in the story of STEPHEN, known in the christian circles as the first martyr of the "jesus era" ... we see an individual of an isolated sect. first, the story is written not to idolize and prioritize martyrdom, but to allow the believer in Spirit of the Most High to refrain from idolatry and to prevail upon unjust authority in a manner more forgiving and ... fostering of ... for ... preemptive purpose. remember, these are highly symbolic stories and although many of these figures of the new testament lived ... the stories are SPIRITUALLY RELEVANT and not religious manifestos. God does not call one to martyrdom. giving up self for God is not placing self in a position to be stoned to death ... entering arenas without the proper place of deliverance.

a child does not cross the busy highway without parent. one does not enter the house of demons without guardian ... to protect and negotiate.

"god" dies not man, or man of a flesh purpose unto THE LIVING GOD. remember, if one has not entered the place of understanding (peace), how can one be of device in the Light on Love? it is while you are living the Life that one can and will BE soluble for purpose. we say, it is not "i" but "what" works in and through me ... and me cannot be of hidden agenda, dishonesty and partiality, recklessness and insulated doctrine. and imperialistic ideologies ... because these all carry weight that cannot make it through "the way of {I Am} the way"

 ... and creating obstacles for others in being of a weight not soluble does not align with Godly or Spiritual Purpose. 

God never announces the sainthood paradox on Love. and it is of ignorance ... or as some might say, SPIRITUAL IRRELEVANCE or spiritual immaturity that one thinks martyr and saint are the same. they are not. if they were they would be called one. Angels are angels and saints are not angels and martyrs are something different. martyr is of the witness personage. and because someone is a priest (or a nun) dying while doing something (to some good to others not good) does not make him a martyr.

GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS: GOD SHOWS NO PARTIALITY> so, why do people believe his authority has power over GOD? 

Many have died for many reasons in areas unkept and un-delivering ... so, man, whether in institution or not, cannot know the truth of martyrs and saints spoken of in the Writings. to create dispatches for these misunderstood "labels", as man has come to view them, shows an illiteracy concerning Spirituality. 

cont ...

you may notice we are moving into the religious expression as politics or policy, as this is how we view institutions whether of claiming itself of government or religion; they express and expel similarly and in gnosis these are seen as secular or worldly endeavor ... neither right nor wrong in contract unless unjust in parenting ... and what parent favors one child over another? do we need to remind that both are guilty in this vanity? institutions are full of vain governance. 

I recently read a commenter referring to her institution as "our Church". she has some disagreement with how her hierarchy is handling affairs within her church. this is a respectable way to speak. it shows awareness in the fact that her institution is not God or God's chosen denomination. many lump all into something called "the church" just because these claim christianity, meanwhile, the divisions are immense. I would not be caught dead in this lump of dough ... so, as a believer in SPIRIT, knowing there exists both good and bad, count me out of that lump that society. media ... institutions call, "the church" ... count me out of that form. and for any institution claiming itself THE Church ... in reference to the Writings wrought BY GOD for TRUTH ... is an immense disrespect to us and so very many believers in THE CHRIST. man cannot claim absolution. 


how often we read science saying they made a mistake. they received new "evidence" on what they thought was ... and they say, "we thought ___, but we now have evidence that shows we were wrong ..." and this is respected and a respectable way to process or present new information ... it is also a rescuable portent. behave: respect the table and realize that you alone (party, policy, institution, doctrine ...) are not the final word. you---your institution, document of principle, is not the final word. even the Prophet for each Day knows he is not seeing all. He knows or should know that the peace process is in motion and new is the breath to behold. no one knows the day or the hour in the font of birth. 

take care where the institutions delegate. their head leaders are a predictable lot ... should anyone care to know the truth.