man demands he be right in his RELIGIONS. what are these?

his version of god

global warming … is it real? yes, evidence points to its reality. will it destroy mankind? only in man's demand to be right. 

if we were asked to make a statement about the "suicidal" climate situation, we would say, gee, if man would not deed himself the right to be all knowing, man can survive a warming climate … as this is Nature taking a natural course. the suicidal status is man acting as militant in his consensus … his desire to stake enter stage and get what he wants above everyone and everything else. science without SUPREME BEING is blind, however, and should be listened to with care, and not fear tactics … 

but history does repeat (not exactly the same) as man brings it all on himself. now, if man were to address the problems of abuse of the innocent and the vulnerable instead of thinking he can have his cake and the cake of others, too … Nature might take a different course.

IF man is truly interested in SAVING 'people' that people might move into a state of HUMANITY … rather than serving his own agendas … if they make strident efforts to do the right thing … to and for the children, and inspect those claiming concern, but doing nothing … if those truly concerned are willing to do THIS before THAT or THAT or THAT (kind of like putting your socks on before putting on your shoes instead of the other way around) … that WARMING might remove itself and redirect its energies elsewhere. you dig? 

Nature is always striving for balance, so, ask yourself who/what creates and lives an IMBALANCED way … who/what is overproducing and who/what is overpopulating and who/what demands itself be the loudest, the neediest … spends excessive amounts of airplay, hairplay … you know, the plastic generation and … 

do not underestimate the CLIMATE of Nature in ITS deed to survive.


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ben in oakland


I don’t think you’re hugely simplifying it at all, but not taking it far enough.

first, there is the conservative Christian obsession with sexual sin. If something happens like this to a child, the child is obviously 50% responsible. This has been the dodge for some Catholic priests– the child was asking for it.

Second, any sexual sinner who has given into “temptation”– right there is a major loophole in the “thinking”– has a right to repent and be forgiven. And he can pull a Haggard, re-sin and re-pent, becoming a Christian superstar. The child, not having sinned intentionally, is not so important in the forgiveness-of-sins walk of the stars.

If the Christian refuses to repent, he is of course tossed, because he is no longer conforming to the narrative, and this confirms no ones bias. Like gay people, living lives outly and proudly, refusing to be cowed by threats of hellfire.

Can’t have uppity sinners, only remorseful, tearful, repentant, repeatant ones.

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okay, when I read this I laughed … this is not the sarcasm we were referring to in a previous post. this is just playful thinking. "can't have uppity sinners, only remorseful, tearful, dependent, repeatant ones."

man must demonstrate to his own "humanity" that he is capable of more than greed. man himself is a greedy enterprise. he is looking for formulas/policies to create for himself a deluge. but what is a deluge? in the case of the repenting sinner, the idea is to repent and sin no more, but we all know that this is an impossibility. sin is common core grounding for all mankind. sin it what binds the bored, satiates the sinister and pontificates the territorial. it is a lusting, gusting proverbial twin of man's mind meeting with his deeds. the bored looks for garishness … the sinister stays within his comfort zone to accommodate his lusts and the territorial is always in the pile on to claim the greater girth. he sticks close to what will give him the greatest stage for whatever it is he desires for whatever is his agenda. for instance, if he is acquiring much property in an area of great need, and he may even be the cause of this great need (the poor), he will see that he is hooked into the credentials of others for their agendas and this twin towers say: ours is correct thinking.
in this, the consensus becomes territorial and no one is permitted voice. science is just as guilty in this as religious pontificating. the two marry in their agendas … but what we see at one end in particular is this: those most responsible for the poor (the great need) are not only the proud owners of this property, but they get someone else to PAY for the improvement projects … they do not have to face their sins; they are not of the mind for truth repentance. they let others bleed and die for them. hmm … sound familiar? who/what crucifies THE CHRIST? 

truth is … the repenting process is not a one stop convenience shop. it's not a fast food drive through. it is a LIFE LONG process which involves the history of an entire INSTITUTION. in other words, if we take a large, territorial, demanding institution like the RCC … they may now be coming into THEIR repentance process. yep. they desired to be as one mind through their gods of institution they call "the church"  … in choosing this, they will be JUDGED by their INSTITUTION'S ACTS. unless they are speaking out against the wrong doing and malpractice … actively speaking … they will be judged by their popes and priests … those they choose to follow as truth (canonize, adorn etc). this is perfectly natural. it makes perfect sense-----yes? and if people are concerned about what may come as a result of this institution being so large with much territory …  may want to ask that this institution remove what is obligating others sinfully, or greedily or … unjustly … that others might be given the chance to feed differently, as not everyone desires the RCC judgement day. 

