from pollard ... head ... to cut off the top of a tree or plant to encourage growth

someone said to me yesterday, bush doesn't want to be president (based on what people are calling his 'weak' performance). I responded, yes, but he could be VP.

when you know you are not designated hitter, and not much of a performance artist ... it shows. one might look at this as honesty, or an inability to play the game; others see it as weakness ... but if the plan is for an upset ... one in the making all along ... while waiting to see how the candydates do making out on stage and with the voters ... you see? not everything is as it seems, but do be aware of the 'portraits' and the whitewashing (not mentioning any names here as we are off topic on the religion cycle--if that is at all possible considering what the media has been feeding the people, and what the people have been feeding in ---one big trough of something smelling like ...ah, we won't go there)

think; don't blink ... or you might miss it ... my wink :)


(and thank you again, Richard Wolf USA TODAY-through RNS)

I had sent the rns article to a friend owning property in the poconos and he wondered where gulen might have his compound ... 

america isn't run on dunkin'  ... it's run on ..................

Observation: "look how fragile ... I couldn't possibly be the power man behind the ..." performance ... performance ... performance ...