a brotherhood? cain and abel? did "GOD" not see the design and write its portent?

atheist says, no problem, get rid of religions that believe in a god. hmm … {smiling here} it was 'religion' that was trying to keep some order, because belief that law came from Gd, an unseen entity, was what was keeping boys and girls from being sexually molested  ---RAPED---  women abused and raped … child slave labor … stonings and beatings and all sorts of awful torture and those wicked, wicked murders, including those insane sacrifices of men, women and children to some grotesque beast made of stone or metal or … . people needed law and order. how could this be done in a growing population of rough peoples? 

man was experiencing SPIRIT. some were connected to the Earth and were amazed at the formation of the stars and the changing seasons … and all creatures in their prime. he had dreams and visions and knew these to be telling him of "life" in the mystical. there was something out there---up there---in him or her that was different. he wrote things. take ENOCH … he wrote things unusual for its time. madman? no … mystic? likely, but more of prophet. if you understand the language and read the book of enoch you will see that he was correct in his prophesy. how could he know of what would be in our day---2016--------unless Spirit existed and exists …

whether  of religion or politics, both are capable of terrorism, even today. is the USA minus religion free of war and the killing of innocents? does the politician lie because he believes in God or man? who would know but Spirit. God knows you or God doesn't know you, and if we go by what the Writings say, depart from me you of lawlessness … I never knew you … we are shown that man does claim many things, stealing and using for his own agendas then lying about it, and it matters not whether he says God told him to do it or not. history is filled with belief and unbelief on many things, but the belief that he has the right to murder for his own gain is not belief in the Living God---our Supreme Being. what you believe may be what you receive? how many times we have posted this … think about it … those who live by the sword die by the sword? or those who use murder to achieve an ideal, to solve problems and to gain headship (power and control) do receive these, but not Spirit of the Living God. so, no … we do not believe an institution like the roman catholic church or any other that used and uses force and abuse and terror … requiring demanding obedience is Spirit's spokesperson. nope. no way … just as caesar is not Spirit's spokesperson. but are there "different" people sent in to check the vineyards and to speak? at times---yes.

the truth is mystic/seer/prophet created "god". he was inspired to write and paint on something he was experiencing and was being shown would assist the people to move toward some civility and mobility. God is Spirit written in the NT is clarifying what is. JOHN was called by One to announce the distinction … God is Spirit. that unknown entity is a reality in Spirit Form. what is Spirit? {smiling here} … this is what man is destined to discover. 

on the cover of the December issue of National Geographic is … MARY, The Most Powerful Woman in the World

I do wonder if National Geographic received a lot of complaints from its readers on the rather large pope advertisement a few issues back … hence this momentous issue about Mary. ;)

I have not read either. seeing a blonde haired Mary with peach-colored skin on the cover is telling me it might be another roman catholic ad :D

anyhow … what were we saying about Spirit …


Chapter 108  … the lost book of enoch

I saw something like an invisible cloud; because it was so deep I could not look over it, and I saw a flame of fire blazing brightly, and things like shining mountains circling and sweeping back and forth.

and I asked one of the holy angels who was with me and said to him: 'what is this bright thing shining? for it is not heaven but there was only the flame of a blazing fire, and the voice of weeping and crying and moaning, lamenting, and agony.'

enoch was not in this day and had not seen the horrors that man had bestowed on his brother. he would not know what a bomb exploding in a village looked like. the cloud he was seeing is, of course, the result of missiles and other weapons, including all types of bombs … where many lives are destroyed. the weeping and crying is man lamenting the loss. the agony is real, folks. you may not hear it from where you sit but enoch, a prophet on truth, was chosen in his day to write of it. he had the visions of the prophet. he spoke in a language religious nor politician could truly understand or … maybe he would not have dropped those bombs. when you hear those cries you know it is your brother you desist, but enoch was of another … unschooled in the wisdom of this age and could not react as one with these men. he was not man but angelkind, which is human and spirit of the living God. what worked in and through him is where we have this prophesy to share. 

things like shining mountains circling and sweeping back and forth is none other than messengers. what enoch did not know because life had not evolved in his day was that there would be messengers like him sent in to quell the arson. why these are mountains or like mountains goes back to what we shared on klimacus. the ladder of divine ascent … the climb. there is a climb to reach above the cloud of heavy smoke and thick dust that one might see about and beyond the fray. you see … enoch could not see beyond it from where he was at that time. can we? 

