take time to read the above article and share what you hear in it.

now take time to see this same topic through the eyes of the youth … what they have been brought up with and what they experience


if you refuse the youth their own experience in a love of something you refuse growth for much needed change in US governance. the young student loves history, especially the declaration of independence … but where and how has that independence been matriculated to serve its own emblems of use? each generation grapples with law in society and where and how it denies people rights and where and how it discriminates. the young man in the article is not a racist. his experience and belief are not of what the government is reacting to … and they did and do react. theirs is a reaction rather than a reaching

a dark-skinned person might say, but you are not black, how would you know what it feels like to see that flag waving on the front of a business? to be honest … here are a few thoughts:

1. flags are not my god nor are they my demons.
2. these items say what I want or choose to have them say and in this case, the flags as tokens merely say decor.
does this make me unpatriotic? yes. does this make me dislike americans or america? no.
3. to the person upset: have you experienced slavery under either flag? any flag? 
4. have I experienced slavery under any american flag? me: slavery? that is a varied word, one that should not be taken lightly, but if referring to what the slaves endured in 12 Years a Slave ... no. have I endured discrimination and denial under american flags. yes, my entire life. 
5. to person upset: where do you see discrimination and denial in governance … business, vocations and property that is currently a much more profound and agonizing discrimination and refusal than a flag waving on the front of someone's business? where are your priorities and wouldn't it make sense to address the root of these types of issues rather than reacting to 'decor', or merely symbol of poverty, poverty often at the hands of government not hard working citizens? tying up government and government money on flags … flags that most youth likely ignore as their noses are often in their cell phones … not looking unless they glance up to see their reflection in the window to make sure they look okay ;)

don't make mountains out of molehills, folks … when you can move the mountain.

we said a while back that the roman catholic church will go bye-bye. why? where and how is it actively engaging in discrimination and REFUSING vocations, property and … based on not only gender but beliefs? american governance cannot tell it what to believe and it cannot make it change its curriculums and vocations but it can make law that does not allow discrimination in areas that directly affect the public: the classrooms and government subsidy. these institutions/businesses should not be receiving a nickel from the state if denying women the vocation of the priesthood and denying gays … divorced … is part of their esteem. forget what any doctrine means to any member anywhere. government should not be promoting discriminating belief systems of any ilk. now, what is discrimination, abuse … misuse and ignorance under the american flag(s) … and that's not even bringing up the topic of pay wage.  

where and how are american citizens denied rights? important, INFLUENTIAL rights? 

man may say, but you as a female can have children, I can't! actually, it's not a walk in the park :0 … and female does not say to men, "you are not permitted to be a daddy." and is one reason GOD IS IMPARTIAL and the Writings say:

call no one your FATHER but One … 

now, if only the rcc and others can move out of their childhood (man-stay) and reach for Humanity. 

why did I bring up this topic? why did I go here? it is preface to what I am about to do. showing this as I am is showing the believer … and nonbeliever … where he sits, what he has supported and what he pays into every day of his life … with nary a word. oh, it's just the way it is …

not for one like me … so, what does this demonstrate to our youth? and to promote an icon of discrimination and parade him as if he is a prophet for the Word … that all should follow and … a part of US GOVERNMENT that one is requited … to obey, says what? well, it spells hypocrisy for one. it also sends an improper message that man is god in the area of religious/spiritual/political understanding and of course, that is what he makes it and will continue to make it unless government gets OUT of the religious business and does the job it's supposed to do. this does not mean politicians cannot be religious; it is setting the stage for NO TOLERANCE on the discrimination … the ABUSES … and the denial … and maybe, just maybe … those funds will go where they are most needed.

United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, you will be disbanded. 

believers and unbelievers, ask yourselves if you are misogynists … permitting obstinate and discriminatory behavior to rule … are you being misled and misinformed? are you being misused? poorly governed? and how will your daughters, nieces, granddaughters and  … suffer under these obvious discriminatory and derelict practices? 

the RC bishops and those like them can take their hostess ho-hos and engage out of the states. dicks do not rule. last we checked, hens do not need the rooster to lay eggs.

checking in for a moment on something previously posted:
---- almost all the arguments in favor of wheaton prof's statement are based on RELIGIOUS arguments, making religious agreement and disagreement their god. even the atheist's opinions are based on his beliefs and yes … he has beliefs should he step out and look at himself. when you rest impartially you can see this, otherwise you see only your own opinion. his wish is to remove himself from the equation of godliness but his buttressing demonstrates himself as ego. religious often use religion (beliefs and practices as their base to the tune of dogma) as ego, but atheist uses himself as ego. the truth in this is that he uses nothing but his own system (or his own religion should he use atheism as a religious practice … which consists of principles based on evaluations of his and those like him on any topic ...but decidedly the topic of god, which he still believes is religion … understandably). there is nothing in the arguments that demonstrate outside the fracturing of religious system---nothing. both are convinced of his correctness in the god of both islam and christianity ... and judaism ... in saying these religious believe in the same god, even where commenter says it cannot be broken down by prophet to distinguish between gods. this is what happens in secular warehouses of religion … where religion is funded by religion. and atheist cannot hear the difference because he is ignorant on Spirit. not one commenter has brought up SPIRIT as an equal to islam. why? because only in the NEW can Spirit be of the God of The Christ---not manufactured paraphernalia. christians may worship the god of islam … no doubt in that, just as they worship the gods of roman catholicism or any other religious domain. this isn't even an argument for one like me. again, again again we share … on the matter of distilleries. they don't get this. they cannot see this because they so very much want to whine in the dark on what is  … true and what is not true. they think by adding in dick they become less dickie … but lol … sorry, no can bee.

gods of … patriarchal dominion is not Spirit, mt friends ;) so, what are you going to choose to worship? man? man's religion? or … (and please understand there is COMPETITION with these males-in all areas, including gaining female use … and patronage)

ha-ha, and the relevant question these should be asking is why … would a woman desire to burden herself and others by adding in an immensely patriarchal god to worship! islam? wow. men of religion favoring the hawkins' statement probably don't get this. to these men … ah, it probably gives them a rise :0 lol! sorry, no mahn … not of your regiment.  I would think this idea of an even larger patriarchal religious god would scare everyone away. people playing politically correct or trying too hard to demean and disparage what they do not like (in this case: wheaton and wheaton's beliefs and likely christianity and  … ) show themselves to be silly fornicators of male ego :D

one day those 'scripture' verses having "sexual" connotation to the religious (of catholic mindset) will be revealed . one of gnosis could ask ALL of them what it feels like having sex with men ;) by way of a female orator. :D :D ;D