huh, wished I'd thought of that, 'cept I don't eat skittles.

there is truth to what he says if you apply this to every thing-group. politicians, for instance … a big bowl of politicians and three are poisonous? contaminating the entire bowl? religion … a big bowl of religionists and three are corrupt, hiding the sexual abuse of children … what happens to the rest in the bowl? the point … if you have a bowl of cereal and know a mouse got into it and left a few droppings … do you put your milk in and eat from it?

how do you know that by voting the lesser of two evils you aren't voting in a bowl of contaminated cereal? you say it's still evil you are voting for  OUT OF FEAR (and obama is quick to say that the people are not afraid-should not be afraid even though bombs injured people and in some places killed people. don't succumb to fear and yet …) … why give your child---PART OF THE FUTURE OF THE UNIVERSE---a contaminated feed? 

if you know and understand how evil works … you do not settle for a foe. 

but let's look at the syrian refugee. is refugee a foe? should we bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees despite a poor record of caring for even the american citizen? isn't there already a foe to be credited for the poor, impoverished and even the crime and drug epidemic … rapes on men, women and children? doesn't america already have its hands full with very serious problems, crimes beyond its ability to solve? refugee won't receive what refugee needs if coming to america. we have said this before. refugee should not even want to come here for these folks will not receive what they need in their trauma, abuse … misuse at the hands of their foe. and who-what is their foe? america? hmm … who escalated that war. who is of the mindset to war in the first place that caused so much death and destruction because of … fear. 

again, bring the children and truly destitute female in with specific homes prepared for these. at some point you wake up and say, I cannot create children in this environment. it would be a sin to place my wife and children in harm's way. I must go to a place suitable to my beliefs and my faith and work … build myself/us a home then … maybe children if I know I can raise them safely. but I cannot impose myself on others different from me. I cannot step in line ahead of others waiting, too. it would not be right. where might I go that I will be safe enough to work my way to a place of purpose? 

and there is the question of what does a person bring into the neighborhoods? a chicken restaurant that never closes and neighbors must endure the noise all night long? this is inconsiderate and … what parent does not know his son is building bombs just above his head? yes, we speak of that NATURALIZED 'citizen', of the most recent bombs going off in the US. and with the residents in NJ complaining of that restaurant where clearly there was some info/history on the family -parents … there must have been some or should have been some question as to what lifestyle these people imposed in the neighborhood (I understand the family went missing. I listened to one of the investigators say that the place is being thoroughly checked but no sign of the family). did the family of this terrorist believe they could turn a quaint neighborhood into a pakistani neighborhood? is this what the dissidents of the US desire for America?

america is on OVERLOAD. every lawmaker should be thinking to scale back and not build a burdening mish-mash of unclean bowls of cereal or millions will be standing in line for food … once again. and they should start thinking about clean food. how do we KEEP OURSELVES CLEAN THAT OUR CHILDREN MIGHT GROW FROM CHILDREN TO ADULT RATHER THAN destroyed before they step from the womb.

a war is always upon you that most do not see. but america will be in a war once again, quite soon … that he does see, and he will lose many, many children. america will moan in birth pains so immense … but this is what happens when you pay into and support evil. cover up evil for your own self-institution-protection. for self-agenda. for big rather than bold. for bitter rather than bright. for violence rather than truth.

you see, it has been prophesied long ago. has anyone heeded the reed? seems you are and will be getting what you pay for.


the syrian war reminds me of the attack on the zika virus, very much so. first responders go into neighborhoods spraying …using bad chemicals … a foe to the people … an evil but a lesser evil? the chemical contaminates everything it comes in contact with while killing off the good … insects, wildlife, pets … even children, others ... as these are in that contaminated cereal  bowl. soon man discovers he has an epidemic of something else he cannot solve. and on and on and on. does he ever learn from his misdirection and poor information? 


there is an evil that "the jew" does not see, until he is betrayed. until his children are murdered, his wife beaten and raped, his dog … poisoned ... by what he thought was a "good" neighbor, or a lesser evil president … at least one he was told he should respect despite misgivings and something within him calling, calling to speak out about … unnatural, crude, reckless and even dangerous behavior. if your neighbor hits his dog, this is a very bad sign and imagine if he hits his wife and child! or a president rapes … women. what must be done? you must not look the other way. even if people judge you for speaking what you know in for heart is wrong …  wrong practices. 

