this is just one of 2 articles we read recently showing the 'priest' blaming the victim. the other was a priest having sexually molested a child, but said the child seduced him (a boy-young teen) "wanted it", and of course, his superiors claimed no knowledge of this, and the priest fled the country (no help from his superiors?) hmm ... SEE THE PROCESS WITH JOSEF WESOLOWSKI and so very many other cases, like bernard law and ... LOOK AT THE PROCESS they use and have used FOR CENTURIES------------------------
 --------------------this mindset DEMANDS SCRUTINY, because the vatican (the rcc) has NOT addressed their clergy/staff sexual abuse in a manner that God would find VIRGINAL (honest ... already you see how one of gnosis understands the Writings differently from catholic mindset) ... nor have they addressed their ...

... as it continues ... 

now, given this context ... why would rome desire to honor luther at this time?

-they want to send the message that judaism is a cult not worthy of ... of what? THINK CAREFULLY. remember, they think-know the writings of luther will incite what? all that talk of 'jews' ... (we explained this in a previous post) 
WHY would the vatican desire to kick-start the anti-semitic rhetoric? given their pro-palestinian stance and that "brotherly love" their popular pope exhibited at the wall earlier in his papacy? this was sending a very clear message---yes? and our US government has certainly been quick to bow to this and the desires of another strict, discriminating religious entity. 

so? what is demonstrated here that those of judaism fail to see as they condemn luther for anti-semitic writing  ... in their own inability to 'understand' what is meant by "jew' in the writing (see john 8 for a Teaching on this) ... while they praise the roman pontiff in parading of vatican wear?

we are sincerely curious to hear the voice of those of judaism and those claiming jewishness ... what say you?

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