why do people fear "the book of revelation?" people usually fear what they don't understand. "get rid of it!" the atheists demand. why? they have no sense in what it teaches … would this attitude and practice not be what the fathers of rome and their gods, along with many other zealots and devotees been engaging in all along? getting rid of what they don't understand? replacing it with things that serve their desires and wishes … their mindset … their regimes … for their own creeds and credentials? to take control of the world …
hmm … is that what you wish to do, atheist, take control of the world? if so, you have already failed. why? because you lack knowledge and understanding in a realm (heartmind) you deny. you often fear, and fear finds itself in arrogance and superiority, too … and isn't it always easier to attack what you don't understand? we are not talking about intelligent debate; we are talking about eradicating something unseen. but how do you remove something you do not believe exists? wouldn't this go against your principles? your practice and beliefs? isn't it true that you, in your militancy should you be of this methodology of belief, desire to remove all that goes against your belief system? what you deem unnecessary … and are you willing to go to great lengths to see disparaged, demeaned, degraded and forced out?are you guilty of what the "church fathers", militant prophets, and manipulative and abusive preachers and their henchmen used for institution's agendas ... crusading, ruling provinces… what they did and in many, many areas continue to do? (* are you listening religionists?)

 … without the knowledge that teaches that to have chastising (in love) and opposition in reasonable strength helps one grow, one becomes what to society?  if you get rid of all that goes against what YOU believe is unsavory are you not guilty of partiality? are you not a god of your own making … much like the religionists that you decry? wouldn't it be the case that you become your own religion? alone you are alone, but in gangs you become a nuisance to truth … for you deny wisdom that teaches that the errancy of man is that he dwells in insignificance until he shares his parenting in a way that shows he understands that LIFE is greater than he can ever possibly see, or understand … from where he is in thought and belief. it is bigger and truer and far more capable of miraculous and astounding revelation than he can ever see from where he sits  … his place of belief and practice. 

when I was a child I feared "the book of revelation" because I was a jew. I was a jew in that I did not understand the language of the prophet. recall we shared that a jew is one that demands God be seen. he demands miracles. but it wasn't like that for me … I already believed in God … Spirit, and prophets. my experiences from a very young age had already shown me that there is a God. why I was a jew then was because I was without the piercing. I had not yet entered this realm---a place of renewal. in this place, and it is many places (a progression of this) … one begins a process of becoming. becoming something greater than he is … for something that is. I did not see what John had stayed behind to write for me. many years later, after I was ignited for this work … and let me tell you, what happened to me was like nothing any doctor, scientist, religionist, scholar or theologian … neuroscientist … could answer had any one of these been present at this epiphany (to use a religious word), I moved into this understanding: the ability to understand revelation. sure the epiphany lasts a lifetime as it is a continuous placing … but what I am now referring is that I went through a miracle. yes. there is no other way to describe what happened. had there been cameras in the room where this happened people would have been freaking out. some calling me a saint; others demanding my death. would you, atheist, be one of those demanding my death? because what you would have witnessed had you been there would have caused you to fall to your knees. I have no doubt on this. what is interesting about this incident is that I was not engaging in anything unusual. I was in an art museum looking at spiritual/religious art. one bronze sculpture caught my eye. it was something I never much cared for because it seemed overrated … maybe horribly misunderstood, even by me. it was a sculpture of Jesus in agony on the cross. what I saw in this face said: agony of defeat. 

now, are you willing to be defeated at least once that you might grow? in weakness one knows strength, you see … one does not improve without the understanding that there is wisdom in the calling---something within calls your name. if you deny it out of willful ignorance or bigotry, arrogance or foolish and selfish agenda, you may not get another chance, and in not getting another chance … what do you do for a hostile world? how will you be known by a "God" of Truth? and in not being known how will you know … if Spirit is real?

*aside: I shared my incident with several different types of believers and one nonbeliever in Spirit. the response was varied … ranging anywhere from surprise to "be careful what you tell others", a little fear and a little concern, with the nonbeliever ignoring it altogether. he did not want to hear what he believed did not exist. how fair is that? this the same behavior of the devout of institution not believing the victims of sex abuse? they did not want to hear what they did not believe was possible. they looked the other way.  

late yesterday afternoon I was shown to write REVELATION not as a book but as a Teaching, one that all people can more easily ascertain … not fear, unless he is of the agenda to fear what he does not believe is possible. you see, if as a believer you believe that nothing more can be said of The Christ, you live in denial of The Christ. I am called to open a very large and heavy door (we shared on this a couple of times already in SPIR/OWA). I understand the Language of the Spirit and as an artist and writer of fiction where symbolism reigns "supreme" in truth. some writers of fiction say that fiction is a lie to get to a truth, but ours is more of a truth to show the lie ;) that will heighten what is of truth. you dig? that is … if you can move out of where you are and understand that there is a language man lost a long, long LONG time ago. it is now Time for its finders … not funders. the real and true are the ones still searching … and they will always bee.

note: read again where there has been a spike in anti-semitism in france. we shared way long ago on this. we said it was going to get a lot worse before it gets better. time to make your move.