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and what did we ask in the previous post? 

"the first question becomes the last"

which is directly related to a certain verse we know. 

and the question we started with … What is God? however, the drink on that is …
 why didn't he see his dying?

cont …
in part 3 of READ we shared this:

Angels of the Most High need ONE in the Spirit to do battle with evil.

but does Man understand "What is Evil"?

is he able to discern and know the difference between bad and evil?

he struggles in knowing … What is God.

how can he know bad from evil? if a man beats his friend to death, is he bad … or, is he evil?

the first question should be:
was he under the influence of something? if so, what? drugs, alcohol … idolatry? theology? a pervasive and persuasive doctrine that requires imitation into … something.

___ okay, so let's look at WHAT IS GOD in Light of why didn't he see his dying? while considering what the first question should be: was he under the influence of something? if so, what? drugs, alcohol … idolatry? theology? a pervasive and persuasive doctrine that requires imitation into … something.

is Spirit of the Living with you in the state of drink? which drink? alcohol of a nature that impairs you to the point of doing harm to self and others … that puts self and others at risk. NO, Spirit of the Living God is not found in these vessels. same for the drugs … and if you are a guilty part in the giving of these salacious 'fruits', that cause others to falter and cause self and those nearby to be placed in danger, are you with Spirit of the Living God? No. therefore One can know what God is not and … by seeing that God is not in these partnerships, affairs …choices of engagement … individual is not protected. 

One sees that God is not in those fruits (you will know them by their fruits). One stays away from what causes and can cause chaos … destruction and … what detracts from KNOWING What is God. Evil begins to surface from these incidents and One can begin to understand that One should not be OF anything that prohibits self and others knowing What is bad or What is Evil, understanding that bad choices can lead to destruction …somewhere. supporting tobacco use by working in the factories of this product may be a bad choice for a job, as an an example, because somewhere someone can and will misuse it (as evidence is strong) and One does not wish to be an accomplice to these most obvious ills. understand, One desiring to know God … seeks, knocks … searches the heart for answers … for virginal stream … in all manner of living. One does not wish to set an example by smoking a pipe … for the young might become confused.

 preaching is telling, teaching is showing. 

but what of alcohol? must all abstain from this? what is the need of it with so many choices of drink in this day? but One can certainly show how a glass of wine is used should One find a glass of wine beneficial. with food? in the making of food? but what of celebratory situations? prudence is suggested, especially in this Day … with so many using and abusing. 

cont …


learn to READ what the animals are saying, please. this was not an attack by the bird. the bird of prey---the EAGLE---was telling you something where many would be watching. do you know what this is? it was a warning for you. do you know what the the bird was used to warn?

July 18
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which also meant there was a reason.
as one of gnosis, we see many signs. some are mystics and pay attention to these types of things but are often misled on the meanings. take the above. no one knows the full story. no one knows all that this is saying and, interestingly, the meaning may not come to LIGHT for some time … as one must wait to HEAR. the eagle in this case represents a coalition. the orthodox may understand this better than any. the coalition is a partnering of 'child' or man as child and …something HIGHER in position from himself. something with keener vision and the ability to see/hear in matters beyond the man state, but the fact that it was a child shows us the need for childlike ingenuity and interest, of virginal stream … and not of man wedded to man in his industries vying for money, medal or meal-tickets. note the eagle searches and works from his gifts for his food and is not dependent ON the ways of man to eat and drink …
he is GOD's arbiter of justice … never overfeeding and never over-seeding. somewhat reclusive and clearly a respected and viable species. often alien to man … 

the warning: the caliphate industry of man will target "the child" in pursuit of knowledge … as we saw child's interest in the birds. talons in this sign represent the after effect of the contact ---note the child's hoodie (green) …do you know it's place? the eagle can see up and down, side to side … from above …this scope … of much below and of the air, but not within the sea. the sea, which is WHERE Spirit ID begins its journey unto/into the LIFE of the Spirit of the Living. the eagle sees a congregation both young and old. what is the target? the child. but child is partially hidden by a hood. what does this represent? this (child) sight is persuaded  to join as artillery for … evil? destruction of … ? 

continued …