read an article/video the other day where a muslim woman wearing the full burka (where she is completely encased from head to toe with a black uniform) had gone into a christian school WITHOUT her religious uniform, applied for a job as teacher … was hired then showed up wearing her religious uniform and was called into the administration where they asked her WHY she did not tell them of this during the interview. she claims it did not occur to her … or something to the nature of: did not think it was an issue. 
hmm … if she is of the religion to wear this religious uniform why wasn't she wearing it the day of the interview? my understanding---and correct me if I am wrong---is that is you are of this belief system you cannot go out WITHOUT THE UNIFORM. also, a muslim … didn't she think that this might be an issue in a CHRISTIAN school setting? 

deceit … and I read several articles over the last two years explaining how "allah" permits dishonesty for the islamic agenda. gee, sounds an awful lot like the rcc and the clergy … bishops … HIERARCHY. I am sure many muslims will come at this saying, no-no-no, allah does not permit lies … but what about the history and teachings of their prophet? 

NOW, let's look at the uniform certain sects of islam insist the women wear. this is not proper attire for:

THE DEAF AND HEARING IMPAIRED, which include … babies, children struggling with central auditory processing disorders, the elderly, and … those who require the very important visual clues of lip reading. COVERING THE MOUTH IS NOT A GOOD METHOD OF FULLER COMMUNICATION FOR ANYONE DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC IN ANY SETTING. also, it sends an improper message for girls … that there is something about their bodies, face, hair … that is not allowed to be seen, but with boys it's okay? and sports? what happens in sports? some want you to believe that it's not stinkin' hot under those wraps … but it is!

also, what do the muslims do about the children born deaf and hearing impaired? how do they treat these children----TEACH THESE CHILDREN---if ears are covered, muffling the hearing aids and the microphones on the cochlear implants … AND THE MOUTHS OF FEMALE ARE COVERED blocking all lip reading? 

IT IS CARELESS … INDIFFERENT TO THE NEEDS OF THE US CITIZENS … to not address this in a manner intelligent. you won't find that article/video at RNS because theirs is of a certain agenda: all hail pope francis and "the francis effect" … more like the francis neglect … they praise him for not thinking, for not being a rational being … and for not addressing the greater crimes of his day. germany just awarded him something … really now, and so much of it is deception for that high tower agenda. how can the atheist be daft on this? how can those not embedded in religions allow governments to parade dishonesty? pay into and support this? you really believe the pope cares about you and yours? no … he spouts things that anyone could say, it's not anything profound and certainly not a TEACHING FOR MOVING OUT OF THE OLD (jobs would be better for the homeless, pope, not mote freebees) … but he is not actually following his own rhetoric on climate change and in the areas of abuse. he lures people into religious suffering. he sends misplaced signals and is not honest about his intent. how can the world not see this? darkness … for the agendas of the religious and government in league with it. the atheist follow their god obama … and whatever he says is truth … even when obama parades religious political agendas. so, we ask … where are governments leading the people if they are not capable of understanding WHERE AND HOW FEMALE IS DEMEANED IN THESE RELIGIONS LIKE ROMAN CATHOLICISM AND ISLAM … and their voice silenced … along with others … and THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING, along with society at large (in the school settings) ARE DENIED THE BENEFIT OF LIP READING AND FREEDOMS FROM HEAD WRAPS TO HELP THEM HEAR? * don't think I do not know what deaf children and the elderly and even those not hearing impaired need to access sound---communication. I am very familiar with this field … but are the governments? are your lawmakers aware in these important details? do they think outside their bubble of policy and agenda?

now, look at what a-max posts:

“she was whisked in to the Vatican embassy along with other visitors to shake hands with the pontiff.”

If one swears allegiance to a god one surrenders their duties as a public official in the United States. Kim Davis should be impeached. She has breached her contract to uphold the Constitution.

She has every right to practice her religion in her own time. To enforce it on others is treason of the highest order.

Kim Davis should either be impeached and allowed to go home – or in jail.

fascism? is this roman catholicism of the early institution? ;)

Now pair the following with the above comment by a-max:

I love this campaign.
We need to stop the hate against Muslims. Humans have rights.
And Religious freedom is a necessary human right.

Of course, religions are just ideas. Religions can be dismissed and laughed at.
But NOT THE BELIEVERS who have every right to live safely and to worship however they wish.

I don’t believe in Unicorns. But the little girls who believe in them are most precious and have every right to believe as they wish. Same for people who believe in Islam, Christianity or any other religion.

we must never allow our distaste for a religion to lead to harming others!

Thanks goodness for the first amendment.

 religious freedom is a human right … okay … how can a religionist of any belief and practice INCLUDING ATHEISM have their religious freedoms and worship however they wish IF part of their worship believes in power and control through governing factions … such as democracy in america? what if politics is part of the belief and practice? obama certainly made use of the current roman pontiff in his ADMINISTRATION, and the use of canonizing junipero serra on american soil despite the pleas from those few remaining of the tribe attacked and overrun by catholic zealots … so, atheist max, we do not hear you or your atheist friends calling out these … what happened? cat got your tongue? 


a person going on a site like RNS for the first time would go, what the hell? ROMAN CATHOLIC AND ISLAMIC AGENDA … clear as a bell. for a long while it was the gay agenda … So, who writes their paychecks? 
their drive is to silence the christian of what they believe to be conservativism, but ask yourself what is islam? lol! and the roman pope? so, what agenda are they being PAID to push? support? a merge of roman catholic doctrine and islam. well, to be perfectly honest, we have never viewed roman catholic doctrine as THE CHRIST, and islam of course is of another prophet they believe is truth. the papal office and the prophet of islam are of similar binding and RNS is of a agenda to converge these two, for money, or religious and political agenda … ? they have not posted in a balanced manner the information necessary for anyone to understand and appreciate the details … of what it really going on---WHAT GOVERNMENT IS UP TO, not just in the US but around the world and … ask how the UN is tied into this.  