the prophet of islam. why should WE respect what does not respect US? if the prophet is evil, and based on the resume of islam's prophet's acts to gain power and control, forming the political dynasty using religion, it is evil, why should you be expected to follow it? if evil grows based on a prophet that was a bad, bad seed … why give it momentum? why support its derelict and ignorant ways? believing in a supreme being is without harm unless you choose a warlord as your god. look at the RCC--its inception. it, too, was born from murder, forced power and control … a marriage of church and state, which is OVERLOAD on any citizen. why would anyone think the RCC is god? and yet billions do … for centuries. and the staunch RCs say "I am" doing satan's work for asking how unmarried "celibates" could know what real married couples deal with on the day to day? 

if you are demonized for asking a simple, honest and quite obvious question … accused of "slandering" their god … there is a great evil in your midst, having its way with you and your wife and child, and it's not ME. you must decide where you live---what you trust and what has been overreaching to build an army for power, for control for death and destruction and it's not mies away. it's seated right beside you … fooling you for a very looong time. 

people say: but look at all the wonderful things that the RCC has given to the world ... but we ask … if it used brutality and torture, murder and deception … sexual abuse of children, hiding crimes … lying, stealing from the people, bullying, using and paying politicians/lawmakers to keep itself big and powerful and lording itself over the people … parading itself as AUTHORITY on supreme being … relegating others, like female, to a lesser status … and laypeople and non RC … and now deceiving, WHITEWASHING, pretending at goodness, when what transformation has taken place? (it must be ONE not 101, or 1,001 or 1,000,0001 while in its day, not after he or she leaves the flesh for of what PURPOSE are YOU/ME after?) … it was never OF SPIRIT of the LIVING God.  it was NEVER of the Christ to begin with. if the eye is dark, how dark is that BODY?


these big establishments do not want to take in their own religious? they fear terrorists? if I recall, we posted on some of the worst offenders of the environment and a few of these names came up. so … what are these countries really about? what is their purpose in the world?


I was sanding and painting my front porch …thinking about purgatory. how it is a manmade place that does not exist if one is communing in the Spirit. if you are communing in the Spirit and know your Spirit ID, you know purgatory is not a real place. if you begin to learn the ANGELS by name and know their Work and how Spirit of the Living God operates, you know purgatory is not real … and has no place in and for the Living. but why? a catholic asks why? his institution taught him that purgatory is where he will go after he passes from the flesh … everyone goes to his purgatory and gets "
purified" that he might enter heaven? I do not know about other believers in how they might explain this is man's methods of controlling people … and not of Spirit, but one in and of Spirit knows that Spirit has no use for dead people not "saved" through Truth. where they go … the Angels don't know. if not becoming ONE in Truth … you are not known, esp once you have left the place of recourse. you are needed, desired, but if you bury "mina", mina is given to another who can be used for Spirit Purpose---God Purpose, which places that first heaven in the here and now (recall Paul speaking of theTHIRD Heaven---Hmm? what has the RCC to say about that? only for their prelates? nonsense). you are in hell until you enter heaven. hell is darkness, an unknowing, unaware state of person. I could go on with this topic but let's look at the falseness of purgatory regarding THE CHRIST. 

imagine a child sexually abused by a priest then murdered by a bishop who wanted to keep the child from telling anyone. child is innocent of any crimes as child was not given choice in the hands of his keepers/guardians/parents/teachers/priests … those responsible for his well being. child enters a place (in Spirit) where he grows (but not like flesh child) and finds his SOUL mate. this isn't about sex … we speak of the 2, that we mentioned before. child was not grown enough to be given the opportunity to choose one and be shown who-what might be his Life mate, but child is not denied {this}. child is not denied relationship. these are Spiritual Beings, remember … not fleshly beings. now if you went by the RCC's invention of purgatory … must child face both priest and bishop and all those who essentially abandoned him to face abuse and death?  catholic might say that child goes to the second or third heaven but how would he know? he doesn't know unless ANGEL of the LIVING told him, but Angel of the Living has not told him. catholic could only assume something on this. his god the pope does not know … if he did he would have told him. yes? as MASTER says, I go to prepare a place for "you" … 

so what is the business with purgatory then, asks the catholic. well, catholic, if you think about it … it allows all those corrupt, abusive, deceptive, lying … those early pontiffs and his army having tortured and murdered people to gain power and control … a way to heaven. this is their excuse to cover their behavior, 
which means they can do and catholic can do … any damn thing he wants anywhere to anyone … the most evil of evil and still get into heaven? what is the purpose of TRUTH then, catholic … what is the PURPOSE OF LIFE? what is the PURPOSE OF THE TRINITY? then, catholic?

