to continue in david's commentary. read it three times. 

 questions for david, hoping you are not as ignorant as others or not as much in denial:

the US citizens and some … scrutinize political candidates, especially candidates running for the office of president. so, why is it that the US citizens, but especially the religious citizens (practicing in religions like roman catholicism, judaism, islam and christianity) seldom scrutinize religious leaders? why does someone staging in the religious and political arena throughout THE WORLD (as pope francis) NOT receive scrutiny in the same manner as political candidates? he is sworn into a religious dynasty with very specific doctrine and teachings BY HIS OWN men, hierarchal elites, and NOT women or the other members of his denomination … and yet, he is used and used and used in the US selling of policy on various topics …  why should US citizens agree to what someone (like pope francis) says if they have little information on him because much of the media outfits refuse investigative reporting? refusing to report the facts that show a real person with a real past with real acts? only those scribed by the media for select image?

how can anyone trust the words used by candidates for any organization while using the words of religious leaders (like pope francis)?  if the information put out on him is regulated and censored to keep it of a certain voice, when we seldom actually get answers to the hundreds of questions asked of him … how can this be trusted?

it is dangerous to blindly follow these tactics. what say you? are you of this same pattern of blindly following candidates and their constitutes using someone like "pope francis" for policy?  

in addition, we are accused of demeaning him because we point out the inconsistencies, the discrimination and the lack of information on a religious leader such as pope francis, as we have researched and learned much more than what is being reported and … why would one like me, a female, and a gnostic, trust a man like pope francis, or any religious elder or candidate using pope francis as his nation? 

* I don't think there has been more than 2 or 3 writers at RNS that has not promoted or used pope francis to serve their agenda points, even while on topics of ssm and kim davis (which pope did ask to see and did encourage), abortion and the rape of a 9 years old, impregnated and forced to give birth (against her mother's wishes), not to mention the pregnant women forced to die because they are refused an abortion (a topic RNS does not allow as it makes sure to elevate its preferred agendas and not some of the very REAL concerns in society, instead pushing, pushing, pushing the same same topics as if trying to force-feed pope dope or something) … and refusal to even DISCUSS FEMALE PRIESTS … and that age old topic of clergy/staff child sex abuse which RNS and so many others refuse to connect to the current roman pontiff … as if he is completely free of its stain. 

what kind of student accepts these whitewashed agendas?
are you in agreement with this putting forth of selected info and the silencing of those asking questions? the skirting of topics and this ugly drive to force feed "pope francis" as some humble and caring, intelligent, great leader of change, when the $$$$$$$$$ spent on advertising and housing him could have brought every syrian orphan and widow to the US and cared for them indefinitely? 


what rome represents and what the roman pontiff represents does not express the TEACHINGS found in the Writings.
why then do Christians claiming they follow THE CHRIST go against the Teachings by elevating holy fathers of a religion of various gods? it shows ignorance and instability, as well as spiritual immaturity, to be caught in the web of the rich, (and we are not speaking of the wealth of the Holy Spirit). how is it that men claiming Jesus as guide use formulaic institutional belief systems as their teacher through political offices such as the papal office, using him as prophet and leader on topics the he has no history in … nor does he SHOW HIMSELF in a manner consistent with truth … instead he firebombs with his office agendas and ignores the FULLER, RICHER more clear manifestation of Jesus as Prophet in the Writings? he has his members out in society causing a ruckus (the pp videos and other disrupting acts) but does not own up to these sideshows.

you see, david ... because man fashioned for himself a big, loud, ornate title with large expensive and heavily adorned buildings all to make himself look kingly … does not make it right … does not make it trustworthy and does not make it acceptable in the eyes of GOD, so why do so many men fall prey to these titles of the ridiculous wealthy? clamoring for its every word? it is an obscenity to our eyes … and an insult to the Teachings on THE CHRIST?

 we see the arrogance of these men. also, the roman pontiff has not shared in a manner relevant to The Christ, instead submerging himself in culture wars and diametric indifference. he speaks then flees and leaves everyone else to deal with the wreckage, as if he and his office take pride in confusion and derelict silencing and not discussion. what he brings upon the people is not healthy. follow his steps and you see not only waste and disease, but disaster. 

