a.merkel and h.clinton wear pants of the same maker: political agenda first, women second class sizing. 

in voting for hillary are you really voting for bill? bill all over again? we shared while she was deciding on whether or not to run that it would be wise if she didn't. why we share this is what you see starting to emerge and it will escalate. these things can and do come back to bite.

there are men out in the public in seats of 'honor' … credentialed well according to society, but when has this ever been a sound reason for trust? look at the epidemic in the priesthood … the numbers of clergy/staff ---bishop--- sex abuse of women and children is huge! and the vast cover ups also an epidemic. silencing victims is what so many men and women do without realizing … without wanting to know that this is what they support and pay into … continuously, from their seats of honor. if you are a believer in The Christ, how can Spirit know you? use you for Christ purpose? does Spirit even know you? can {this} know you if you continue to choose policy, candidate, credential, titles … your institutions and seats of honor … over truth, honestly … fair and just practice. pastors, you should know what Lord says of these places. if you don't then it might be wise to get out of that seat so that someone of worth can be of use to the revelation on Light. 

it was shown to me this morning that there are men of religion and religious affiliation who are in a predicament … regarding the recent brouhaha on is the god of islam and the god of christianity the same god? do they worship the same god? let us remind you by asking it a different way: is the god of islam the same god as the CHRIST? 


going to share here in a way that needs 'adult' supervision, and when we say adult we mean aware in gnosis to some place of negotiation and portent, but honestly the word adult gives me the willies ;) but I feel I must use it because it is what mankind adheres to in use for correct proportions … in his theologies and … what he doles out where and how.

one of the things I love most is swimming deep into the Writings (what some call sacred text, scripture, holy book, the Word, God's Word). when Lord shows me a passage I am like: oh, good! hurray! I can get out of the muck of politics and religious strife and the seedy operations of these men of ignorance and militant cadence and follow my heart … which is a communing in the wealth of the Spirit. understand, please, if you have been foraging in entitlement of the religio-political stealth that the Writings piece more subjectively in man's world, but in the realm of Light, the piercing carries no weight. I am a free "wolf" to howl (sing, worship, rejoice, praise, despair, share and care) without all the baggage man believes is important to be saved or to save. but 'saving' is misunderstood while hanging self out there to reconcile beliefs with every tome, dick and heritage that comes along. it's worldly acumen. the loss of john's (baptist) head shows this metaphor in Light on the Word. no Heart no Light, so … if man needs to loose his headship to gain worth in Life … Aman. after all, didn't they call Jesus a winebibber?

no one is asking 'you' to go against religiously held beliefs. if ssm is a problem don't allow it to be your problem. why do you fight the hypocrisy while playing the hypocrite? now, notice we have not stated what type of problem ssm is. notice in saying religiously held beliefs we did not state the beliefs. never assume you know what is written when it comes to what you read. you are surface gazing if you assume you know based on all the other statements you've read in your lifetime that is telling you what to think. 

this, for a start … 

continuing …

one of the things that never made sense to me as a child was why a God of love would deny people of "judaism" because they rejected Jesus. looking at the way religionists claiming Jesus throughout the centuries treated those of judaism and others taught me that man in his religions must have misunderstood Jesus, and in misunderstanding Jesus they misunderstood his followers. through this discernment I came to see jew in the Writings as metaphor for those demanding to see God, proof of Spirit, or some form of miracle before believing Christ Jesus as the Son of God . ha, in truth, this could be anyone … muslim, christian, atheist or one of judaism. and now, having come fully within, I know that jew in what is called the new testament of man's bibles is not restricted to a people of ethnic and religious origin, but it does ask these, along with all peoples … what they believe. 

let's consider … the miracle. who/what demands a miracle to canonize someone of their institution a saint? someone that they are encouraged to pray to for …. health, safety, finding a pair of shoes and (whatever). the jew, of course! ;) he neither sees nor hears Spirit in these spectacles. his is based on hearsay and titles and credential and … membership within his ideology for sainthood to be. but … how impartial is that? ;) this is not God's work, it's man's desires for his agendas---------right? 

In Truth
, God does not operate that way. and one cannot deny the very real fact that Jesus never states what is saint. where do you read in the new covenant what is the saint? man in his religious affiliations was super busy creating his god-s for …. what? institution. pope? institution based on what is pope? institution. another noun on it is … system of belief.

so, if islam and christianity, which the press tells is also the pope/vatican/roman catholic church-doctrine of the church, worship the same god … where are the miracles of islam? why would the god of the rcc allow only miracles within membership of the rcc but not islam?

cont ...

