so, now the nuns on the bus are free (not) to tell everyone throughout the world what they should be doing and not doing ... but only IN OBEDIENCE TO THE ROMAN PONTIFF ... meanwhile, they have not cleaned the filth out of their own houses ... because they all have a 'clean bill of health' through what? 

DENIAL (their priests absolving their sins with a wave of his hand and ... :D that purgatory where they believe they are more thoroughly cleaned)  


why? where does that place the non catholic who believes not in rome or its leadership but GOD the Almighty? is God so partial that he favors the roman priest over the rabbi, or the roman catholic over the protestant? or those of judaism? this current pontiff has not changed a single piece of DOCTRINE ... and their prior popes lived by the same rule of law ... "those of judaism are ..." those protestant are ...? they demand obedience to manmade teachings for their own members, so what do you think the vaticants believe about those not like them? remember, their intent has always been to build a world religion: the Roman Catholic Church ... now, interestingly called, the church ... but those of judaism ... are they a part of this "church" ?

you of JUDAISM ... maybe it is time you see this for what it is and stop with the ecumenical bull. do not be seduced by this clownwear and POPE POLITICS, and the democrats are doing what in all of this? (not all democrats, of course) ... but why would these people play with your emotions like this? why is rome hosting two sides: plowing the ox and the ass yoked together? 

islam and rc are very much in accord in ideology. we will have neither, nor are we of judaism. christianity as a methodology is trying to move ... but is stumbling over what? what sits in the way of its EVOLVING? and we are not talking about abortion and ssm-these hot topic issues ... we are talking about PARENTING. 

where is your PROPHET ON TRUTH? is it rome like the roman catholics bowing and worshipping their god and savior the vatican and its ideology?