RE: the lingering man … 

From a historical perspective, it is absolutely true that Christians and Muslims worship the same God---reverend franklin somebodyorother … 

note: from an historical perspective. 
early followers of CHRIST JESUS knew nothing of the islamic prophet. 

reverend franklin may worship the god of islam but I do not and this is another reason why I do not claim christianity as my god. ;) his judeo-christian-islamic experience is not my FAITH. what they need for belief and practice, AND WHAT WE EXPERIENCE, I do not. mine is Faith through the Prophet on Truth (Light) not theological enterprise with politics serving side agendas, or full course force feeding. 

but you use the same bible! he/they chime in. man has what that he uses to communicate anything? languages abound, along with symbols. their bible is not my god just as their torah and their quran is not my god. I have no interest in the prophet of quran other than to point out that his bio shows a militant and a child user-abuser, and we go by not the style of language, but their prophet's choices. 

now, we ask, does the christian believing in THE CHRIST believe their GOD chose the prophet of the quran for his purpose? Jesus never says anything about CHRISTIANITY OR ISLAM OR EVEN JUDAISM. oh, but reverend never says anything about Jesus … christian to him is exactly what he wants himself to believe and what he tells others to believe. do you notice the certainty of his voice. lol! he speaks for every christian because he claims himself a reverend? no thanks, we can do without these men … and women. they have made their choices. their pride rests in religion until the great fire ensues then the rats come out of the woodwork. 

but you have offended these followers of these 3! they shout. what? grow up, I did no such thing. they don't believe what I experience and don't see me as I am … they have always viewed the gnostic as an enemy because their fathers said so … because they were taught this by men of religion … without ever knowing 'me' … hmm, double standard? two wrongs makes another religion. and I am not of religion so … why should anyone be offended by what I write? have I lied about governance and forced belief systems? look at the rcc … do you deny they are of doctrine requiring obedience? and what of islam? is a muslim even allowed to leave islam? and christianity … what requirements has man set up in order to be of christianity? these are NOT my gods! is that such a difficult thing to understand? the GOD OF LIGHT does not demand religious obedience and SPIRIT does not force feed dogma. Spirit is not a drug or an inducer of militancy and … Spirit cannot be ruled by man and if you believe GOD IS SPIRIT through {this} then it is evil forcing ideology, ideology such as: christians and muslims worship the same god. only things bound by evil institute the legality of forced belief and practice through governance, requiring its followers behave as fanatics that show partiality. reverend whatshisface thinks he shows ecumenical alliance when in fact he shows ignorance … on the Christ, so, it is not Christ that he speaks, but his god. even reverend cannot say that Chirst advocated the quran or the prophet of islam unless he believes this is what Jesus said he would send as the advocate. 

huh … do these men and women know anything about the Writings? in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.


which brings us to what we have been sharing for some time … Jesus died on the cross for what? 

militant atheists condemn Jesus because they say he created a religion that tortured and murdered many. in truth, Jesus did no such thing, but the story TEACHES (think Spiritual Metaphor) that he died for this anyway---knowingly. knowing what would be? knowing what man would do? how he would behave through his religions and not GOD in Spirit and the faith in {this}. does Spirit kill? like ben asked, why does Spirit need a throne to sit on? :D Spirit does not need a throne to sit on because it is Spirit, but Spirit is filtered through HUMAN hands … not militant religious governance. not adjunct ideologies. the atheist then asks, so, Jesus knew that man would kill in his name? let us remind all of you that man was unjust in belief and practice and was torturing and killing through his limited knowledge and lack of understanding and Jesus was sent to what? what sees? what hears this voice? and Jesus said he would send an advocate. the advocate is not the prophet of islam, dear ones! the advocate is the one having hid in the cave ;) but was called out. 

do you know what this is? (I am smiling from ear to ear on this)

must I tell you? what is Elijah ;)

aside: what is fun is elijah wood played the part of frodo baggins in LOTR and he took on the task of destroying the ring … but not without the help of sam, our dear sam :D