man is in his theology or policy has not thought through his beliefs … has not thought through his practices and where/how these pair up with statements by the rcc: the god of christianity and the god of islam worship the same god. hmm .. it has always been of question whether the roman catholic church is at all christian, because of their popes as holy father and the worshipping there. that and many other teachings that run directly opposed to what Jesus says … Jesus and his followers. so, one might ask if the rcc is really the right 'person' to announce something as controversial as christian and islamist worshipping the same god. what would be their purpose in stating this? but okay, let's just say it meant to say that the roman catholic church and islam worship the same god … then the christian could more easily look to the early followers of Jesus and say, nope, islam has a prophet that is not written in the Word, not according to the accepted texts the believers claiming Jesus---claiming Christ call the holy, sacred texts. Jesus never married or had children. HIs marriage was of the Holy Spirit---ONE WITH THIS. ahhh … then we begin to understand why a "Truth Believer" as we shall them them cannot accept the god of roma or the god of islam as Spirit (God).

but what about Jesus as the Son of God? people may ask. where and how does this find its place in Truth? :D

Spiritual Metaphor.

cont …  

we are all big boys and girls to discuss this … yes? there has been enough written by now … after all this time … on what Jesus … Christ … Jesus Christ … Christ Jesus … Son of God … Prince of Peace … might mean. Jesus and Christ being Koine Greek? somewhere in this translated version arose a what? anointedmessiah … and Jesus says what? Heart. does this mean that Jesus is just a myth? yes an no. Jesus is myth but Christ is not myth. I can hear the gnashing of teeth ;) WHAT?! Jesus is an adjunct meaning … a PREFACE to Christ for the deliverance of mankind, but a necessary part. but do notice in the Writings where Paul has written Christ Jesus instead of Jesus Christ. hmmm … much intent on his part in writing this, but what hears this? Christ … the followers of. because, remember, we are engaging in Prophesy. 

now, why would man reject this that is shared above? because I am not a male credentialed person of society? a father of their church? a member of their tribe? and hey, we've only just begun … 

are you saying Jesus never existed? no, Jesus, or, ... one in Light on Love, came for the purpose of calling … calling man out of his manhood for something more supreme, more just and more healthy … for all peoples. there was a real flesh and blood prophet walking among the people of the galilee and those who dwelled there, one moved by Truth … one moved by a God of Love. and there was a real need to move man out of some awful practices. one example? the stoning. stoning women man said was adulterous and numerous, numerous other "unlawful" infractions without what? just cause. without what? proper judiciary. without what? compassion. without what? knowledge. without what? understanding. without what? love. man who made her sometimes even forcing her into prostitution was not usually the one getting stoned …… was he? how convenient for man to rid himself of what he no longer needed. the dearth of evidence is endless. now how can anyone in their right mind question the need for the prophet sent to help quell such insolence and lack of love? 

but what of what followed? the orthodox churches? the roman church? the roman catholic churches and others? was---is islam the answer? for what purpose in this day does islam speak? or even the rcc through their current pontiff? for what purpose on the Christ do these caliphate organizations speak? 

these are the questions society needs to be asking. not in a harsh and distant manner … but in a direct and firm manner. and if answers are vague or nonexistent or hiding behind labels, titles and big name brands, or politically correct whachamacallits … showing self or institution of contradiction here then there … not compatible with truths … not fair and just in belief and practice …  investigations ensue and should ensue and if anyone refuses to comply with necessary investigations … are they hiding crimes and criminals … sordid intent? 

concerned citizens have a right to know if their family members are safe … will be safe … where the nation is headed on policy and will their struggles be in some way addressed and not overlooked for prize fights and policy that gets candidates voted into office. do not treat them as idiots or deny them their worth! and stop dumping your ignorance and laziness on the hardworking families and family members who are honest and trying hard to survive a reckless society!


hmm … philadelphia .. the roman pontiff's US palace? city of brotherly … 

gee, phila is having a lot of very serious terrors recently, haven't they? the derailment and … what's up with philadelphia these days? 


the anti-abortion rhetoric dates back to …? 

had to add the wiki link on the anti-abortion acts. the site details the events and states that these are primarily acts by a group called God's Army, which is listed as christian. what we see in more recent (last 50 years) acts is men and women committing crimes/murders presumably in the name of god (a belief system) although not all acts of anti-abortion mention god or a religious denomination or even god's army so I am not clear on how they know that most of the terrorist acts are done by god's army, but it is clear that these acts are done by people that hate the idea of the killing of children and/or hate the agencies and doctors/nurses … involved.  … but there is an organization with the name god's army that, according to what is stated on wiki, does not plan with others; meaning, it does not hold meetings or correspond with others claiming this sect/cult's belief system prior to committing crimes/murders (and we do not know who if any of these members claiming they are of god's army are members of any other christian denomination such as the church of christ or the lutheran church or the rcc… and do recall that because someone belongs to elite institutions does not mean they can be trusted as we see evidence of this time and time again and it's often some of the elite that get others to do their ugly … dirty work … history is evidence of this) and there's the rcc and others that are very active in anti-abortion events, with these planning their rallies and protests … often online, and always visible to the public, including mass (former members/attendees witnessed this). 

