recent news on the vatican is that there are several more people being detained and questioned for involvement in leaks at the vatican. will have to find and post the story … was waiting for more info to come forth. we read of two authors having written books and may be imprisoned for writing … the truth? where do we read this in the stories of Jesus? not saying these men are Paul or Peter but … if one is called in to remove the planks that others might see … who will stop its movement? the vatican? THE POPE? hmm, where does jorge stand on this? is he in league with these arrests? we did say they would begin attacking "the priests" … and the priests would be those called to witness truth, and we speak not of man's dogma but what Spirit of the Living God inspires … leads … to share, and yes, dear ones, it is the corruption and abuse and defective, even selective, finance in big organizations like the rcc and the world's response. are they financing terrorism? I hear yes … but how do we get to the truth on what terrorism---where and how? IF the vatican has the power to arrest and imprison, and who can trust the prosecutors … much like mafia … serving and servicing each other with that "church" in compliance … law enforcement paid by that "church" ? how will these arrested by vatican officials get a fair trial? bernard law never stood trial for his crimes … josef wesolowski oddly, lost his life, suddenly … people do end up dead and all to protect that truth coming out about the institution's filth and misconduct that all might see and … that the world might show its worth.  where and how it lives and breathes ...

how will civilized society react to these "crimes" … to the attack on these people witnessing truth?
will they begin to see that the pope is no friend of truth? of condemning corruption and exposing the lies and the deception? will they finally see that it was all a very large expensive charade to play the people … the poor … to fortify a failing system? and WHY did our own president here in the United States of America go along with this? and WHY did the PRESS go along with this? we are talking about a system that abuses and allows the worst crimes on children to be covered up … priests shuffled to abuse---RAPE---more children! terrorism, friends … TERRORISM! so, why are journalists, entire religious institutions of all genre praising and paying into this corruption? what's in it for them that they should deny the readers ---citizens of all nations … THE TRUTH  … about the evils in these acts? how will civil society respond? the catholic will be attacked. when the news goes round and more begin to realize what is happening with these authors and others trying their best to share the truth about these crimes and the misconduct … there will be an ugly backlash. 

I smell snow … do you?


seems like mainstream media barely wants to touch this story … wonder why death threats? 
here is an article from yesterday

who will help those falsely accused?

Added: I was sent on an errand to pick up cheesecloth. I bought much more as is usually the case when I head out to Whole Foods … a few extra gifts for the family, and a little more food. The manicotti and shells stuffed with cheese were on sale … but the sauce last time was boring so … I will make sauce to add to it and … I have extra pasta already cooked from another recipe that I can add with the sauce to carry us over to the big turkey day. my husband takes cooking seriously, even if it's only for a handful … which brings me to magazines. we are down to just one cooking magazine from about 3 or 4. there was a time whenI think we received 4! sheesh … but I have my very lovely vegetarian, but no fur or feather dishes, book that I have been using a lot. a gift from last year. now, regarding magazines … on the cover of the Rolling Stone, which I never read, or buy, except this once:

February 18, 2016 … (are we there already?!) a special collectors edition BOB DYLAN The Complete Album Guide :D
I couldn't resist. I never buy magazines, except that National Geographic, and for a while the Smithsonian which no one seemed to read … but that was years ago and my kids were young ... and when I sat down it was for reasons other than reading magazines … anyhow … where were we? Oh, yes, Bobby Dylan. The image on the cover took me back to something surreal. It's a fantastic photo of him when he was young. I have always found his face interesting ...and all that hair … that curly mop, but it is his nose that always catches my eye :)

Dylan, a rebel in his own way, but a hugely important voice … 

where are our dylans of today? 


there's probably no God? hmm … okay, let's give you a taste of Spirit then, shall we? it may be that you have not been taught quite right or … maybe y-you are used to behaving irrationally ;)

how would you like it done? well? medium well? or raw?