I AM the > Lord your God calling you out of the House of Egypt … a house of bondage
… does this ring a bell?


the US should be active in finding homes for ORPHANS---now! they should not be laboring over he numbers of refugees, but children without parents with the understanding that these children will be adopted by american citizens of no religious ID (as it seems there is a growing number in the states from what research has provided). that way the child can grow and choose when his time comes. no militant parents, however …as this may present biases. sound fair? yes, it is fair. parents that show the income and family presence necessary to accommodate child or children … safely and in a healthy manner. vegetarian and vegan households might be nice ;) as we would not want to alarm the hasidics and the fundamentalist muslim (as they are called). let us not assume child is anything but an angel ;) until he comes of the age to choose his creator … unfortunately many have been forced to choose at a very young age and this will be a challenging task for some parents. 


merkel has yet to honestly address the rapes and sex trafficking and TIME MAGAZINE AND OTHERS HONOR HER?

my-my … how INSTITUTIONS wear blinders for their own steeds

people want you to believe that the US can manage these kinds of very serious concerns/crimes but what has history ---evidence finally coming out---demonstrate to you? and no politician ---PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE---is willing to face this as it needs to be faced. they worry more about racial profiling? protecting institutions that have for decades supported their policies and agendas … gained then votes?

another prestigious school filled with horror!/video/on-air/as-seen-on/Ex-Students-Call-for-Criminal-Investigations/364303471

the woman on the left described being called a slut by students at the school and having been raped repeatedly by one of the offenders … who had photographed her naked … then showed the male students the photos 

where are you, cowards? we are coming for you … you cannot hide anymore. you who were a party to this. you are trying to hide, or maybe just IGNORANT OF THE HORROR, and we are coming for you … because YOU have not spoken up about any of it, have you? you thought it fun? to call her a slut? to joke about the poor boy having been sexually abused with a broomstick? what disease lives in these institutions? and outside these? this is ISIL's lovers! TERRORISM ON CAMPUS!!! where have you been since getting married and raising children of your own … in your prestige … and what you think are safe quarters … no, you have a debt to pay … and you will pay it. 

the world will know of your ignorance and the ignorance your systems breed.


doctors and clinics making loads of money off of drugs!/video/on-air/as-seen-on/Broadside--Can-you-reverse-aging-/364183171

whose god is this? believers? nonbelievers? did religion cause these doctors to act 'immorally'? indecently? DANGEROUSLY? these doctors should be investigated for murder?

the point on this: man whether he claims belief or unbelief in god-s … is torturing and murdering. whether he takes the tool of a holy book, text, prestigious school or his ability to create a drug and sell it to the unknowing … the vulnerable and the destitute, needy, struggling … the politician in his choice of fare … religious or nonreligious  … weds himself to something erroneous in these endeavors and so often knowingly commits crimes. think of the evil that plays in these fields and preys on the one without the ability to choose safety and properly. man, I HATE this disease … I HATE the hypocrisy and the deception and the lies and WE WILL TAKE YOU DOWN!!! now, you decide how you want to go there. come out and admit these crimes and your insidious diseases … that take advantage of so many? and receive some understanding and maybe even some help or … 

so, man has a brain and can concoct many things that drug the people … and his greed for fame or fortune, legacy, inspiration … votes, credential … shows the fruit as … disease? hell? errancy on the Word of God (Light/Truth … engaging in Spiritual Metaphor because man is so messed up in his ideas about what is right and just and faithful to honesty and well being?)


the recent charlie magazine cover. what is it? an image of god running with a gun on his back? the vatican is miffed and pontiff fran is upset? well, goshdarnit, they should be! it's an illustration of them! they created the gods that kill! must be tough looking at yourselves on the cover of that magazine---yes? no?

