nice that these folks are making a statement but … 

all religious need to address the terrors within their institutions. they can start with the abuse.

if you have not see the movie SPOTLIGHT and are interested in change  … please do so


regarding the pope allowing lutherans to receive communion (their real deal ;)

I’ve taught at a Catholic college for all my adult life, but I can’t go for communion at my college chapel. At the beginning of every academic year we have the ‘Mass of the Holy Spirit’. One year there was a notice telling us that non-Catholics shouldn’t go for communion, because Catholics believed in the Real Presence and thought it was important—unlike the rest of us. I haven’t gone since then.

Sometime back a colleague, who was a priest, told me that there would be no problem if I were just someone coming in off the street. But as an officially non-Catholic member of the faculty, I shouldn’t go for communion and ‘embarrass’ him or other priests celebrating. I don’t get it: if Christ is really and objectively present, what’s the problem? If I ‘eat and drink my damnation’ (which I don’t believe) that’s MY problem. I do philosophical theology and have publications on the Real Presence doctrine—pro. But no matter.

What ever is the point?

8 … the point, HEB, is that the roman catholic church is GOD's mouthpiece. because they say they are. because they performed terrorist acts to make it a point in the lives of the people. anyone FORCING their religion on others … predominantly innocents ... is an abuser, HEB. anyone torturing and murdering for power and control is a terrorist, HEB. and THE LIVING GOD OF NO PARTIALITY DOES NOT LIVE WITHIN WAFER<WAX<OR WORDS (see PAUL on the tablets of stone and the heart) with arms raised, in the pockets of others or their purses … where there is force and terrorist acts … denial, theft, abuse and clergy behaving in willful ignorance. man took the words of ONE and fashioned himself a weapon, and used that weapon to command obedience. anyone not seeing the pattern of ISIL and the RCC in its HEY day is wearing a blindfold. remove it and ask yourself how SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD would give an institution claiming itself infallibility, requiring people to bow to it … spending enormous amounts of money to pleasure itself---its hierarchy---can be of Spirit? GOD DOES NOT LIVE IN TITLES OR DEAD BREAD. for life to be, that "food" must be alive. where in that wafer is there life? germs from the priest's hands? :D you might want to be careful on that one as it is pretty much a fact that half of the rcc priests are sexually active, you just don't know where or how. now, how will you philosophize that with your students? 

the roman pontiff appears to be readying the stage for the lutherans that do not want the ssm and gay priests, but what he does not tell in these photo ops, and what no journalist propping up this pontiff will tell you is the sex … where, how and with whom … and whether or not it is FORCED … if you get our meaning. so, no layperson knows where these hands have been that "consecrate" that wafer and that wine. including the purses of widows and filling the pockets of …

oh, here's something … 

Hello. Please allow me to simplify by using the analogy of a sporting code. In this case baseball.

If anyone wishes to participate fully in this game they must play to a given set of rules regardless of who they are. If these rules are not understood then it is highly likely the enthusiastic hopeful will not be allowed to play on the team.

This does not make those who know and play by the rules BETTER. It’s just that they are playing the game authentically in the prescribed way. Those who are unaware of the rules may sense an air of superiority from those who know the rules but this is misplaced sensitivity. This is not to say there aren’t players out there who think they’re better, unwarranted of course, but the fact remains there are a set of rules that define the particular character of the game. Those who know the rules and refuse to acknowledge and play by them due to personal preference similarly will not be included on the team.

Catholicism is simple, but…

rules … okay, no one can argue that if there are rules paid for by X, Y and Z … for institution to house these … no other can ask that they be changed, unless X, Y or Z is what? if layperson pays for a part in that game … well, then, matlow, it's not simple, or is it? same situation if government of and for ALL people living within its borders legally (citizenship while abiding by the law of the government) is paying into said institution and its rules (tricky business---yes?). so, one might ask if laity and government get to have say on the rules … and if this money is coming from all taxpayers, roman catholic or not … then ALL TAXPAYERS get to have some say … no? same with the matter of discrimination regarding women priests … and female bishops. who pays for the an institution to exist? rules or no rules.

AND … the simplest of it all …  if GOD is SPIRIT, and according to the Writings, God IS Spirit,  no one can OWN Spirit (lol!) no institution can say where, how or when SPIRIT is or can be  …  no where within any institutional LAW.

sprinkle that in your chalice, matlow :)


No, Pope Francis did not say “Lutherans can take Communion in a RC Church.” He also did not say “Roman Catholics” can universally receive Holy Eucharist in a Roman Catholic Church. Time to grow up, RC’s and smell the ecumenical coffee as Francis is doing. One Body; Christ’s Body. By Baptism, MADE one body. Not only should all Christian “receive” Christ’s Body, but they ARE Christ’s Body, in truth, fact and reality.

um, no, jay … read ephesians 6. 3 and 1 corinthians 5.2 … hmm? no propping up your pope for accolades and legacy ... and no, he is no prophet on truth IN THE CHRIST … as 2 corinthians 3.2 tells us what?

lastly, on the communion topic …
paul says to eat at home … 

really now … mass … you pay to be their  child … it's the priest's gig… gives him a rise … maybe even a raise, but those who know the hypocrisy refuse to bow to these creeds and teachings because they run contrary to the Writings on Truth in the Spirit, and God IS Spirit. Man, no matter how much he stamps his foot and huffs and puffs and spends endless dollars on his synods … advertising his domain … God says, who in hell are you to tell ME where I must be?! and don't use MY NAME … for you have yet to know {this}.