they covered their asses quite well and y'all fell for it.


some friend-eh? I could understand him turning in his friend if he was abusive to animals or had raped a girl … done something truly alarming and harmful, but an offensive pic of an image of some building? you see, this is where islam is mentally off, much like their war lord prophet.

will obama's henchmen have me arrested for saying something he won't like about his prophet?


one of the things I am starting to see is "the muslim" … or "the immigrant", not engaging in serious law breaking, is realizing tis better to share info or contact police in the event of a crime or terrorist act than be counted in with the extreme and labeled a terrorist … even if his belief and practices are counter to the culture and/or liberty-values of a nation. it's a show of sorts but a careless show if poorly advertised. this places him in danger. this places many in danger and not all immigrant or muslim. as liberal-religious-political society desires to prove a point … advertising the immigrant even more, using him to serve party agenda … the immigrant becomes a target from their more extreme sects. this is always the way with the world of the flesh. 

they follow their popes in need of attention to sabotage  … climatic change. 

so this is how law enforcement gets their man? hmm …. 

we posted on the islamist physician's pc, again … the misuse of female (RNS commentary). this time the issue of porn. I do not disagree with his assessment of porn in society and the robotic man in his fascination with robotic form to the point of once again relegating female to a lower place. even worse? she no longer exists as a human being. they've stolen her female features, breast and all, but refuse SHE as a complimentary, SOUL-filled, Christly (and remember, CHRIST LIVES WITHIN .. or not) mate of … laudatory means. there was a movie out last summer that showed us this. who-what were the most intrigued with this? who-what is a follower of female as not REAL Human but a contradictory face? who-what cannot be with HER, but would rather wed the contradiction itself? (also think of how the RCC created their "virgin" … their immaculate Mary … poor thing, in a state of dull rapture her whole life :( … never with dirt under her fingernails from working in the fields)

studies will be coming out … I have been prepared for this. I see its positive and its negative. 

hmm … what creates Energy?  Movement and not a dull tool of lackluster features? sometimes it takes an opponent to calm the dang rodeo. 

but the islamist physician believes that islam establishes peace. again, to be clear, PEACE IN THE WRITINGS OF THE CHRIST (which includes Enoch although this is sorely misunderstood along with PAUL's Work) … is UNDERSTANDING. peace is not without opponent ;) … the questions are real, and so is exploratory manner: searching. anyone who thinks they have found their man is in denial … or lives a delusion. the islamist physician must now ask if his man who he believes is god or part of that breath … was without the sin of using women to lure in men. he must also ask if his man used force, denied people the ability to seek and knock and … if he abused child and murdered … to gain power and control. to elevate himself---HIS IDEALS--- to a powerful status on Earth, above others. 

in this you will know them! their tribes, their people and their system of truths. WE do not follow ignorant man and his warring, whoring ways. this is not Truth. he is not being truthful.  the prophet of islam ---the one this physician believes is "perfect" … lives in denial or delusion on the FACTS. he refuses to see what man playing god DID to achieve power and followers … and this discredits a lot of what he says. and no, islam is not a religion of peace. it is a religion in denial. 

these are born into something, like the staunch roman catholic or the staunch mormon, thinking their MAN is the god with the host with the most. but they have never KNOWN what it is to be FREE or at liberty within a mindset not of its own universal breeding. 

TRINITY is not universalist methodology! it is … not engaging in intercourse with itself, expecting all to bow to itself and raise itself up as god … in all its ignorant and failed teachings … it is MOVING TO PRODUCE "CHILD" something greater than himself … don't you now see the SPIRITUAL METAPHOR AND HOW IT TRIES TO FEED the people? a woman and a man desire that their CHILD become something MORE than they, but it takes two and … that TWO needs to be in agreement on ONE thing. do you know what this is? 

think on it a while … but allow me a leisure. there was an illustration of a prophet in the OT that was instructed by "God" to marry a harlot. do you know its meaning? 