we are not offended by that image because God does not look like man. Spirit does not look like that man running with a gun on his back. where we are offended is when lazy militants twist the Writings KNOWINGLY to suit his own god-s, game, greed and desire to ridicule and demean for self-aggrandizing purposes …  denying what is of truth, honest, experienced ... for the wellbeing of all. 
now, the question we ask of these institutions promotion this, or anything highly and sensitively controversial like this … will it provoke more attacks where people not involved in this agenda get murdered? including children … 

what soil do you prepare for your citizens? the world? and what seeds do you toss out in this soil? you tempt with fire you will get burned by it. when your tower falls … what then will you tell your people?


note: ask yourself what/how to be --- to become is represented in hebrew. ask how this relates to ELIJAH. 


For the safety of kids, SNAP also wants Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell to release the identities of all child molesting clerics (proven, admitted and credibly accused) who live/lived or work/wored in the Dallas area and post them permanently on his web page. Roughly 30 US bishops have taken this step over the past decade.

do you think the RCC's kevin farrell and others are hypocrites to speak of weapon control when he serves as a weapon in his seat of denial … harboring weapons of much destruction? 

gibson @ RNS, tell your vatican henchman to go stuff it! he uses the gun control policy to make himself look like he cares about life when he is a liar and a fraud! I sense deep, deep deep fifth in his armory.

know how to work a crowd do ya? let's see how well you work the crowds that are coming for you … oh, yes … they will be coming … 


She defended her views, saying that she believed Muslims, Christians and Jews were all "people of the book."----hawkins

I know a lot of people of a lot of books … hitler has a book; have you read it? what's your point, professor? you don't know The Christ? you use Jesus like a pill for what? huh, like so very many others and now you want to hang him up again on the throne of another religion---another prophet claiming absolute truth. okay, do your thing. people have been doing their thang for centuries, and dying … and dying and dying at the hands of your gods, so … tell the world about your god of judeo-christian-islam. go ahead … waiting … 

you know, people like hawkins ignore the doctrines of these religions (this includes the rc pontiff and his gang). they speak without thinking about the reality of what is. I do not doubt that her god is the god of islam, that she worships this … but what did Philip say about borrowing the Name (Christ)? yo, hawkins, leave CHRIST JESUS out of it! Jesus never advocates religion … religious creeds and doctrines. are you forgetting that GOD is Spirit and {this} is impartial, saying, your god is a god of what? R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N … a god of his book(s). his being man. man's religions. what does Paul say about those tablets of ink? 

and ATHEISTS … warning-warning-warning … RED LIGHTS FLASHING ON THIS … defending the professor because you hate christianity, Jesus or Christ, or those borrowing the Name, wheaton college, what you call fundamentalists, republicans and their policies … sets you up as a hypocrite given the light on what islamists believe. also, you silence your own voices … first of all, you do not understand any of it because you still believe God is Religion and secondly, can you imagine what a world religion of 3 behemoth powers converged into one would do to you? you are taking a knife and doing what? are you a sadist? a masochist? can you imagine the power-mongering? why do you think I have come to speak?

they know not what they do? 

The pontiff said: "Like the Magi, countless people in our day have a 'restless heart' which continues to search without finding sure answers."

so, roman pontiff, you have now sent your people to islam to find the answers? worshipping the same god as islam which you have advocated says what to your flock? that there is no need for Jesus as prophet? no need for what THE CHRIST represents? or could it be that you missed the message of the cross while sitting on your throne telling others what to do---what to believe … and DENYING YOUR IGNORANCE and the fact that your institution is a caliphate organization that has misused the Name of Christ and murdered more than anyone could possibly count. you high towered your credential and your doctrine and ruled in a fascist regime and still … still you advocate this same by telling your members to go to islam for truth.

gee, what a piece of work … 

speaking of pieces of work …

hmm … what to make of this act? besides the dictator throwing his weight around? he will likely blow himself up (along with much of his nation) should he continue his freeze. he is not a well man.