why am I hearing bernie sanders parting company with the democratic party? and surprising many with his move .. 

the democratic part is not really bernie's base nor is it on board his ship. we don't need to go into the details on the recent rue. it speaks for itself … should anyone bother to do a wee bit of research from earlier incidents. 

after a while, things split … divide and ..

I am not a politician so I don't know how it all works but … if there is just cause for change, change happens. if the situation for a prominent voice is being systematically undermined, and what it relies on is in conspiracy to undermine it … as we saw recently coming from one who shall not be mentioned (and remember, we speak of SYSTEMS OF BELIEF AND PRACTICE not necessarily one individual … or a lone wolf) … surprising change can and does occur and this, upsets the apple cart, finally … so that the rot happening at the bottom of the container does not destroy the entire harvest …
selling itself at such a high price while the starving look on starving for a bite of what may be good, or enough to satisfy a hunger requiring fresh goods and not old, packaged, hormone injected tripe. you see, we look at everything from butchers to bakers to candlestick makers ...

cont …

are the republicans a dying breed? no. will they change their hairstyles? dress code and … catch all phrases? yep. what are we seeing in this field? incidents-incidents-incidents that will cause people to turn around and look at the mess they made and … the muck they stepped in and tracked all over the white house. and they thought the house was a beacon of light? like everything manmade it gets old and tarnished … including the silver ***long after I am gone the future scholars will go, oh, wow, now I get it! :D

am I seeing bernie in the seat of Us president? yes. and scott brown to follow. 'new englanders' braving the cold for many a winter, but the north face is turning east my friends … to better understand what happened and is happening and why the repeat … re-pete as in … peter betrays THE CHRIST 3 Times before the cock crows. Prophesy ;)

in order to quell the violence america needs a moderate voice and needs to get the hell out of the fractioning of the legacies of caliphate ordinations. stop inciting through dishonest rhetoric, ambush, power-mongering and fear-baiting. man cannot control what he does not understand … what he does not see within himself. when he is in denial of the rot, he is too hot to handle. women and children become the abused and the misused. america wake up to your sustained ignorance and stop playing with machetes. you use weapons to further increase your agendas … not knowing what the hell you are playing with and the damage you are creating. liberalists go back to bed if you cannot see your piss holes! you have not been doing your homework … you honor not father not mother. and I am no religionist. 


i never watch late night tv nor do I pay much attention to paid comedians (a little … on occasion, but usually after the fact) ... but i can and do enjoy the art of comedy in cinema, theatre and novels, and how it reads pivotal … not men wearing tight tights trying to instill brew-ha-ha. it's a sunken idiom for one of gnosis and there is no time for these. i am aware how many live on a steady diet of the late night stuff … because i see it over and over and over in their comments, their drinking---their beliefs. my nights are primed for vision … hearing. the night guard ritual of processing what i read that day, heard … am shown in these and where it's all headed (moving people OR keeping them lazy and incoherent) … the good and the not good. often people addicted to late night tv are insensitive and crass. they have a lot to say about the conduct and work of others but seldom do we see them aware and parenting in the necessary portent for change. 

yes, put away the things of a child … 

how hard is it to gum up a wad of stuff about politicians and the mishaps of others? their viagra? … lol! please, tell me something I don't already know. surprise me.



okay, seeing it more clearly now … took quite a bit … 

the atheist does not have what it takes to combat what's coming. if they are relying on the same old jargon (jargon? gee, that's an old word, one I haven't seen for some time) … they will be buried in the flood … the flow, the sweep the … whatever you want to call it. you see, nonbelievers, the money is in the religious. it always has been. even where people have to make up stuff to get people to follow the system---to buy into the policies … and, like we said, government is religion … and it wants the support, the votes, the dough …  

I mean, look at his friend and companion, the militant atheist, he is often full of ridiculous … and we mean, ridiculous, stuff. it does not cut it anymore. at one time it probably gave people a rise but now? it's like a joke told too many times---boring (remember: gag me with a spoon …? that kind of boring). the atheist without at least some working knowledge on the presence of the 'holy' texts is like being in a rowboat with no paddle. he can't row. he goes no where unless he can get out of the boat and swim, but if the water is rising … how will he survive? to deny everything the religionists stand for and call it all a farce, delusional … a fairytale, in this day, is absurd. maybe even a death sentence. he won't get the job. it's that simple. a person needs a working language on the theologies … one that people can relate to … and flat out denouncing the God and the religions, and the people who engage there is not going to cut it. the times they are a-changin' 

so, atheists … got a religion you want to stump? if so, you are going to need a diver ;)