religion, like politics, is carnal in imagery and practice. islam's prophet is as carnal as you can get, and not in a "good" way. because … because he MISUSED FEMALE to lure men into his cult. "hey, all the sex man (of badlands, rough and ignorant living) desires with my virgin slaves!" if you obey my caliphate order. female, like in the roman catholic church, not in a decent position, not in a position with any control apart from their men, silenced, and often raped and murdered, stoned, beaten (think junipero serra and his gang), thought of as a prostitute even when a man forced himself on her, were often seduced into believing these high-towered men were/are godly, prophetic … holy … while in their carnal lifestyles. while in their carnal lifestyles? yes, where you are has everything to do with hearing and seeing which leads to what you really UNDERSTAND of the Writings (Teachings of Christ). heck, it was ...try to be like mary the immaculate roman catholic idol, which was of course impossible despite their nunneries (like nurseries from our vantage point although some nuns created their own sect that ran somewhat contrary to pope's model, got slapped on the wrists and they snuck back into position, even if it was all show … to keep their houses and the comforts of these. threats lead to lies---yes?) or … bow to their frozen priests. and yep, these men are frozen in their caliphate ordinations. and it does not matter if the priests are gay and sexually active with other men … the women lusted for their attention and still do. they close their eyes and ears to the dishonesty .. and do as the priests say … even when it runs contrary to the TEACHINGS, WISDOM and even their own tenets! and when children are sexually abused … they act as if they never knew their priests were interested in sex at all? how DUMB can you be? it's drugged, as one atheist put it. drugged. and that is not a place of AWARENESS.

they do it to themselves as a former roman catholic once said. 

which brings me to something an orthodox/catholic priest said regarding me. he said, "while meditating I heard that you are catholic." I told him no, he was not hearing the fullness of this. in hiscarnal state … he was hearing only part of that truth. is he completely wrong? no (and funny, he was one to try to put percentages on things. you are only 50% correct in what you prophesy! and out went his jurisdiction … ;) … but from his place of ignorance on ME, once again, he was not hearing the fuller meaning. he did not understand my place, my worth … the WORK that is attributed to me---how I AM Being used ---in service to/for TRuth, Spirit of the Living God. long before he ever heard my name or saw my work … I had made a choice. this he knows little to nothing about. his lifelong priestly status within a religion kept him from {this} but … he was not always in agreement with it. which means he may (is) be called to something more. but why he heard I was catholic is because I am used to call the catholic from their matts, paralyzed as they are. I am used to wake the dead, which is the unknown and unknowing …living a carnal life in their orders. and this would be the men, primarily, and is why I have a bold sound yet sweet. but it is not I but the ONe working in and through ME! but one must first hear her name and leave the ways of a child. the catholic he heard is not my way but just part of the way right now that is used to be heard. heck, I wanted monasticism … but I wanted first to hear Wisdom and … I asked specifically that whatever I receive be used to HELP others. boy was I in for an eyeful! ;) In order for us to see the carnage and hear the Elect I must first go to the towns of lazarus. aman.

and that percentage on prophesy? TIME. always a Woman … it is SHe that gives "you" Time else the Universe would have "man" gone by now … poof … wasted in greed. Time … there is your merciful Lord, but trying to save the Universe from man's ills? tough stuff. the Universe is a LIVING, BREATHING ENTITY … Gift to those who can hear its call, and we want YOU to hear. we want you to UNDERSTAND. I want you to hear what I hear that you might believe and not be enslaved by the cavern of lies. I want for you to see the Riches that await … but … this has to happen naturally. there is no forced process or luring in with girls or money or influential titles or big establishment ideals or … 

you have to see this for yourself and when you see this … you desire more. it's a natural step.


it's too late, marie … too late. if your pope could not figure RIGHT from WRONG in three+ years in ALL HIS FANCY GRANDSTANDING AND POLITICAL PARADING AND ALL THOSE EXPENSIVE ORDINATIONS then the TIME is up! THE RCC IS NOT CAPABLE OF ADMINISTERING TO THE POOR, nor are they capable of understanding correct procedure in these areas and show themselves to be both arrogant and ignorant and … dangerous to the children and those poor, poor women. it's a cry in' shame you were abused but … the RCC had its chance and now it's done. 

just watch what happens next.

as the Story goes, JESUS went into those temple courts and WASTED NO TIME doing the Work of HIS Father. too bad your father is a political puppet … and very sad for the victims, very sad.

from this day forward anyone even associated with the roman catholic church will be seen as … ignorant or … evil. 


