looks! we have activist-writers, some who just happen to be 'black', sharing that they do not want to use "the black" as a voting mechanism. they are trying to move on … not see color as black or white and please, what would people think if a white president did this with white voters? wow, just wow … some never grow out of catholic mind-meld.

AMHERST — Ta-Nehisi Coates, an award-winning writer about being black in America, told 1,000 people at Amherst College Tuesday night that race should be a nonissue.

“I’m not for black and white together,” Coates said. “I’m for getting rid of the whole idea altogether.”

As Coates approached the podium, the crowd that packed LeFrak Gymnasium erupted into an extended standing ovation. “I’m overwhelmed!” he exclaimed.

Raised in Baltimore in the 1980s, Coates has written about experiencing a multitude of problems prominent in black America: overwhelming drug use, crippling poverty, and being seen as of a different class of American than the norm.

Coates, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, won the National Book Award in 2015 for his nonfiction “Between the World and Me,” written in the form of a letter to his son. He currently writes “Black Panther” for Marvel Comics.

On Tuesday he read an excerpt from “Between the World and Me,” in which he emphasized the power that fear has over many black Americans:

“I felt the fear … My father was afraid. I felt it in the black leather of his belt … To be black as a Baltimore youth was to be naked to the world.”

Coates described many common problems faced by black youth. Recalling an incident when he was 11 years old, Coates said a fellow young black boy aimed a pistol at him. “I was amazed that death could rise up from a boyish afternoon,” he said.

Coates spoke about American democracy and how it evolved based on, and not despite, the prominence of slavery. “At the roots of any society is somebody taking something from somebody else,” he said. “Go back to how these democratic processes came to be and you find a big crime.”

Coates touched briefly on the current presidential election. He did not officially support either candidate, yet spoke about Donald Trump: “You couldn’t be a major party candidate for governor acting like that if you were black.”

Coates suggested that “being black does not give you great insight into racism in this country,” noting that simply being American does not give one insight into what it means to be American.

This point rang true with Tanya Calvin, 19, an Amherst College student from Chicago.

She attended the talk on the advice of her father, who is black. Her mother is Mexican. “I knew that since my dad had read (Coates’) book he must have been a pretty big deal,” she said, noting that her father is not much of a reader.

“I had never really considered what kind of superiority I felt,” she said about her feelings of race relations and morality. “I thought (the talk) would reaffirm a lot of what I thought, but it put all of my ideas on their head.”

Sean Paul, 20, of New York City, said he attended the event because of the lack of such speeches on race in America. “I gained a lot of validation,” he said.

Coates’ thoughts on safe spaces appealed to Paul, who is black. “Safe spaces are actually implicit for a very wide subset of the population,” Paul said, while recognizing that other groups are discredited because of their desire for such safe spaces.

Sheila Chukwulozie, 22, from Nigeria, said she came to see Coates speak because she read “Between the World and Me” and is interested in race in America. “It’s interesting because I feel like to understand any part of the world, you have to understand how America operates because American culture manifests itself in so many parts of the world.”

She added, “My culture — Nigerian culture — has been affected by American culture.”

Even Nigerian ideas of race have been influenced by America’s view of race, Chukwulozie said. When she told her relatives in Nigeria that she was attending the predominantly white Amherst College, “They said ‘Thank God, you can focus on your studies.’ It’s very shocking.”

Geoff Dempsey can be reached at

atheists, yourgodisbeginningto look mighty … i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t, and in his new wardrobe of "thou shalt not slander the prophet of islam" … it looks like you got a mighty problem.

so am reading that the manhattan bomber was a "naturalized" citizen or was naturalized in/through a process in the US. if this is the case … seems it does not work. 

also, if one is required to become naturalized to a nation like the US why has political entities under religious titles been allowed to teach and preach in america? 


national patriotism doesn't want you to think, salkin, much like religion, it wants you to obey. but allow me to ask you: why in your holy book does it say to stone the son to death? much like the stoning of women who were caught in adultery? (and did this happen under the charge of your jewish teachers and your jewish law? YOUR GOD AUTHORITY?) SON: NEVER happened. DAUGHTER: happened? 

I do not understand how a religionist can go on religioning when he does not understand WHY something was written in his sacred book? was this merely threats---TERRORIZING the people, esp female and nonconformist children? honestly, I DO NOT AGREE THAT IT NEVER HAPPENED. you cannot truthfully say that in all your tribal customs since its inception this religious-policy+practice NEVER happened. like most of your jewish reform … you cherry pick, whitewash and deny your religion was patriarchal and abusive---FORCING itself on the people like some big goliath fruit pod, gobbling up the different, the one not in tune with your song. "oh, but we changed and look how PROUD we are of the america we help lawyer!" you mean the america currently at odds with itself, dualistic and dishonest in governance? luring children in to do the dirty work of war? bleeding for the high tower professionals using war to solve its problems? is this your GOD, salkin? 

well … well … this is not my God, salkin. you play in dry wells where little to nothing gets changed, for TRUTH IN MOVEMENT. judaism will fade like a wheat flower exposed to the blazing repeat of the son. if you cannot explain WHY it was written in the Light on LOve (God as TRUTH) … your fiction is as fierce as a potted plant. rarely does it spread its wings.


maybe they should get out of the business

the name KHAN is in the news a lot these days. i remember first hearing the name in Star Trek. 

addressing poor, poor hon … 
take away the candy from the cult? maybe that's what needs to happen …. here, there and everywhere.

to a commenter on the RNS article about the rc cardinal … and surrendering, which we posted on last week.