I had a scenario going through my mind last evening. it went something like this … young atheist is working hard to pay off his college education; he has started a business and it's a competitive business … he is married and has a daughter … the hollywood humanitarians get into office, and vote ben a. as their leader. he brings in 500,000 refugees/immigrants from all over but most are muslim. the law set up to help the muslim is that business must hire a certain number and train them for the jobs as these are greater in number and greater in need of work with large and growing families, and like a decent citizen atheist agrees to this. meanwhile, the efforts of his more outspoken brethren, along with the hollywood humanitarian outreach has caused the christian civilization to be reduced significantly in his nation. the people unwilling to bow to the new laws … the state religion … and the constant demeaning of their prophet Jesus; the attacks on their institution and what it will do to their children … leave the states; some hang around but remain silent and give in to the establishment to keep job, house, business and reputations and not be accused of racial profiling (cough-cough). in a few years atheist has employed 100 employees and all are muslim. the former work schedule/ethic changed to accommodate their beliefs and practices, including holidays. during this time ben a. was caught with his pants down and impeached from office (cough-cough) … and another leadership comes into office. suddenly realizing that the christian is a minority, law states that for every muslim employee businesses should have a christian employee … but christians are hard to find in atheist's nation. his manager goes abroad to bring some in and reluctantly a few come. manager is charged with improper tactics in doing so and atheist's business is under scandal. also, muslim worker resents the christian for several reasons; one being the attention christian is receiving … as muslim is demanding a higher wage.
atheist yearns for the old days when he was striving to build his business when things were much less political and much less complicated, and the biggest concern was building a customer base---getting his name out there to sell his product. now everyone knows his name for the wrong reasons and he is loosing business … and his daughter just getting out of high school is left caught in the crossfire.

now, I have to share my early morning dream … I just have to. I will keep it brief.
I returned from philadelphia at night to my old house (phila representing 'brotherly love' … not the city of today). my old house was in a wooded area and the season was autumn. soon my landscaper arrives (I never had a landscaper there other than the young man who installed the pond) and he is of young to middle age. I find it odd that he showed up at night. he has a leaf blower on his back. I go in to get some sleep but a crew of hundreds arrive and begin weed whacking and working on cleaning up leaves (I think). these are many young muslims and they are not with the landscaper who arrived earlier; they are with a group of people with ben afflect. ben is teaching them what to do. I am wary because no one has asked my permission. I never hired anyone to come … and at night? during this, I realize there are a few MA people (one I know) watching ben and his workers to see that he is not misusing them and … I am aware of a russian presence … my landscaper and a few young women not of the muslim group, and there seems to be a little conflict as to who has the job. I am tired but need to understand what's going on. about an hour they start to leave … I walk around the house to look at the job and see that it was poorly done---leaves everywhere but on the concrete/stone areas. I am disappointed and worry that the workers weed whacked important plants---plants I had been growing for years and tended to myself. I find one of my fishing poles from when I used to fish, severely chopped up, but I am not upset just surprised that the workers were not aware in what they were doing. they finally depart and I see an old church friend standing in my driveway. she says that her planned parenthood mission has been accomplished. planned parenthood? I start to question what she was thinking and I wake.  


ask yourself where and how government has FAVORED a religion by claiming it is a race and not a religion? ask where government has ignored its constitution and what it swore oaths to, blatantly favoring a religious sect? where is the break between church and state when state uses church to its advantage? all politicians are 'guilty' in favoritism and USING church to gain votes, support, money and agenda. we shared repeatedly on what the US government did with the roman pontiff and the rcc … and now we see where and how islam is being used. quietly, obama was voted in by the help of many muslim votes … many. how many? investigate spotlight style and your mouth will drop. was obama aware in this? yes, but he probably was not party to the incidentals. after all, he had a camp to run. 

the atheist cannot continue promoting candidates he knows are guilty of this favoritism while attacking those candidates he knows are guilty of this favoritism. one side openly engages and admits he is showing his favorites … the other manipulates using words to disguise that he is using church. who do you trust, atheist? ask yourself where your beliefs and non belief fit into the agendas of both? democrat says he is for freedom but where and how might your freedoms ---your beliefs--- become impaired? think about the outcome of desperate and or calculating religious (of all stripes) might disguise intent and how they might behave in an area that is suddenly … almost foisting … freedom on them … pedestaling them and their 'freedoms'. 