did we not say but two or three days before the paris attacks: france, brace yourself … and so much more ... but man instead follows the words of a charlatan, a man of creeds and hidden arenas. God is not found within these arenas, david. he does not use illicit drugs and temper mongering. 

anyone looking to the area of study on THE CHRIST would be severely confused by what is out there through this current pontiff (our youth). it is horrendously misleading and the catholic church has done a great disservice to the Risen Lord by this merger of islam and judaism as the One (card dolan's push claiming the god of islam and the God of Christianity are the same? ARE THEY, DAVID? IS THIS WHAT YOU BELIEVE? speak now or forever be silenced!) islam and judaism do not view  CHRIST as the author of Truth, so why are people claiming Christ as savior, using Christ as author and benevolent teacher then thrusting into the public arena the idea that the muslim god and the God of THE CHRIST are the same? it shows indecency and severe disability in the area of KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING. what foul play is reaping in the thrones of man? it shows itself as negligent parenting and far from the practice of proper mentoring. it is an insult beyond words.

to those claiming authority on Spirit Holy:  UNDERSTAND what is OF The Christ or get out of the way. go to your islam benefactors or roman benefactors, but get out of the way of Life UNDERSTOOD IN the Writings of gnosis.  we are astounded at how little those claiming belief in Christ know or understand of Christ! it's as if they walk backwards while claiming they can sprint. who is responsible for such derelict vision? 

ADDED: so, david … both judaism and roman catholicism are now in agreement that their gods are the same god and that this god is the same as the god of islam? is this what the religious have agreed on? ( the atheist/nonbeliever has no say in this, so it would be best if he does not comment or he may disrupt or dissuade from the point. he cannot speak on what he does not believe exists, what he does not experience or know to be of purpose). the question now remains … is the god of islam the same god as the god of christianity? I am not of the doctrines of the religionists so I cannot speak for you or your brethren, but I am a believer in Spirit of THE LIVING GOD … understood in the WORD as THE CHRIST, known as THE RISEN LORD … which teaches us that in this day, we are in the return, not waiting for a messiah … and that PROPHESY is the Light, understood in the Writings as GRACE manifesting (a continuance of the relationship between God and Man through the ENERGY AND ESSENCE of the Godhood, but of course only where Man is in accord in {this} and is striving ---that seeking on Truth). 

aside: but something we have commented on several times … 

to the atheist/nonbeliever or one not practicing in religious circles and not bound to the doctrine of these,

if you do not speak out on and DO NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK on the old covenant way …  and what the candidates and the US government, and many citizens, professors and lawmakers pushing agenda, using a religious figure called pope francis as some sort of guide on how to live and what to believe, and that push to bring in many indoctrinated religious of the old … aligned with roman catholics being urged to have more children (by this current pope) demanding allegiance to religious doctrine that is what you call fundamentalist, in accord with fast growing religions such as orthodox judaism and islam … (all now under "one god"? ) will render the US what … how? and the expectations and demands of these that will grow along with them … will be …? if you think that these will change because of the US mainstream by continuing to allow the deluge … you are sadly mistaken! give an inch take a mile is the mindset of man, especially with age old doctrine still breeding like bunnies (to use a pope's ….). you will lose your voice in more ways than one … that, you can count on.

despite the vatican backing itself into a corner, and how they will attempt to get out from this corner, which usually results in an explosion somewhere to distract … the rcc leadership has been masterminding the destruction of freedom of citizen to be of another voice … to silence those encouraging growth in knowledge and understanding outside the old covenants … ( their plan was to look contemporary and concerned about the environment and its inhabitants---that's utter bull!) but the media of this institution, which includes government pushing policy …  has betrayed your voice … and will continue to do so unless you take action. are you following me on this?  

you have read the writings of the rabbis and the pastors and priests … the politicians and … you see what they defend, so … will these men and women defend you , america and the freedoms within this, or will these men sell you for a religious order, a policy or to keep their religion and religious beliefs in the forefront … and bring you and your families back to the dark ages instead of moving forward into a greater wealth of understanding in all areas? what say you? will you continue to use one religion to bash the other religion that you might satisfy your own greed and your own lusts? losing ALL in the process because you are NOT WATCHING what comes? what has been?

