I saw on a religious site that they have an article up on scott lively, the anti-gay "constructionist" ... in MASS (dating from June 2015, because I am not seeing it as current in my area and I live in Mass) ... accused of inciting some very serious crimes against homosexuals in Uganda.   okay, let's dig ... 


the man is not well if he believes himself a voice to incite hatred against homosexuals, or anyone ... blacks ... whites (and I use these 'races' as I just read from a comment on RNS that stated---denying gays a cake for their wedding is the same as denying blacks service), females  ... causing abuses and harassment, fear and ...  

if the accounts are true, and it appears much of these accusations against him could be true, then he should be stripped of the ability to preach, teach or house congregations for this insolent and dangerous doctrine, AND ... fine those involved and supporting in this hate, but send him [scott] to prison. teach him through time served what it is to be degraded. his supporters will likely pay the fine and probably give him even more money to continue this hate-mongering ... so, put him out of business, even if he has to go into isolation for a time ... but monitor him closely that he does not have opportunities to incite this hatred ... spreading hate-filled agenda ... lies about people, that cause or may cause abuse and deaths as these are serious crimes ... and causing the ruining of reputations and DESTRUCTION OF LIVELIHOODS ... .... but also to better understand WHY he believes as he does and WHY he behaves as he does ...
right? are we agreeing on this?

isn't it a crime to spread lies about people INNOCENT of criminality and abuses, even murder ... that risks endangering not only reputation, but also an individual's livelihood? heath and wellbeing? and that of children and family members?

ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MILITANTS?  BLAMING---ACCUSING---INNOCENT PEOPLE --- SLANDERING ... saying things that are NOT true ... about specific individuals ... isn't that right, militants? it is one thing to call out hypocrisy ... evidence of wrongdoing ... quite another to spread lies out of hate agenda and differences in faith and beliefs.

this is a word of caution ... to all.  


and who should jump into the fray?

“….incite anti-gay sentiment in that country that has resulted in housing and employment discrimination, arrest, torture and the murder of gays and lesbians.”

And people wonder why Atheists are speaking up?
Religion opposes decency, tolerance and humanism. Even “Tolerant” Pope Francis condemns homosexuality and supports prohibition of gays from marriage. He would shake his head and say they brought it on themselves.

People who are LGBT are born that way. The ignorant tribes from ancient deserts wrote their superstitions in ‘holy books’ and it leads to nothing but depravity.

“If anyone does not love the Lord, let that person be cursed! Come, Lord!” (1 Corinthians 16:22)
“have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed.” (2 Thessalonian 3:14)

Who needs such depredations in the modern world? Nobody.

another militant breeder of hate? have you read what he has to say about INNOCENT believers in God/Spirit? and INNOCENT people of religion? 

according to him ... they ARE GUILTY OF ALL MURDERS! all those in prisons are christians ... have you read that one? 

now, slander, lies ... false accusations that cause fear, harassment ... targeting believers  ... and ...? not to mention destroying reputations and livelihoods ...? 

HOW IS ATHEIST MAX'S PREACHING AGAINST BELIEVERS AND PEOPLE IN CHRISTIANITY ANY DIFFERENT FROM THIS ANTI-GAY DIATRIBE? read his speeches ... one after the other! for years and years ... and the public forums are okey-dokie with his rants ... and his ugliness ... and let us remind you, folks .. he does not know how to read THE LANGUAGE OF THE WRITINGS ... either.

wake up-wake up ... everybody everywhere ... people like A-Max just might be serving time, too. and we would have to say a-max brought it on himself ... he was warned (I know I warned him in our dialogue on the rns forum, but he continued his lies)