"You don't want it to be true," Smith said on the red carpet. "I think that the science is really irrefutable and the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu is such a powerful story. I think that it will be difficult at first for some, but I don't think that it's going to be that big of an issue. It's something that we have to accept." statements-will smith.

the above is from an article having to do with Will Smith on the movie CONCUSSIONS and reaction from the NFL

something that we have to accept and ... DO SOMETHING ABOUT. and this is true for every area of concern. take the clergy/staff child sex abuse ... or the child pornography ... sex trafficking  ... attacks on women/child rape ... we read a story here or there but do not hear it loud enough to know the message is going out to a greater number of people ... to the people that could easily be a victim of these crimes/abuses. we have not been shy about speaking out on the topics of abuse ... but it is up to the institutions housing abuse to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and when they don't, there needs to be an official act on the part of law to initiate the proper edict. if institutions are reluctant to act---ACT FOR THEM! as there are often improper REASONS the institutions do not do something about the abuses. fear is often a driving force ... here or there. 

"If I speak ... I am as good as dead." "They will hurt my family." "They will destroy me and my business." " I will lose my job ... my seat at the table." "They will cut me out of the will." These are very real circumstances for some ... but where do they leave the children, themselves and their silencers in the end? sometimes it is YOU that is being called to step out for the greater good ... and FAITH is of the Essence. one cannot expect to stay within institution abusing and speak truths that call out institutional malaise and corruption, negligence and fostering of ignorance and illicit acts ... its evil and malicious intent. when one is being led to {this} table, one is being called out for something golden. will YOU receive nasty comments? will you be attacked by the institution and its patrons? will you be slandered and demeaned ... being turned away by others similar to institution? yes. this is part of the process of FAITH AND WORKS ... but know that there are others like you, and they will find you and be with you. and there are ways of getting the message out initially that will not cost you lives. where you will not lose all as you feel you might. 

this is the persecution Jesus speaks in the Writings ... He is not referring to the sitting in the pew in a place of contentious politics. common sense teaches us to get out before the bridge gets blown up.

a believer knows he lives in a world of criminal and dishonest activity. he chooses as best he can in what is of greater importance based on .... AWARENESS---being aware in what Lord is showing him. think me pessimistic? while watching a little of MEET THE PRESS yesterday, one of the guests stated as fact: there is corruption in government. this would be nearly every large institution and you do not know the fuller extent of this corruption. you simply can't know all the dishonesty and power-monguering and the crimes committed on a daily basis ... unless you are in it. and sometimes it is the case that you are brought into a place to see this---EXPERIENCE IT--- and are brought out to speak out on the hypocrisy and the injustice as well as the severe abuses. speak or lose your ability to speak. I am earning my ability to speak. yes, there is a place of instruction that takes us to the place of remittance. I have know this for a while ... 

which brings me to a dream I had very early this morning. as the process of BECOMING is constant---an ongoing venue in the life of a believer in THE CHRIST---there is also a coming together of seeing and hearing. things seen begin to meet with things hearing (heart ascending to mind). I've had dreams all my life about schooling. I was always finding myself in some school not really there but there. this morning I saw its significance as I found myself conversing with 'college' students (some older than your average student) who were in my dream close friends but I had never seen them before ... also working at jobs they did not like but had to do ... and I was a partial student at the school but always departing---always departing as the school was not built for me.

one young man showed me something while in the dream but it was vaguely of words---more in mind: he allowed me to catch a glimpse of his family, particularly an older sibling ... of a criminal sort. this had been his early mentoring and he made the statement that he was not like me. IOW, he was not fortunate as I am fortunate, and this is true. I had been told this early on in this work ... all having to do with SPIRITUAL GIFT. I am keenly aware in this and am aware in a way that the Wisdom of Sirach states ... 

come lodge in my school. place your head under HER yoke (Wisdom's yoke) ... partake of much silver to gain the gold. 

I value the learning of others ... what they can bring to the table. I don't believe it is the final word and even in cases where something seems absolute, I know that it could be changed in the blink of an eye ... so, one like me wades through the words ... the visions and the sides ... knowing there is more to the story than what meets the eye.

The father shall be divided against the son, and the son ... YOU KNOW THE PASSAGE IN LUKE. a militant atheist may preach that Jesus is telling us to hate our family members. this is untrue as his intent is dishonest. he cannot know the message from where he sits and to be aggrandizing for his own religious sequestering is irresponsible to say the least. 
what is being taught in these passages is that WE AS BELIEVERS IN THE CHRIST are called to speak against what is our mentoring or early schooling. it is of the way. some leave the place of their birth and never respond. some leave and speak only in the vein of hatred with side notes inconsistent with their parenting. their school is wrought with ignorance and or dishonesty. some leave with purpose ... to make amends and to work to improve the calcifying image of something disingenuous and errant ... abusive and corrupt ... dangerous. that which is made of stone is not playable. 

what the young man in my dream is saying is this: this is my way of leaving my brother---his corrupt and dangerous life. yours is of another. I know I am among deception, but it is better that I marry here than to be destroyed by my father's son. I do not have (or yet have) what you do to speak as you, for I am wounded and need this school. where you are being taught I do not understand. you come in to experience and observe---listen--- and go out ... come in and go out ...
I am here because I chose it as my refuge and my strength.