hmm … 

and you are wrong about the republican/the conservative … you have lumped all into one image as you do with christianity as you do with many things that does not "look" to you like what YOU WANT. I personally know republicans who are FOR THE PEOPLE … a republic FOR the people … not taking issue with ssm and not actively restricting abortions as they believe it is primarily the choice of the woman … and much more, but with careful measure and not a brash insolent culture of misuse and money-making OPERATIONS … and many do vote democrat, but what they see now is disturbing … a field of deceivers! dishonest men and women USING islam and USING the pope and USING scare tactics and LABELING, SLANDERING AND REFUSING TO ANSWER SOUND QUESTIONS IN THESE MELODRAMAS! 

I read what the indoctrinated believes of the atheist. did you think you would be exempt from their views of those not like them? not believing like them? look what the pope, someone you admire and praise? IN THIS DAY, said about the gnostic? maybe it is that you enjoy the gnashing teeth and the wounding … and the fight to live without the condemnation of the religionist's vein of grief and irresolute care. maybe you serve what is evil instead of what is honest. hmm?


The reason I like you is you have come to the realization that God only exists through ‘Faith’ – and Faith means setting the table as if God will show up despite his record of never showing up.

Yes, if you have set the table for God and “know there is a chance” he will show up the entire religion can be forced into being a valid reality.
My problem is that my faith vanished and the reality around me has been shockingly beautiful. I’m only sorry I missed it for so long.

- See more at:

a-max's 'faith' is shockingly beautiful as he verbally attacks the faith and beliefs of others? is this what a-max understands as beautiful? he couldn't just leave it go and actually DO something beautiful … he has to day in and day out criticize and demean believers in God? attacking their faith? their morals? their ethics? their life choices? calling them delusional because they believe in God? insulting, even lying and twisting the words of others to achieve his beautiful status? huh … it sounds to us like he just jumped from one battleship to the next and kept firing away … in both ships thinking he has the right to condemn and demean others. and this, my friends, is roman catholic mindset? he is not a nice man, nor is he a well man. he will pay for his indecency. 

and this:

Samuel Johnston,

I don’t mind SPECULATING that a god might exist.
My problem is only with those people who say they “know”.

The Atheist says:
“Unicorns might exist – wouldn’t that be interesting? But I don’t believe in them.”

And the THEIST:
“I know Unicorns exist. And The king of the Unicorns forbids you to wear white pants. If you do you are provoking him to have you killed.”

- See more at:

why would I believe so steadfastly in something, and paint, write, share on something I did not know? do you think me a fool? delusional, a-max? you seem to think everyone experiences as you- 0. 0 experience in the Spirit. you never had a single experience that was of SPIRIT, but I have no doubt you are operated by spirit. you see, a-max, God as Spirit cannot use dead heads and deceivers, dishonest or those with a load of stuff blocking them from seeing and hearing. as a CHILD I had EXPERIENCES, a-max … do you tell children: you are delusional, send them to psychiatrists to weed {this} out of them? SHAME ON YOU, A-MAX! you militants are sinister and nasty … spending your days berating and twisting the words of those NOT like you from a LANGUAGE YOU SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND … to satisfy what you call your beautiful lusts. but let us give you a warning, a-max … the day is coming where YOU will be silenced from your ignorance. you will NOT be permitted to rant and trash and lie as you do … there will be a LAW that refuses this militancy on the believer. 

wonder how this will come about? you can thank the newcomers that government is so determined to pedestal above their own homeless, and bereaved. there religious titleship will usurp your babbling. our own government could not see to be a decent law enforcement to curb the ignorances of ones like you a-max (liar and a fraud) .. until the fully indoctrinated stepped on our shores… those fully in command of government UNTIL government gets ahold of its senses and by then, you will be in another prison of your OWN making. bye-bye, lunatic atheist!



