We brought this up in SPIR ... several times, but it is not ours to quell. 

the "gay" agenda ... is it an agenda? of course, like any act(s) to establish RITE OF PASSAGE for something. are there people recruiting for this agenda? of course ... we see it all the time. now, whether or not these recruit for belief of certain acts ... like we said, it's not ours ... 

the MARRIAGE CONTRACT will dissolve in time. it will no longer hold meaning as mankind has grown accustomed. the stakes will be pulled up and repositioned within an "area" more convincing for the lawmakers. how will this look? it won't matter what you claim as a "marriage". what will be the law will be "your property", "how many live on this" which will include number of partners and ... number of children and ... these will be taxed accordingly (we think the Greek Orthodox had some sense in this when establishing their sacrament of marriage, but again, this rests within its own diadem).

why not? this hurts those adopting children and we wish there could be a better system but ... we are seeing way-y-y too many adopted children AND foster children abused. if government cannot get their ACT TOGETHER on this-----they will be looking like a HEAD with no sense! can't they see why people set up their piggy cults? look around, folks ... who/what lures in for AGENDA? religionists have been doing it for centuries and it does not matter what you call yourself. 

man will soon realize his failure in this ... we hope. 

as for ssm ... a no brainer. people have been living and working together for centuries ... partnering for all kinds of reasons. to fight over some pencil sketches is what? for the believer in Spirit:

Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in 'human' tables of the heart.
Peace and Love