man is goofy. man never learns. the farmer says, sun and rain is necessary for my crops to grow but please, not a drought that will scorch the Earth, and not a flood to wash everything away … or a flood that drowns the fields  … but if this should be, I will move out of the area and go where I can survive … but if there is no where else to go, what must he do? the athlete says, in order to improve my game I need qualified players and skilled instructors, instructors who know and appreciate this in me and what is needed to grow and improve and … if I have to move in order to be challenged, so be it … I will move, but if there is no one who can help him grow and improve, what must he do? the warrior says, I must go where I am needed. where is that? ask the others. the warrior replies, where the seed is stifled by heat, drowned by floods and lost at sea … where the athlete can no longer improve and … where I am found to be.

two wrongs create another religion.


I happened to notice much fewer comments on RNS article-opinion-commentary. why? I also happened to notice a case of obvious religious/racial profiling coming from the atheist belief. and it is truly unbelievable how 'the jews', and other atheists and even roman catholics, christians and muslims did not point this out. it's almost laughable it is so obvious:D a commenter posted a response to an article on scalia … not stating his religion or his race, but making a rather obvious point about what "the left" and the atheist believes which, anyone---INCLUDING ONE NOT OF ANY RELIGION, which involves GOVERNMENT---might post, and an atheist responded ignorantly, assuming something he should never assume unless he is a bigot and a racist … and, wow, not a word from anyone there … not a word, but had his "nemesis" posted in a similar fashion about one of another religion/race … the vitriol would come out like a flood. this is why atheists will lose ground. this is one very big, bigoted---HYPOCRITICAL---reason that the atheist is losing credibility and will lose voice. 

the commenter may have been testing the atheist and others to see responses … as a matter of fact, I sense that he was. 

this is the type of stuff we are watching for … all over the place ... and who/what might be posting. it could easily be a muslim engaging government policy, and has the evidence to state the atheist a danger to him. 

let's ... for a moment ... engage in some of raheel's thoughts and what sam harris was sharing on the rings of muslim belief and rule (see previous posts). let's look at the muslim that desires control of the world. let's look at the very real fact that there are many muslims (as a race) that believe islam will be the world religion, and that it is their duty to see this to fruition …  and their imams and muslim religious will be in positions of governance … and they are entering nations to begin this process of their belief. many may be nonviolent in their approach and may even work toward distancing themselves from the more obviously radical and certainly, the terrorist, but … do engage to enter and win control … for power and authority wherever it believes is necessary … to accomplish islamic world dominion. is the atheist a threat to this agenda? not as atheist … only where atheist blasphemes islamist rights … his freedoms … his beliefs. only where atheist stands in the way of islamist getting into positions of control, which are fundamentalist positions of belief, as society understands fundamentalism. if atheist is in any way permitted vocalizing a demeaning of islamic righteous/religious beliefs … muslim can and will find a way to ostracize the atheist. they would have to ….  
remember, there are many christians not really christ-like … and not at all engaging in the Teachings of this … or interested in Jesus, but do use christianity as a side platform … an instrument for votes and support … money … and care very little about what CHRIST IS OR REPRESENTS so … take it or leave it if you know what I mean … it makes them look good in print and on sunday mornings, prayer breakfasts and during memorial services---the like … toss in another prophet? no big deal … add religious rights? no big deal … because they will use the race factor to gain points. the atheist isn't a big enough vote to give them what they want.

so, the atheist? … is he betrayed right under his nose? by the very people he voted for and trusted would protect them from radical religious? hmm … 


another prestigious school filled with horror



the woman on the left described being called a slut by students at the school and having been raped repeatedly by one of the offenders … who had photographed her naked … then showed the male students the photos 

where are you, cowards? we are coming for you … you cannot hide anymore. you who were a party to this. you are trying to hide, or maybe just IGNORANT OF THE HORROR, and we are coming for you … because YOU have not spoken up about any of it, have you? you thought it fun? to call her a slut? to joke about the poor boy having been sexually abused with a broomstick? what disease lives in these institutions? and outside these? this is ISIL's lovers! TERRORISM ON CAMPUS!!! where have you been since getting married and raising children of your own … in your prestige … and what you think are safe quarters … no, you have a debt to pay … and you will pay it. 

the world will know of your ignorance and the ignorance your systems breed.


doctors and clinics making loads of money off of drugs


whose god is this? believers? nonbelievers? did religion cause these doctors to act 'immorally'? indecently? DANGEROUSLY? these doctors should be investigated for murder?

you are being called to act and act NOW!