can't go against "christ"? whose CHRIST? the Vatican version? 

this gets more and more ridiculous as the years pass ... every time I read religionists saying  "CHRIST SAYS ..." through their indoctrinated mindset ... bubble wrapped in teachings by men who made sure they were in control through absolutely any means possible ... including torture and death and still, today, continue in their myopic insulated whatever ... (the junipero serra protocol)  "the roman catholic church says and the roman catholic church is christ's church and what it says is what christ says and it is the only source of truth ... yada-yada-yada ... " ... 

folks, the Writings never once mention ROMAN CATHOLICISM as the church Christ embraces ... NEVER! why would anyone strangle through this in this day? GOD KNOWS YOU OR GOD DOES NOT KNOW YOU ... God shows no partiality ... and if you are pleading partially ... you are where doing what? 

I can just hear the pope succession of misogynists wearing the garb of patriarchal insolence:

Lord, Lord ... make them bow to rome! Lord, Lord ... make them obedient to us! Lord, Lord ... 

and Lord says ... no can hear you, molester ... no can hear you denier of molestations ... no can hear you abuser ... no can hear you ---you of lawlessness ... depart from me!

are these bishops so self-centered in their ruminating that they cannot see that their r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n is not voicing Christ, the impartial Light on the Wisdom of the Ages ... but a manifestation of their own desires ... floundering in arrogance and deception ... and they will receive exactly what they put out. 

it is truly sad ... what comes and what these men will look like to society ... and the priests, and they will be attacked ... not persecuted, but attacked for their instability, their ignorance and what they injected into the world. the people will realize what rome set up and ... my-my ... we warn but ... 


and what is it about those who try to dismantle REVELATION ... what are they afraid of? truth is they FEAR WHAT THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND! 

please ... get a life!


start digging, bishops! make yourselves useful ... and that COLUMBIAN MINE ... ? back in May .. where were you?

does anyone care about your dodgy antics these days ... with all that's going on in the world ... the horrors ... and you sit in your comfy chairs in your expensive robes in that damned expensive city playing at god to control others ... while you manipulate and make your money in all those side deals, property deals ... oil and  ... while women are treated like second class citizens in your roman catholic countries and raped and left to die because of your callousness and your lack of love

you are murderers ... do you hear this?

you are murderers ... the blood is on your hands from the moment you chose to kill for your god: the institution called THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH




it is what we have been saying all along ... if you feel that need to announce you are gay, or even to think of yourself as gay, you are essentially saying: I prefer male over female ... indicating that you are NOT celibate but "actively" of something desiring the flesh ... same for a priest announcing he is 'straight' ... 

AND ... we have said that there are few truly celibate, as it is a natural desire of man in the flesh to desire the flesh, and this is not just having to do with the external and appearances and the visual, for it goes back to what Philo Judeaus was saying, and what we have shared numerous times in SPIR and here on OWA: ascending heart to mind ... and how it is that one is composed of two and the mind is the seeing while the heart is of the hearing ... this having to do with understanding in the Writings. IN REGARDS TO THE WRITINGS ... religious title is not a substitute for something higher in Christ (a higher calling or a form of celibate higher station). sorry to again break it to you catholics, but ... hey ... and we know many of you catholics think the celibacy thing is wrong, so ... no apologies to you :D

a person not preferring male or female in the fleshly way is coming into his ID, or ... at the cusp of something relevant in understanding Spirit parenting/partnering ... no ordination ceremony does anything for this process. this is a lifetime movement. this is not saying a married man should refuse to engage in sex with his wife ... but the exchange between the two is more of a sensual and wellbeing exchange ... not a desiring or lusting. to put it more succinctly: man is not using another to satisfy his desires. he is in compliance on the purpose of the joining.

to mandate celibacy the way the rcc did has caused much confusion, abuse and negligent parenting/mentorship.

most priests are not fit for pastoring because they have not gone through the process of necessary growth, therefore, never on course or written in the stream ... entering a place of UNDERSTANDING. and to have a formulaic process ---an insulated, dogmatic verse--- and not a NATURAL process of growth causes imbalances and dementia  ... one cannot put new wine into old skins
and we cannot say enough how important it is for man to gain knowledge in and through the Feminine Divine as the GODHOOD is composed of masculine (energy) and feminine (essence). too many religious/religionists negate the female and drum masculine artifact. it is so obvious to one of gnosis ... we sometimes find it amazing that mankind cannot see his derelict way. 

which brings me to my earlier focus ... what was shown to me this morning 

the recent mass murder at the community college in oregon.

when this horror first appeared in the news, the facts were vague and most of the world did not know the details, especially not details about the gunman. I asked in this as I always do ... and what I heard may surprise. I asked what caused this young man (and I sensed it was a young man) to do as he did ... and what was told to me is this:
he saw his testicles.  I am not joking, because this is definitely not something to joke about. my first reaction was ... ah, yes, and no surprise ... but what do you mean? and immediately I saw its parenting. its parenting is masculine overture, or in his case ... masculine alignment. he had no sense of the feminine in his "spirit" process. and likely why many called him reclusive or difficult to engage with and why he was bothered by children playing and barking dogs and ... these are all signs. he liked his privacy in his insulated 'world' ... ruminating within "his mind" ... thoughts, ideas ... ideologies ... creating for himself a clairvoyance (not too far from what some seers and so called prophets espouse ...) while ripe within a dogmatic and patriarchal setting. 

and chris harper-mercer was "ripe", which is to say he was ready for some type of igniting. he, of course, is one like so many ... slipping through the cracks in our society ... why?

the cracks  ... what happens when you try to put new wine into old skins? they crack .... yes?

more on this in the next post ... OUR YOUTH AND WHERE THEY BLEED


yes, one is often delighted by those in seek.


addiction alert! yo, jorge ... tell your INDOCTRINATED to stop with the "the pope is the VICAR OF CHRIST ON EARTH"

it makes you SOUND bad .... real bad ... 

and it makes your indoctrinated sound ... indoctrinated, and you know what is being said of the indoctrinated these days

get over yourselves ... you and your brethren are totally disrespectful of the CHRIST by claiming infallibility and claiming pope vicar of christ ...... man, if you only knew ...
and all those silly games in the press ... you know, did he or didn't he ... and the sacking of the gay priest ... but gee, where is jorge's voice on this? when they think it will make you look "holy and humble and good" ... they attach your name to it ... or, make sure you are distanced from it 

do you realize how manipulating and disingenuous it is to behave in that manner, and WHAT it makes you? it makes you dishonest, jorge ... 

what say you now?

people will be calling you the blasphemer soon
huh ... a mystic parading himself as God's mouthpiece ... the Writings prophesy this ... again, and again ... should you ever bother to read the Writings instead of burying your head in that sandpile

here's one of yours, jorge:

Respectfully, it’s more of the mixed up understanding of those who comment on Church teaching and don’t have the full picture. Most people aren’t interested in really knowing the truth. The Catholic Church’s teaching is clear and beautiful but when people pull one or two lines out of context, I can see where confusion reigns!

when men pull one or two lines out of the WRITINGS ... can you see where INSTITUTIONS CALLING ITSELF GOD ... THE CHURCH ... sows CONFUSION!

we will tear down those decaying planks one by one ... to reveal the horrors ... the lies and deception ... the hypocrisy ... the corruption ... the abuses ... yes, those sickening abuses ... 

and you cannot murder every man to silence him from speaking