what may be keeping this not really liberating agenda from taking place? too many variables outstanding … too many questions gone unanswered … too much at stake … 
and what we see and experience is dishonesty and reckless governance …using the media. the media becomes an accomplice in the deeds of this agenda. we do not trust any of them as we hear much suffering … injustice and malpractice. government is ignorant in the hands of its own god, rome and its gods of indifference and the youth suffer and will continue to suffer and you will see more and more and more attacks with CARS … guns, knives … bombs … drugs … mental instability … A HOPELESSNESS AND DESPAIR because government and its henchmen are in the dark.

please understand … this does not stay here in this little nook called OWA. this is a warning for ALL of you reading … these are just glimpses … to consider and make the right choices for ALL OF HUMANITY and not your bubble wrapped ideal through your gods of silencing for agenda that provides discrimination and ignorance to society at large. how ethical---how compassionate and caring is boosting a hierarchy including a pope that allows bishops to go uninvestigated? what are you people? but this does not end here … this is where it begins! what YOU pay into and support will be known throughout the world! what YOU are doing to the youth will be known in history … your names have been recorded under these agendas and … your children and grandchildren will know what you have done. your sponsors can remove articles in a mad dash to try to protect self, but they don't care about you; history has shown us time and time again that their concern is THE INSTITUTION, but … many have already recorded your beliefs, practices and WHAT YOU HAVE PAID INTO AND SUPPORTED … and this will be the record for all eternity. you cannot see what comes … but ONE can … 

*also, we keep reading about the pope/vatican/rome giving stuff to homeless men … what about the women? do they not have any homeless women?

this will be a christmas to remember


a PRIVATELY OWNED mall … but a public place for shoppers puts who in danger should things go awry? and obama cannot speak on this? he has no say on these incidents? now why would blacklivesmatter want to interfere in the lives of families, children … hard working parents just like them ... for this venue should it become so large it becomes a hardship and a danger to these families … the youth? sure it gets attention but at what cost? why not go to the steps of the white house and do this? what of the workers, students and young people working to try to make ends meet … and merchants? is there no respect for the merchants and their customers? 

from one of gibson's pope on a rope articles

Pope Francis’ “reformist agenda”? Pope Francis recently went to Uganda and Kenya. “The Catholic Church in Uganda has been in alliance with all the other Churches in condemning and discriminating against LGBTI persons” ( where “homosexuality is illegal and attacks against gays have forced many to seek refuge abroad or lead secret lives at home.” ( The leading cause of maternal death in Kenya is unsafe abortion. “More than 70 percent of women seeking post-abortion care in Kenya were not using contraception.” That country also has the fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world. ( During the Q&A with journalists on the trip from Africa back to Rome, a reporter pointed out to Pope Francis that “In Uganda alone there were 135,000 new infections of HIV, in Kenya it’s worse. It’s the greatest cause of death in Africa.” He asked the pope, “Is it not time for the Church … to allow the use of condoms to prevent more infections?” The pope changed the…

the pope changed the what? the topic? ;) RNS and all those a part of this regime changes the topic! obama himself would not even respond to my question about the pope and his …

naughty little boys get what for christmas? do they think the elves on the mantle are not watching the deception and the manipulation?

citizens of the US, do not think that you are not having TO PAY for the crimes of the vatican and the crimes of washington as you end up paying for their climate change initiatives in these countries. what happens far, far away in a land called …. lives a lot of improper governance along with poor teaching and preaching … with a lot of destitute and sick, hungry and lost … raped, sex trafficked, drugged, infected, rejected and denied … warring factions and a "plural  see" called religiopolitico commerce … roma style. have you signed on to help support the rcc's fledgling economy through your support of …  ????

did you not know? did you not see? is it fair for obama and others to disguise their initiatives? when what you are really doing is paying into lies? but like the 'saint' teresa of india, will your money go into the care of what/who is truly in need, or will the money get sidetracked and end up in the pockets of the bishops … or the vatican b-a-n-k. 

do your homework, please.

well, didn't we say in a previous post that the staffer might be a …


 was shown to look for this article @RNS and was told atheist max was going to get a doozie. huh … seems a-max's jack of many "jacks" got him caught red-handed … we said he was a liar and a fraud. he has been posting under various names. this is true. we saw this quite some time ago, but did the jews?  

and those of judaism sit back and let the believers in Christ do all the work there? lol. do they hate JESUS as much as atheist max but don't want to admit this? no matter, they have their roman pontiff to speak for them. 

and this:

Wrong, Max. First-century religiously observant Jewish fishermen from Galilee were not likely consumers of Homer’s fiction, nor were they likely to endure subsequent persecution for asserting their own supposed fiction to be fact. Mark Twain doesn’t willingly die for Huckleberry Finn.

As for the later “gospels,” most were penned by gnostic writers. If you know anything about Gnosticism, you’d realize why they never made it into the New Testament. Gnosticism believed the material world was either an illusion or an evil creation by an evil demigod. In contrast, the New Testament writers accepted the Old Testament claim that the material world was quite real and a good creation by a good God.

In addition, unlike the four gospels, all of which were first-century writings, none of the gnostic writings were. Every one of them was written long after the apostles were dead. This is significant because they weren’t around to contest them.

- See more at:

um, do you think he has his facts straight on the gnostic gospels or is he still roaming the halls blind?