I recall a politician at the beginning of his term, after being elected by his prodigious elite, saying, "criticize me" tell me when I err---when I do wrong ... when he claimed himself the continuance of one truly of the science on truth, he said he (his position) is an institution ... 

but what happened? has this politician taken heed of the chastising? for the betterment of not only him but his institution of which he is one ... did he even hear the chastising? the warning? the Verse? questioning his ethics and the ethics of those that commandeered him for their purpose? did the favoring media and the other agenda-seekers allow for this chastising---this speaking out---this necessary and instrumental awareness to be heard in a fair and just manner, or did they cherry pick and edit and ignore and deny ... to suit their own agendas? 

who are these people? 

and now, where does he/they find themselves? what must they now do to instill a sense of trust in a politician having walked without regard for being aware in the fostering of honest portent? you see, it is difficult for people to trust a politician who is a hypocrite ... wouldn't you say? it is hard for one to believe a man speaking in the tongues of the politician ... all the while sitting in a chair not built for him.

all this in the yarns of ... what do they call it now? oh, yes ... INTERFAITH ... their interfaith dialogue and interfaith trips and interfaith sessions all supposedly helping to ... to what? what exactly are these interfaith big money politician preachers really saying? what is their aim? build religion into a mosque of undisputed character? "we are INTERFAITH" and are therefore free of racism, bigotry, idleness  ... ill intent ... sedition ...? we are permitted a free ride to destinations ______ and ______ and ____ with all the essentials required for OUR INTERFAITH directives? 

oh ... which faith? whose faith? what does this say for those not of faith? of this interfaith galactic? where does this exist anyway? in which mind are we to know this is real and or relevant in the evolving of mankind---ALL people? who pays for these interfaith field trips? we are waiting to see the FRUIT of these? so ... where are you hiding this?