"This is panicky white supremacist nonsense. Using the same ____ horde arguments people used for keeping our any immigrants whose race, religion or culture differs from the majority. It was garbage when the subject was Catholics, Asians, Africans, Jews... It remains nonsense now."

huh, big judgement call on his part: panicky white supremacist nonsense? wow, that's a big jump considering his ancestors were likely hoarding slaves and treating women as second class citizens. another "jew" ;)

now, imagine every group like islam as political-religious entity coming in and demanding rights, special freedoms, even where it goes against american ethic if … a big IF … AMERICAN is trying, striving, desiring to move out of old wine skins but still BELIEVING IN TRUTH, A SUPREME BEING … being under spud die's guidance? it would be what you see this last weekend but worse----no? from here until the end of time? over and over and over … gangstas of new york … fighting, never really moving out this ignorance. embedded in catholic mindset: church and state as one divinity under caliphate rule, patriarchal, of course … 

where is the mercy in this? actually, WHERE IS GOD? or would that be: what is God? spud die?

honestly, it seems quite clear that spud die has an imbalanced, unlawful … or should we say, DISCRIMINATORY, as he seems to want to con a tune in these troughs over and over and over, relying on that "broken system" as truth … view of AMERICAN and american ethics. he does not want to grow. he likes his bed of debris. and to be quite frank, many females would say he cares little for them or their voice. and clearly the clergy on children abuse is not a major issue with him. does he have children? I wonder :(

and wayyyyy to many pastors must be receiving special perks from the gov … to be defending caliphate industry THAT much.  hmm … and spud die defends abortion like it's his commission when in reality, these groups breed and breed and breed …( so much for the environment )… and how can he, in REFUSING TO ADMIT THIS WHEN HIS RESOURCES STATE AS MUCH, complain about not letting them in when it seems his answer to the population problem of any family, struggling, unable to feed and care for child properly is to abort child. so … how is it in [his?] outstretched hands when you rely on aborting them to solve what you don't want to have to pay for? deal with … ? and as an atheist, if he is still the larry we knew from rns prior, can he possibly understand how evil operates … using … abusing, where and how, esp female and child?


kain will be leaving RC plain and simple. it's just convenient for him right now because catholic mindset makes up much of the world and it's EASIER to get HIS way through it, using it, counting on others to pay into and support something for power, control and influence while saying something else entirely. gee, where have we seen that before? pope after pope after pope … but esp his dishonest current pope puppet, using politics … but that is and always was ROMAN CATHOLIC, like ISLAM's, way … and judaism if you understand what JESUS TEACHING was illustrating in the Word and "the jew". LAW … but whose law, empowering who-what? many right now would say KAIN (the main) is merely paying into lethargy. but roman catholics are generally weak on UNDERSTANDING of the Writings because "church" as in catholic version, made itself god of the people.

wax has a few points here but the stronger more revolutionary … robust … would be the SPIRITUAL MARRIAGE Written, which is not actually referring to MAN and woman, but GOD and ___ (a UNION OF TRUTH AS WISDOM), and man is not God. sorry to disappoint many of you paste up patriarchs and pastors. but wax does touch on some REALITY initiatives. anything goes relations, wedded bliss (often in the aroma of ignorance andshallow teaching), is not a good sign nor will it save the Earth from total destruction. what if suddenly science/sociologists and …  decided that wax is completely correct, and they provided some evidence … what might happen to same sex married couples? or what if dino eats man and woman inherits the earth? gay or straight man would be a goner. ;)

and wax's obama quote says a lot about his male-dominant side … much like a muslim or catholic taught man. hmm? good point?


not sure which god these believers worship but Spirit of the Living God never asks that 'his' CHILDREN use violence to solve problems. THE CHRIST does not require war to know Spirit of the Living and to live in Truth. this is where the jews/religionists/politicians and ME are so very, very different. maybe it is the belief of their prophets and "wise" men that keep them in peril. ya think?

that aside … OUR UNIVERSE IS CRYING OUT AND OBAMA AND HIS HORDES OF FOLLOWERS THINK THIS IS THE MOST PEACEFUL ERA? me thinks these people are delusional  … for political-religious personal propriety … self-agenda … which is clearly an unstable place of UNDERSTANDING. 

allow us to ask you a very pertinent question: why do you lie? actually, what we meant to say … why do you believe your prophets are wise, like the prophet of islam? was he a peaceful guy? did he use force and violence, slavery and unjust law to gain power and control? and this is why you have WAR! your prophets are poppets. 

what a dismal god you political religious have. 

if GOD is IMPARTIAL, who side would he be on? truth is, Spirit of the Living is not involved in your petty and putrid warring. if people/evil/dictator/government both religious and political/deniers of truth want to take over your place … you need leave. what happens to you when dictators start instituting strange and unjust practices? allowing a group in that undermines female or … takes hold in policy … government and makes it bed with the leaders of your nation? what happens when dishonest statesmen or deceptive religionists play party favorites while continuing to abuse the youth and female? are you standing with them or are you against them? if you are great in number what happens? do you flee? you leave if you have no one to speak for truth. you leave if you are small in number, and you take the vulnerable with you. if you play by their politics, diluting your FAITH in Truth … you will face destruction … because dishonesty, deception, unjust practices and VIOLENCE betrays you every single time. when you you people learn? you are unbelievers in GOD of the Living in my eyes. go follow your whores of state and your false properties. 

what do I care? why should I care? I am looking for those buried by people like you. the Elect … what have you done with MY PEOPLE? they are scattered … becauseofyourfriendless wars. 

you destroy our precious land, cease and skies with your piggish housing and your gluttonous ways … big heads desiring big big and bigger and more statues and more gods for distraction from TRUTH! 

where are MY PEOPLE? what have you done to MY PEOPLE?