I was adjusting to two facts most recent: the deaths at the Oregon Community College and the militant's diatribe ... and I wondered as I always do, where is my place in these? I was shown the works of Philo Judaeus, and told page 306. Immediately I saw my work ... reminded of this, I should say ... 

although I don't fully agree with Philo's understanding of the Writings, he brought me to the SPIRITUAL SYMBOLOGY that is so immensely important to man's move to human being ... in Prophesy: the Evolution of God and Man. The "parts" that are needed in the marriage for spiritual accord within that place of restitution (restoring) ... goes as follows:

page 306 of THE WORKS OF PHILO

in VI philo writes of having determination through perseverance ... in the cause of virtue: practising, and meditating without intermission ... that man will marry two citizens

how extraordinary ... marry two citizens ... of course, what came to my mind was heart ascending to the mind, which is what we have written about on numerous, numerous occasions ... differing from theophan the recluse (russian orthodox) view: descending mind to heart ... his idea being an INWARD LAUNCH ... but the Writings speak of ASCENSION ... UPPER ROOM ... HEAVENS ABOVE ... so, it is the mind that must be treated ... the heart needs her companion. 

anyhow, philo brings up Leah and Rachel ... hmm, how interesting! he then speaks on appearances and personality ... the mind (being rachel: "sight of profanation" not because she thinks of profane things, but because she thinks the things which are SEEN, and which are objects of the external senses ... )

he goes on in 26. for since our soul is composed of two parts ... (won't go into all of it) ...

it allows us a reminder of the intent of the Writings ---a LANGUAGE UNSEEN by mankind ... as seeing is of the mind and hearing is of the heart ... and the Christ is of the heart, a spiritual equivalent of Leah ... not outwardly of common good and desires of external pleasures, but a facet of Jesus, a forgiving mentor as well as the savior of the mind ... through the virtuous care gifted and fed primarily in LIGHT (truths ... concubines ;) on Love.

I could go on and on in this, but what was most insistent for this post is the reality of the Writings as something not to be banned or bastardized by religionist or militant of any agenda, but to be better understood in the INTENT of season justices ... all through being loyal to and through Love ... in {this} time of bloom/harvest ... the EAST. so, you see, the militant atheist's hatred of what he calls the desert tribal mind and its stupidity or ignorance or delusion is not at all of what he accuses and claims, nor is it the bastard son of religionist's frozen heart.  


pres obama, it's okay to get angry ... really angry ... about ANOTHER mass murder ... our children, loved ones ... and yes, you are absolutely right that it takes MORE THAN THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ... and yes, your are correct that people are growing numb

but why do they GROW NUMB? what are they feeding on/exposed to that deprives the MIND of the necessary partnering to create a BALANCE within ... to manage CONSCIENCE-, or even DEVELOP CONSCIENCE ... ? our youth are exposed to and feed on things that developing minds should not really be so heavily feeding in ... and add in those abuses, heat ... extra heat ... and you have a recipe for what? sickness ... profuse anger ... uncontrollable behavior, OR ... or behavior fully indoctrinated within ideology that justifies abuse and murder. 

dear president, I am so with you on gun control but you are NOT addressing the REALITIES of these crimes. you are not hearing the evil breathing its smokey, choking ... poison into the lungs of our people, nor are you in understanding on the formulaic become mandatory science for all people but especially the youth. arts are mostly gone from the public schools ... where it is a determinator between heaven and hell in the lives of ALL people. no one knows the healing sauna ---NO ONE! you hook the kids up to a formula beginning at age two or three and crank it on high ... with drugs to try to control the aches and pains and odd or peculiar behaviors ... 

there is more we are telling you --- far more ... when are you going to realize this?


the morning after ... 

so, we now read that the gunman, only twenty-six years old, asked the victim's religion before shooting ... wow, our sharing yesterday could not have been more relevant ... 

all---any of this type of thing is horrendous
we are very sorry for the pain and the loss ... as for our prayers? we cannot control what comes ... no one can, but people can ACT IN A MANNER THAT CAUSES CHANGE

what say you? or has numbness set in ... 



hatred for organized religion ... called himself not religious but spiritual

so, how does one DEFINE his spirituality ... or, his spirit ? now we are getting into what we know and understand ... that religion harbors but is often ignorant about

he does not mention GOD, LORD or SPIRIT by name, other than 'himself' ... and carries disdain for religions in general, so ... what is his spirit? as we shared in previous posts ... evil does not die, so where does this evil go? the evil from the mass murder of those not thinking like "him" ... his ideology---beliefs and practices---his system ... moving where, how and for what purpose?

the people need TO WAKE and realize the entry points ... the misuse and the abuse ... and who/what harbors this for illicit release ... 

one cannot continue to deny their exists EVIL and GOOD in spirit form

I could tell you a few stories, but from the staunch religionists like roman catholicism?  you are doing satan's work ...
 oh, right, because we do not support and pay into a system of belief that abuses children and does all it can to hide these abuses ... whitewashing ... fabricating stories along the way to keep the people bowing to ____, obedient, enslaved and forcing young women to suffer in hospitals ... essentially, murdering them  ... no, one cannot abide in these places and be virginal (honest) ... and what would those like a-max, the militant say should we share? well, we tried on rns and he did all he could to disparage reputation and silence us, so ... you know what is said:

if anyone will not welcome you ... listen to 'your' words ... leave that home (place) or town (breeding ground) and shake the dust off your feet

but do understand, religion can provide structure, but when it is dishonest, abusive and exceeding LOVE ... it is what?

maybe man needs to come into understanding on WHAT IS LOVE