that way … people don't sit complacently … methodically … or BUDDY UP unfairly, overwhelming the voices of those not like them, to acquire agenda/policy. seems fair----yes? who wants piggy cults or dogma claiming itself all knowing?

bottom line in this: if one truly CARES about the wellbeing of humanity … its inhabitants, including the animals, one begins the process of removing that which undermines this. one does not overreach … or ignore those on the side of the road bloodied and beaten, or those overfed drugs, or those misdiagnosed for convenience … or those used improperly for policy gain. if any policy is to succeed at anything there needs to be an obvious cleaning house. otherwise, the policies fail. you cannot do sage business with liars and hirers of terroristic acts. one does not paste a bandaid on infected wounds. 

clean those houses … now. and if the owners refuse to be transparent in their methods, instead highjacking for agenda … or, refuse to allow proper cleaning … nothing will improve for the health and wellbeing of HUMAN BEing. if asking questions ends up with people bashing you, abusing and attacking you and booting you out … you can pretty much guarantee that someone or something is not operating honestly and in a just manner. there is partiality, and favoritism controls the game.


sweet :)

now, the government needs to be up front about their terrorist activities … and why they really bombed that bottle plant.


nope … where are the terrorists act most concentrated? are muslims IN AMERICA being physically attacked? this is not a fair parallel. the muslims are using this stage to sabotage the political field. the facts are where, people? people will use anything to foist agenda and I am not buying into it. NO! a woman gets harassed walking down a city street full of men in certain pockets and NO ONE CARES! this is a centuries long problem … no huge political stream bashing people, clambering to the top of the pile to be head chief determinator on the right and wrong in this … even while distorting the facts! this agenda is a push through fear-mongering. know this! the democrats/liberals are in a drug-induced state of overindulging and have NOT shown the ability to help anyone in great numbers outside THEMSELVES AND THEIR FOISTING OF AGENDAS! h-y-p-c-r-o-s-y is what it is called, no differently than their opposing sides. 

not buying it. given the imbalance of this situation, the whores of melodrama will be eating crow. watch what comes …

what comes will distribute shame … the FACT IS THERE ARE TERRORIST CELLS ALL THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES having to do with Islamic agenda … think I am delusional? ha … you will soon see. he nation's intelligence does not want you to know the truth about this and … even they do not know the volume of this. they are missing important details. think the happy couple that just shot up the community center, planning other attacks. are you people so in the dark that you cannot see the facts? that you are determined to live in denial? good grief. does it have to happen to YOU … your school or church? do you think a muslim hater set fire to that mosque? think again … you are being conned … 

and government is not being transparent. hmm … 

like we said … I DO NOT FEAR THE MUSLIM … I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT MUSLIM SHOOTING ME WITH HIS METHOD OF DESTRUCTION … I am also not going to buy into this charade of "woe is me the muslim" … in the US. what comes will set the facts straight … that much you can count on. she people are incredibly disingenuous and will do anything to … 

info is put out to suit a specific agenda, without the care or concern for stating the fuller truth in the matter at hand … and man says, you are nuts, it says it right there … it is the FBI and … and you believe everything the FBI tells you? they have their orders, too




wonder if this todd guy did any of his target practice at gulen's compound.


TAKE THIS, FOR INSTANCE … would those pro-merkel according to her christian honesty and deliverance ASK her about this camp? is this one of her science experiments?

we shared this link before, along with 2 others on this very same problem, and it IS a problem. WHY isn't america asking merkel, or for that matter, GERMANY, about this very serious situation? 

because no one wants to sully the AGENDA for the pro-refugee stance. they would rather hide … cover-up, delay coming out with the truth about this horrible abuse/CRIMES … much like the clergy/staff child sex abuse cover ups … so, we are going to huff and puff and blow the lid off of this, and YOU can watch your icons melt, and when the people are up to date on the reality of these agendas … they will then turn to you and ask: and what was your BUSINESS in these scandals?


and this is the answer?