what happens when institution prioritizes his peer(s)? 

jealously ... agitation ... procedures of esteem for one not others ... others possibly equally honorable or equally enigmatic? praise for him but not her ... praise for him but not their hands ... 

it drives the evil right into the eye of self indulgence, allowing for superior bending of words, traditions ... even TEACHINGS meant to be fostering impartial place. only performers navigate in disruptive ways in the institutional arena this way. only sectarians build these characters of idol nets ... only the spiritually unaware and the wardens of illicit drink make this broth.

war hides its venue behind performances. do you not see the face of institutional theology that wears capes of glistening lip service? I smile watching the wig wearing promote their destinies ... yes, their destinies. it's a wry smile, however ... for those of this performance ... that manipulate to create a war  ... shall receive it. they will get their war, but the control they desire through this war will not be as they think. you see, it is not peace they desire---not understanding---but force and party politics and ... power, as they have lost control ... power they once had ... power they used in so many derelict ways .... 

if it is war you want, you deniers of peace ... it is war you shall receive.


surprise ... surprise ... not.



the tongue is an interesting device, wouldn't you say? it is responsible for what? if you look up its definition the info is extensive ... and in the Writings, the TONGUE is an organ of preemptive purpose. it is understood as a "young" position. you read of ... "the tongues of men" but have not ... 

man leads by vice (look up its origin). the tongue is a vice. it has its own parliament and its own pecking order. it has its own cast system and its own endemic. when you hear a politician speak in tongues ... what is he doing?