Free will is nonsense.
The Roman soldiers were (supposedly) allowed by God to witness the resurrection of Jesus – the biggest event in Christianity – and yet those soldiers were perfectly capable of denying it even happened. (Matthew 27:66)

There is no good reason for a God to hide.

God isn't hiding … YOU ARE! behind your false IDs … YOU are the one to choose that fake Id and you are the one choosing to attack believers, a-max. God is not attacking you and … it is you and those like you that continue to keep people from SHARING … because you are such a hateful bigot! even I left RNS partly because of your insolent nature. I do not FEAR, however, as you are a fake runt, but I cannot go and share with a bull dozer razing at my heels you indecent rant … twisting words and behaving the rotten bully you are ;) why in God's Name RNS even allows your vengeful posts is another story, and one they will have to answer for … although it is a shame that they are paid to be under the obligation of the rcc in some manner, when they could be igniting more enthusiastic commentary! but a-max, you are a desperate bastard and we saw THE FEAR IN YOU when we went on to post. your ugly head reared in fear and you started following our every step to try to mastermind a sabotage, and we caught you at it several times but … it's not our way to kick against the goads as you do … so, we kick the dust from our heels and depart the ignorant, and where people deny answers to the questions of MANY as many are afraid to ask in such a harassing climate ... and … do know, RNS, you contribute to this bastardly feast by your half truths and seducing … 

that teresa canonization is the rcc SEDUCING the public and trying to play on the people's emotions … clever they are and have used this tactic for centuries to keep people fogged in … rather than giving a fuller account of teresa's situation and where she did assist people and show the disparity of the culture in india, but was also a poster nun for the popes who stole much money, knowing the indoctrinated were not well. what happened is teresa became the excuse for india NOT addressing the disparity and injustices of their culture and governance. not good. but what does the vaticants do? fabricate stories to seduce …

rcs, are you people really that embedded that you cannot see the illness? and the engineering of your leadership under POPE "francis" leadership? he lies to you, and feeds you from an empty well.  

regarding "same god" in religions
 one of gnosis KNOWS that Spirit does not discriminate against female (the word not even in exist in the Language of the Spirit), so I know that whatever those religionists believe about God Being REFUSING female positions for work in the Spiritual setting is not of the God I know and experience. it makes no sense as the Feminine Divine is a necessary in the process of coming into the Spirit so … how does man know what is truth and what is not if he denies She? and denying She in his life and practices is, in my faith and belief, a huge deterrent in hearing GOD. it demonstrates a willful ignorance to the place of impartiality, and impartially is where Spirit can access human being for Spiritual worth.  

you see, roman pope and his cohorts and their members will tell you Jesus was a man. this demonstrates their ignorance on Jesus as Prophet on Truth, and is likely why they set themselves up as God through their indoctrinated dynasties … meanwhile, Jesus was MORE than man, and I think even the gr orthodox christians will agree to this (theanthropos?) … which teaches us what? when we say Spirit is filtered through HUMAN hands, we are saying: the Word made flesh. so, how many believe that Jesus served as the Word made flesh? and those he chose for that Word made flesh used what to guide them to record the Writings? Truth … and Truth is Wisdom of the Word, and Wisdom is a FEMININE VEHICLE OF DIVINE INSTALLATION and inspiration … She. 

if you read the gospels of Thomas and Philip and others in those "heretical" gnostic texts that the roman catholics say "never go there! it's satanic" blather … you begin to understand the revelation … but do understand spirit/Spirit exists. man does not know what works in him. this is what is meant by being in the dark or … living in darkness. Life is more than just mankind, folks. how do I know? how have been able to share/warn the many incidents coming forth? if you read through SPIR and OWA you will be in awe, unless reading to ridicule. one like atheist max reads to ridicule. this is his beauty? sad, very sad. if one is truly interested in KNOWING the truth about Spirit, one need only ask in honesty. don't you think it far more exciting (and maybe even scary) to know that there are "aliens" among us? ;) 