now, let's look at the phila incident and those like it which are becoming more common, including the ones thwarted in the planning stage … which tend to be more organized for greater damage results (bombs, attacking public at large rather than a lone officer or officers). are these islamic acts. no, I would say these are not "islamic" acts. are these acts in the name of an islamic god? it depends on the god in that it depends on the belief system. what does the islamist believe? what does it hate? what does it condemn? even if you did a survey you would not get accurate results on beliefs because people would not say what they really feel or … if names are discussed they might want to push an agenda if of an agenda. so, surveys are not a good indicator of truth … evidence … facts. you will know them by their fruits is really the truest way to know what a person believes and what he might be capable of. but a person might ask, do we wait for a terrorist act before we know what a christian, a roman catholic or an islamist believes? 

cont … 

if we go back to murphy's law:!/news/politics/Broadside--Clinton-s-Sex-Scandals/364595471

what are we understanding here? what does murphy say to susan in the interview about the victim's testimony? we can't build policy on the small percentage of victims lying? we go by the large number of credible witnesses and the large numbers of acts of violence on women. this alone is enough to build policy for protection of women, because the number of murders on women and girls involving rape and abuse, including domestic abuse is astronomical and why we are still grappling with these facts is … well, not very bright. but a man's world is a man's world----no? no. women are being given choices to change this but why hasn't this changed to show equality for women? influential seats to build policy that creates change or moves society to a healthier status? religion? religious belief? politics? what keeps the truth on violence muddied and the people confused on what is right and what is wrong and more importantly, where and how do we go about reducing all violence?

-----the following comment certainly shows the possibility of a gun control policy agenda and is not to be taken too seriously in understanding the root of the act, but it does bear witness to the issue of gun violence. no gun no injured officer? but what about the islamist's system of belief? he is said to be a devout in his religion and was seen attending his house of worship regularly. and we also have family saying he had a football injury? and a moped accident? then hearing voices? we have no reason to not believe these, but it does look like a steering away from the concern of islam being suspect and even more to the point, his house of worship as being suspect. one cannot deny this, which calls us to ask if the devout islamist shooter was not mentally well why wasn't someone in his house of worship aware of this? surely there are signs that indicate mental instability worthy of concern … which brings us to the need for investigating all institutions, especially the ones receiving money from government. who wants to pay for careless pastors and priests … imams and congregationalist's prayer venues? obviously this shooter's devout prayer wasn't helping and no one within his circle could see his criminal record? or the need, esp in these times, to keep a close on on someone leaning toward injustice? 
seriously think on this, folks … if his was a situation where he hung out on the streets with no family, hidden by the church magnates … engaging in crime … we could understand him slipping through the cracks up to a point as there are a lot of criminals out and about with much freedom and not enough law enforcement or law out and about able to stop it … and of course now many officers step back from pursuing the criminal for fear of retaliation should they not apprehend the criminal to society's satisfaction … 

 “In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that what was done represents Islam,” Kenney said. “This was done by a criminal with a stolen gun.”

what we are looking at is where and how the taxpayer dollar is being spent. who wants to pay for security for a religious figure keeping people bowing in prayer to gods in brick and mortars with their advisors and teachers  or for these men, women and their prayer---teaching institutions if these are not going to be held accountable in some way for their prodigies? 

I hear what the atheists and others are saying or trying to say and all of these topics require scrutiny, but it is clear there are policy makers acting to avoid some of the glaring concerns. when I learned about the clergy/staff ----BISHOPS---child sex abuse I was like, wow, why aren't these houses being investigated? why isn't LAW holding these men and women accountable? these are vicious crimes! lives have been destroyed, even still! it is unfathomable to one like me to allow this type of behavior to be as it is … to be treated so nonchalantly over the long run, and catholics, my GOD, what is wrong with you? so, I say to the imams and those with deep-seated religious doctrine … are you paying attention? are you aware in what's going on in your communities … in your houses of worship where these men and women attend, abide … find their source of inspiration? are you capable of scrutiny of your image? your interests? your age-old ministries? your demands on the people and how these do mold and indoctrinate your followers? or are you being as willfully ignorant as many of the government lawmakers? then again maybe you and lawmaker are in cahoots for policy and money and v-o-t-e-s. you do realize it will all come out in the wash … ? it will come back to bite. 

take the treatment of women … if men and women coming from nations forcing female to be second class citizens expect this same in the states of america, demanding that their religious-politcal rights be respected even paid and supported by the citizen's tax dollars … baby, they better think again because WE will not allow this to go on. BISHOPS, IMAM< POPES … wake up, your days may be coming to an end in CIVIL societies … once the people catch on to the politics of the manipulators and those who could care less about honesty and just measure … the child misused and abused … the women and girls raped and … warning-warning-warning … 


america, politicians … what are you setting yourself up for? you've already seen what a black man killed by police can do … 

and finally …

now, can any liberal dare claim these women fear-mongering fundamentalists of christian persuasion? we say, how effing dare you be so daft and insensitive to the violence …  not to mention how women are viewed and treated as second class citizens and property by men of a certain persuasion ... to use for his own gross pleasure. should we begin to see more violence on women in america due to a large push in immigrants/refugees, the US and the world can hold you personally responsible. agreed? we will let it come out of YOUR paychecks ...