RELIGIONISTS of all stripes, you must begin to understand the places of the youth and not stick needles in the wounds. if you continue in these fires ... you will find yourselves stepping in your own vomit.  


I know of a man abused verbally as a child. he went to college unprepared for the world and got into drugs and other illicit behavior ... finally returned home and his mother told him about a christian rock concert. wounded, he attended and found hope. he grew from there, married and raised two wonderful daughters. watching him grow, I often wondered: how can he stand all that preachy-teachy noisy christianity? but the truth is he moved in and out of those arenas. he has pitched his tent too often, thinking himself "saved" ... when he is still IN THE PROCESS ;) ... but interestingly, his daughters are different---believers in God, yet quite different. schooling, life experiences has showed them/taught them the propensity to arrive. their walk will be somewhat different. 

man cannot judge and should not judge the choices for he does not know the mind of God, where and how the work of the Spirit is in play. man steps here and somewhere somehow one is used to drive out what is designed to destroy ... faith and hope are of the belief in Christ but it is the work that carries the torch for the renewing faculty. man can shed his skin and speak, risking much, where he sees ---EXPERIENCES--- danger ... where those tents are suffocating the blooms and destroying the needs for LIGHT ... but he cannot know the quest in the Time of Day (the hour) and what this is worth ... especially in the KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING ON TRUTH (ON this rock I will build my church). 


with the SPOTLIGHT movie out this week (showing last week in Boston) ... it will be a contentious time---necessary showing ... but contentious. we are already seeing comments about sects other than the rcc having the greater number of sex abuse against children. truth is ... something set the stage for the abuse. a misunderstanding of text? a rallying to defend and secure property? and now, a rallying to protect and defend institution by using other politicians? fear drives people to act indecently ... disingenuously. know this. 

one cannot run and hide from what is. is would have been better to make the abuse of children the number one concern to be addressed and once this was, along with the mishandling of funds, then other issues then addressing the ministry at large for their clergy. it is not for institutionalized members to speak out against the sexual behaviors of others when their own institution is wrought with sexual abuse ... one cannot whitewash what bleeds through  ... as the infection is epidemic in scope 

one cannot put bandaids on infected wounds and not expect these to spread and generate more infection and disease.


as we said quite some time ago: they will attack the priests

so, when are the priests going to realize it's their time to speak?

to speak out and be heard? or be silenced ... forever ... 

we are here to help ... but you must be willing to call out 

we understand, if you are guilty ... it is not easy to speak out for fear of being targeted, but it would depend on the crime---yes? 

and allow us to remind the readers that WOMEN were once priests in the EARLY CHURCH (assembly) ... but who/what came along to destroy this? imagine how things could have been for INSTITUTIONS had it not changed the rules? seems change is only an accepted act where and how it benefits the headship of ... INSTITUTION? had they not tried bartering with GOD as GOD cannot be bartered with ... so many might still be alive, symbolically speaking. 

think how many children would not have suffered at the hands of evil doers, disease 'beyond reproach' ... *sigh*


take this latest ... liberation theology  ... that seems to be the latest institutional leak. liberating what for whom? oscar romero a roman catholic higher up, not changing the rules for women ... not addressing the clergy child sex abuse, and yet people call for his head on a pedestal that the sect member's prayers may be now directed at this man ... as if he is GOD. to us, this is an immature alliance. it takes one back to the days of worshipping the golden calf. a calcified substance cannot do a darn thing in and through Spiritual wellbeing! it takes humankind to turn those tables ... not dead men thriving in execution. the man that people are dying to canonize was a proud supporter of another institutional head: opus die. and? do you think God a manifesto of this sort? opus dei, we are told was his source of inspiration. that was his choice .. but GOD understood in the SPIRIT never calls us to rectify in these houses, using idols, regardless of how they died. many many MANY have died trying to do good, or what they believed was good ... should man canonize all? some might say their grandmother was a saint ... as she was good to him ... should institution saint her or call her a martyr as she may have died giving birth ... that one might be of truth? seriously, these are the 'fruits' of those in institutions, and the fruits of men dying to revive a ... 

Is this of God? again ... GOD SHOWS NO PARTIALITY. so, why would God hold up romero and not another? one that dies freeing ALL ... 

are you getting the picture ... ;)
it seems an institution is running out of ways to secure control and in their desperation ... they drive the herd to the cliff by holding up the golden calves ... needing the flock to worship these through their own idolatrous hands. they need them praying to their own idea of truths, something they believe they can control and manipulate. instead of behaving in a decent and honest fashion and working to address the crimes and corruption in places that abuse the people ... showing unjust practice ... they use that which resonates in the old skins of the art of ignorance. bowing to romero and serra and john paul 2 ... as if they themselves have not grown an inch. no growth ... they look back and turn into a pillar of salt ... that will soon be washed into the sea ... then collected at the edge and used to SEASON FOOD. yes?

This would make a fine sermon for BC The Trilogy, BOOK ONE: BEFORE CHRIST ... 


scare the hell out of the indoctrinated