WE will give that orthodox/catholic priest some percentages he won't soon forget. 80% of catholic priests in this day know of priests having sexually abused child/teen and looked the other way. 80%!!! 75% of these priests will be caught---having known about these sexual acts on children/teens and not reported it to the proper authorities. 75% (closer to 76, actually)! … which leaves less than 5% having gotten away, somehow … or maybe, admitting they did wrong and will start doing THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASONS AND TO HELL WITH POPE AND HIS degenerate MEN!

how 'bout them apples? we warned and now … the investigations begin!


towering moral leader? in whose NAME, john? he is a liar and a fraud and is guilty of allowing child abuse in his institution! playing politics is his game. keeping the institution from being caught in their evil ways, you denier! 

this guy drinking his catholic pope koolaid is in for a big bed wetting ceremony.  I do feel sorry for him and his kin.

btw, pope stole from others … and it will come out that he lied and then what? put that in your chalice, john. he has lied to the world but hey, what else is new coming from the RCC?

The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors was created by Pope Francis in March of 2014.
2-1/2 years of effort yields results that are revealing.

The results show even the most optimistic among us that this "Papal Commission" was, from it's inception, just another Vatican illusion to trick it's audience into believing that Francis and church leaders sincerely desire real reform.
2-1/2 years.............. 
Not one child is safer.
Not one bishop punished,.

Pope Francis actions do not line up with his words. He gave the repulsive child molester protector Belgium's Cardinal Godfried Danneels, the honor of leading the Synod on family. Francis showed us all that not only will he protect bishops with dirty records he will reward them with promotions. He rewarded Barros with a promotion in
Chile. There are several very credible allegations that he covered up for Kardima. Francis did not even call for an investigation into Barros and into the several credible allegations about his conduct. One credible victim claims Barros was in the room as he was being sexually assaulted by Kardima.

2-1/2 years........... 
Law, Mahony, Nienstedt and Finn are still bishops in good standing and
receiving the perks that the princes of this organization demand.
The only thing Francis is very serious about in relation to accountability for bishops is his desire to protect them from any.

It is morally repugnant that this organization continues to use a victim 
of clergy abuse to give this commission the appearance of legitimacy and

Marie Collins is drunk on the Vatican Kool-Aid. She let down the victims of Milwaukee and her fellow victim Peter Saunders.

Peter Saunders expected the truth and for church leaders to act in accordance to what they say. For this he was ousted.

2-1/2 years ...........
Marie Collins, who has let this victim down before, now gives us her big accomplishment, a day of prayer. A day of prayer for victims is akin to a kick into the groin of victims. The commission proposed day of prayer has been approved by Pope Francis. Just what we need from an organization who will continue fighting us on the very day after they pray for us.

This organizations actions clearly show that it refuses to sincerely deal with this issue. People in the pews keep funding their bishops legal coffers allowing this "church" to keep acting as it wants, giving it the silent approval and the funds to fight any outside pressure to come clean and reform. The funds to battle victims with legitimate claims using slimy and protracted legal strategies and to keep secret the files that contain the names of dangerous priests.

___ absolutely no truth to the following:

wow, when the TRUTH about the JESUS STORY comes out the roman catholic church is going to look like the biggest most deceptive … lying … institution ever known to the world. the stigmata? Spirit of the Living God says no such thing exists … only in the man-made devilry of religion and politics to hold people captive for power and money. it's a serious sickness that needs to stop. the RCC holds no resemblance to the Christ. it is a manmade institution created solely for power and prestige by men desiring to be god-like. they stole the Writings, changing words to suit their ideal and began their mission … crusading throughout the world, torturing and murdering … 

and they will pay for this … big, fat lie. if you have ever read clear history (not what the RCC WANTS you to read) … on the papacy … you KNOW without a doubt that this is NOT what THE CHRIST was Teaching, if you have READ and HEARD {this}. it bears no resemblance to The Christ! Spirit of the Living God would never, never, NEVER set up an institution with a pope as FATHER, claiming itself God authority, infallible … based on a group of men thinking themselves above the LAWS of GOD …what arrogance and what insolence! let's just say: GOD IS NOT PLEASED!
and  I find it difficult in this Day that anyone, but especially those claiming to be believers of The Christ, and Followers, would ever allow this to grow and dominate as the Teachings of Christ. it's unconscionable … in this Day. what are you?

where in hell are you? greedy and seeded badly?