we vehemently disagree----tax them

you are falling prey to the power of the vices

hmm ... how do we say this that these men might understand?

glorified hobos? ha! had a very early dream-vision ... heard the words: they parade as pious clowns
oh, but you will say that the government has no right to decide on the clowning ... 

Let the people decide what they pay for you fools :D Allow them to decide who should be taxed and who shouldn't ... thought we were a nation of chooses---yes?
or no?

you do not own me ... and we should not have to pay for someone else's clownwear . period. 

like any faithful and devoted caregiver ... get receipts on expenses ... 

and get the RESULTS STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSie's mouths ... as it is the people who draw the carriages

yes? no?