in my dream vision several years ago I stood with the angel of the most high (a presence not a form or a face) and he showed me the world. I was high, high above it, but looking ahead … it was in the distance  … that I might see the fuller scope of what would be. rays of extreme light suddenly shot down from the sky, a thick fog, above the world, and these light rays were directed in certain spots---piercing these. I was the child in awe … what could this mean? what are these places that these beams of light ignite? one has to understand placement to understand the SKY ... the world … the light … and where I stood watching. the beams are the final hours and the count is seven, as it was seven beams that shot from the sky. 

we are in our final eon. what does this mean for man? he must evolve into a human being with relationship with his creator … good or evil. does this mean the east turns to dust? what turns to dust is the martyr syndrome---the wiles of "religious" (politic and serial ideology) … claiming absolution. the road ahead is not paved, dear ones, nor is it flat. it is a carpenter's plane. know this or die alone.


technology will grow to be a near supernatural power. it already controls much of the world. there will come the day that few will be without it. people working in the field will be chatting on phones … oh, wait, they are already doing that while blazing around on their tractors … and cars … but no, we mean the rice patties in some of the least technologically endowed … because man will be depending on these foods and dried fruits and nuts to survive. disease will reach a level of persistent borg (recall the borg in sci-fi?). evil gets bored and hunts for fresh prey. this is common tongue for one schooled in light and darkness. man often fights an avalanche in that climb. faith is his redeeming factor. the prophet on truth tells of a forest beyond the desert, with fresh running streams and … you won't find this racing on a paved road that will soon run out of roadway. we are talking not of when you leave this flesh you go on to ____. by then it may be too late. we speak of the here and now and where man ignites to free the hostage and arrest the fire. those working not in killjoy politics or religious melodrama are righting the wrongs and are giving up this life to see to the safety … health and wellbeing of others. stanley tucci's character in the movie SPOTLIGHT is our guy. the movie never shares if he is a believer in god or not, what it does show is one giving up much to right wrongs and to assist in the healing. 

frodo and sam in LOTR … just halflings with an immense journey. never underestimate the power of the holy Spirit. you may be entertaining angels unaware … and that could mean the angel is unaware he is angelkind ;) and politics or religion attacking these 'youth' and forcing them into places of inane rapture will get what? those of you who know their bible verses may get our meaning. you cannot contain spirit/Spirit no matter what doctrine you espouse. get over yourselves and grow up.



does anything change anywhere this pontiff or any pontiff visits? it is really a shame what the rcc is doing to the people. another article posted the cost of this visit and it just boggles the mind that the institution supposedly concerned about 'the poor' is taking their money  … and for what? what do they give in return? catholics, are you ashamed of this? do your homework! the system in these places put on a good show for the world but the people aware on the truth of these matters are horrified at this senseless spectacle. the rcc has been trying for centuries to make their pope look like either GOD, which no one has actually seen in its fullness, or Jesus … we've been hearing a lot of this noise recently regarding jorge, and it's like, oh, come on! are you people drunk? there were no red carpets put out, no special law enforcement, no bobble head dolls, no peace for the people---FOR THE PEOPLE---it's just advertising for rome. trying to build them their numbers. lies, whitewashing and more smoke screening to cover up the abuses and the corruption. the rcc takes advantage of not only the impoverished and abused by governments but also the spiritually poor. they take them and make them bleed for them. criminals they are … detached criminals. catholic, are you one supporting these propaganda regimes?

it would not surprise should a bomb explode … a terrorist incident … and pope flees to his little hideout looking like an instigator of …

oh, are we making you feel uncomfortable? imagine how others feel left out of communion because you say they are not … what is the word your catechism teaches? while you stroll down and receive your communion from a priest you don't know is *ahem* having sex … here or there … or maybe, maybe … it's NOT sex, but abuse … spiritual and sexual abuse… of children. did you allow your whoring priests to hurt our youth? you know, the ones that are different from you? from your abusive priests? the ones that these evil men desired because why? why did they go for this one or that one? the church … hmm … and you sit there all smug? like you got something on others because you are the good little catholic … not like those damn protestants and those others, undeserving … the ones who divorced and the ones who …. just keep your damn communion. it means nothing to us. it is man's way of ruling other men. good luck in your self-righteous pews, it may be that those refused communion from your abusive clergy are the fortunate ones, because, you know, some things happen for a reason, like divorce, marrying OUTSIDE the institution …
one last question … what will you do about the investigations?