in addition, people do not know what we mean when I say, don't thank me, thank God. someone like a-max scoffs at this and finds ways to discredit, even sabotage the statement, without knowing or understanding that by crediting God we credit the many people moved and inspired by Spirit, INCLUDING SCIENTISTS, of course! and even atheists, despite their lack of knowledge regarding Spirit. if we have come to an understanding on something and share in a way that man says, oh my, thank you for that! you saved many lives or … you have helped tremendously in allowing us to see the danger of … or … yes, this assists us in moving forward and … I/we say … thank God with the understanding that there were others used to form One to access to a realization of worth---something valid or vital to assist mankind. {this} is honest measure. a person writing a book includes those he used to write the book and thanks them. a-max makes comments about bernard law that are true but he does not thank the SPOTLIGHT TEAM that brought forth that information, or the SNAP members or and people praise him and pat him on the back, telling him of his valid comments but he does it to serve himself and access for his own image as a militant atheist, one who disparages the GIFTS of others, and misuses the WORDS of others TO SUIT HIS AGENDA: a self-serving cacophony and is why he often contradicts in his posting. as one experiencing GOD and knowing Spirit, unlike drwho13 and others unsure of the existence of Spirit as he appreciates a-max's evil for some reason, we cannot praise a-max's denial and abstinence and militancy in ignorance, but even drwho13 was once a student of rc doctrine, even a seminarian and left because of the homosexual advances and feeling himself an outcast among this sect, so … what does he know of God having learned its creeds and teachings? what has kept him from experiencing the REALITY of Spirit---knowing God and knowing God exists?  WE are accessed for many and we understand the voices of others in GOD'S IMPARTIAL PERSON to share in Prophesy: the Evolution of God and Man. 

which brings us to the next post in OWA (bernie sanders)

if bernie is to gain supporters in this presidential election, he needs to address a very big BAD in our society, and we wonder will he have what it takes to do this? will he make the decent and proper decision? one like us does not stand before throngs of people judging and criticizing a bigot (trump) while praising another bigot (imam/rc pope)). but what exactly is a bigot?  okay, let's shift a bit and use the word DISCRIMINATING, and this is not really a word in the Language of the Spirit, but it is one in the societies of man. how can a candidate praise discriminating members of religious and political institutions that discriminate against others? discriminate is a loud and varied term when you look at it in the way we want to you look at it. no one is really without discrimination, however … there are some truly OBVIOUS discriminating factions and these MUST BE ADDRESSED! women are denied seats of "honor" in the very institutions that bernie and others favor and applaud AND stand to support the rights of (like the islamists). the doctrine/teachings and practices of GROWING orders in the UNITED States of America are once again forming and forcing patriarchal nemesis and man is just plain dumb to this fact. he has not even resolved the roman catholic dilemmas, the clergy abuses and the DISCRIMINATION against women and now we have growing orthodox judaism and growing islam that refuse female participation in those higher seats of society? hmmm … not honest, not just … not a good place to start a campaign or a presidential office IN A DEMOCRATIC NATION. when will man grow out of these "dishonest" seats? he keeps getting support from these beggars and we are like … betrayal … oh, yes. discriminatory place in our language is understood as dishonest. the current roman pontiff may be honest in and through his dogma but in the US, would he not be dishonest? so, why are citizens falling all over themselves to support and praise a bigot and a dishonest patron, when he is not really a patron to the women of the nation. he is a denier and a discriminatory pope. and it's not just women he denies. now, look at the imam (see next post for video) … how honest is he? 

ha, we are not fooled by a0-max or the agendas of these religious leaders. they lack awareness, but what of bernie? he has the opportunity to turn those tables … and I sent him an email with the link to that table. 

so, bernie, obama did nothing about that discrimination, instead he rolled out the red carpet for the roman pontiff who does not even speak for THE CHRISTian … spending mega dollars for obama and co agenda … and now, he does what with the imams of the US? and 110 million is given to orthodox judaism to protect them? hmm … 

how can women protect themselves if they are not allowed at that table? 

do you see the system's fall out? 

and …
yesterday I found myself in a used book store standing in front of : ZION IN AMERICA by henry l. feingold. I was shown to buy and read the book. we have shared a bit on the state in this (very briefly) in another post and … I am no politician, however, it is often that we as gnostic are called into places not of our faith that we might assist in what will be, and so … I must continue doing homework.