was screening an article and read where the current roman pontiff said that mary is mama (his mama). yo, dude, she cannot be your mama, roma pops  … because you have denied her a seat at your table! did you not understand what JESUS was teaching about this? 

truth is, folks, because of the stiff-necked, dogmatic hierarchy of the rcc, determined to not allow themselves to admit their insubordinate nature on the Writings and what these are truly saying … and those continuing to pay into and support the dogma through pope and co. (are you hearing this RNS?) … man will NEVER BE ABLE TO move into the HUMAN STATE OF UNDERSTANDING OF THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHRIST. pope has already announced the gnostic a barren seed. what a rotten lie! I AM PROOF OF THE LAW VERSES CHRIST. if you have something degenerate to say about me, say it to me … not to your media scouts and henchies that you own. 

when the world begins to realize the TRUTH about Christ … there will be a severe backlash on the roman catholic church. we can only warn … but first, in europe … old wounds will be igniting and there will be attacks on those lauding ethnic/religious ________. and this is where Proverbs speaks on the "hiding". this is not a cowardly place but a heeding of WISDOM. we cannot say what we would like here because of the groupies of roma … but do know there will be an igniting of old wounds … and this will cause various attacks and … 
when this is done, the world will then turn on the catholic … and hate will spew. 

did you not understand that there is nothing new under the sun … within the old way? history repeats … 

there will be one significant change. in america, we will not turn them away … this time, as the SHEPHERD is watching the flocks by night. 


no fan of trump here … but if you want to GO BACK TO THE ORIGIN OF WORDS, david, you will have to go wayyyy back before your religious institution took and mauled the meanings on the TEACHINGS OF CHRIST, dear one … the hammer works both ways … yes?
we call it a backlash … where hypocrisy shows its head. imagine that cord in motion and it lashed someone on the back (behind his back while tied to something) and that cord goes for a second lash, but as the lasher raises his arm, sending the whip behind him … it hits the people standing with the lasher … not stopping the lashing … instead watching (like an audience during a hanging). 


oh, and mary silent at the foot of the cross? well, in order to understand this one must be of the vein of PROPHESY … the Writings prophesy the coming events …  what would happen in CHRIST'S NAME … and what happened? Christ has been crucified, and crucified … and crucified … and … mary was silenced at the foot … of the cross. do you not understand what this means? the rcc and its offspring SILENCED her (symbolic of She). this story is a prophetic telling of what would happen. seen before … it happened … hindsight … 

Jesus born of a virgin means a PROPHET ON TRUTH BORN OF IMPARTIALITY: pure Spirit not illegitimate parenting. honesty, my friends, and the call within the Prophetic Vein. yep. it's true … do you not see?

aside: I had not read what trump said about hilary regarding her manny moment  at the debate, and I did not watch any of the debate … just knew people were going on about something having to do with a break by clinton. now … I thought to share this earlier but have been busy. first, there is purpose in everything … as we experience. trump's antics have caused a stir in the republican party … and in the election as an institution made up of primarily two parties often in very heated disagreement and willing, at times, to do and say just about anything to get its way. trump is showing the matte version of what you don't see of politicians at work in these elections and … in their oaths sworn to serve …

so, there has been a lot of squirming which allows the viewer to see the workings and … other sides of the politicians and the political process. trump is like gump, but a megaphone of histrionics … maybe gump's unbridled brother having gone off to make his fortune "his way" and he is not ashamed to let the world know it? whereas … the other political-religious are not as transparent in their dealings. thank trump for his transparency as what you are seeing is man of much ego and business. trump is the world's placard of grandstanding ;) sometimes vulgar, sometimes honest … sometimes self-centered and sometimes ridiculous, but not without purpose … in some form, and WE as gnostic are always looking at the flip side while the world moans and groans and reacts in various stages. hilary clinton's break? what might we see in this manny moment that others have not? could it have been a strategic moment in the debate? the war of ideas---war of words, egos, temperament and agenda? as I said, I did not watch the debate and have not really read what happened in this trump vulgarity that people are going on about, however … 
I once watched a girl's softball catcher stop right in the middle of a game where the opposing team was in the moment … I mean, they were showing tenacity against the catcher's team, who had been the favored and more experienced through coach's manipulating and … remove ALL her gear and rub her foot. meanwhile, there had been no evidence of an injury. it was obvious that this was a tactic to break the momentum of the opposing team. so … what was happening during that break? anything interesting? and … had trump not made a stink of it … would we have missed the behind the scenes story? you know … dick … or whatever was the thing trump accentuated. 





to denounce the destruction of cultural heritage?

gee, what did your saint serra do to the native people in the land known as california? instead of condemning his actions you praised him and canonized him. 

and these people wonder why there is war ? what you believe is what you receive …

another comment at RNS … we happened to notice a comment deleted by RNS where a commenter made a brief statement about the Jewish and hollywood (comment deleted … so I cannot share it) … but RNS has no problems with atheists posting the following:

“may we too, with eyes full of amazement and wonder, gaze upon the Child Jesus, the Son of God.”

Not me. I can’t accept such a claim.

Instead, this Christmas I will think about those other children – The 200,000 innocent little baby girls who were slaughtered and burned alive
because Christians later called them witches and condemned them to death.

Witches!? None had supernatural powers. They were killed thanks to superstitious hogwash and directives from Jesus which commanded death:

“men shall gather… those who do not abide in me…and they shall be burned in the fire.” – JESUS (John 15:6)

The price humanity has paid for these unfounded claims
has been unending agony.

Dear Pope – Either prove the claim is a fact or get off the stage!


jews,  is it that you are also anti-christ? anti-christian perhaps? how much does it pain you to see atheist max abuse not only the sacred writings but lie horrendously about Jesus? atheist max's hatred is so profuse … his militancy on the teachings so reckless and so abusive, and you?  ... so complacent. so … without care … but we have seen the jews defend islam many times on RNS, but I do not recall ever seeing the religious jews defending the Christ, or even a christian … but occasionally, a catholic, but NOT where it involved Jesus. so, it is true … judaism and islam are one? and in union with rome. they take command from the same god----yes?  swear allegiance to the same? 

okay then … we just needed to see where you stand.  you have islam and rome for your teaching. 

we move ahead without you, and please understand … we are not looking back. 


ah, maybe because people are afraid to say anything for fear of being accused of being anti-muslim? or perhaps the threat of being an "informant" is growing and people are afraid? or perhaps people do not view radical expression from the youth as a concern? live and let live-------yes? isn't that what the world espouses in the more democratic spheres? teachers are told to teach the subjects  … not inform on the right or wrongs of religious indoctrination---------yes? this is what the world espouses, so … what is citizen of any country to do? america will destroy a reputation should anyone question a muslim's preaching, teaching or practices … 

one might say the nations brought it on themselves and now are forced to live with it. and people have the nerve to condemn smaller nations unwilling to allow a system of beliefs and practices under a freer nation to come in in large numbers?  … experiencing a freer nation for the first time … maybe education and job offers are not what many of the youth want. maybe they see division and instability … and react according to what they know or have seen. maybe they are ill equipped to marry into these more conservative lifestyles. maybe they have never been taught to value life … (see video of former muslim speaking on allah)