we post this again to get your attention …
hopefully you have taken some time to HEAR the side of another and not running with the BIG herd toward the edge of that cliff … and in the stampede that may turn abruptly once it realizes the error (and the evil) a fear arising … murdering millions


why do I take this scientist's info seriously? it makes sense. it is reasonable information that should be considered AND … it is not a political con job. IOW, you don't see him arm in arm with the voter's guide … or, promoting party politics. he is using what he has learned through experience and study and that is not something people should ignore.

I am not a scientist … not of this academia, nor do I have this author's experience but … what has been shown to me is what we have been sharing in SPIR and here in OWA. so, put the breaks on this fear mongering and save many lives. remember, you will be judged by what you support and pay into … pope and all. 


ask yourself what the VATICAN has to gain from this? ask what the scientists being used in this have to gain? $$$$$$$fortheirpetprojects … and the EXPENSE OF WHAT? and to SILENCE OTHERS "shut up!" is what? ironic that people complain of this coming from religionists yet they see their opportunity and do the very same thing: silence the voices of others.

that is when we see the PATTERNS and know the error … and know that evil is in full race mode to try to avenge and or power monger. *sigh* when we see the bully in the bar, we know the people are in full a shocker … but there are those who are sly and slip out before the curtains come up to reveal the real devilry … but we know who/what you are. 

investigate those pushing these climate deals to see if they are actively doing their part in the care and concern of the environment … check their trash … follow their trail and see what litters that big highway they race on … it is all there should anyone care to know the truth. 

had to add the following comment ---lol

We’ll see how Americans feel once their electric bills quadruple, and we all have to pay carbon taxes on just about everything. Meanwhile the elites and their U.N bureaucrats will live in luxury, as the rest of us are driven to live in squalor. This is what happens when the elites and certain government officials collaborate with grant-hungry sycophantic “scientists” and media lackeys to perpetuate their propaganda (see the “Climate Gate” Copenhagen e-mails of 2009). This is all in the name of ushering in a “post-industrial age,” which for most of us means regressing to the Dark Ages.


to share briefly a little of my experiences since thursday evening of last week. first, I have been thankful for the unseasonably warm weather here in MA. why? our boiler went off. we operate on natural gas and rely on this to heat the house and our water. less showering … less use of water … heating pots of water for a simple bath when we did get a bath. I have very long hair and use no chemicals on it … no need to wash it everyday, especially when I can pull it up. simple measures … to get by. it takes a little extra time but not much. a space heater takes the edge off during the day but interestingly, it was warmer outside ;) … no need for it at bedtime, thankfully … just a little off and on during the day to keep the coolness in check and only in the room where I work … here or there, depending. 
I thought of the syrian refugees many times since our boiler went off. I wondered how they were getting along in merkel's camps. the ability to clean oneself---the children … personal hygiene. if a camp is full of men, the women and girls could be in serious danger … man has a habit of taking advantage of opportunities when he sees it. some are of evil. female is property and used according to man's desires in many climates.

what are those of you supporting merkel's church recommendations going to do about these camps, esp the one in munich? have you even bothered to ask her about it? or are you of an agenda that serves your politics? damn, I would hate to be in your shoes when the truth comes out about ALL of this fear and power mongering … and the use and misuse of the poor and vulnerable. and the truth will come out … you can count on it. 


and your point, salkin …? 


you speak as an american jew (ethnic). what is trump? not really sure, but most people understand that trump speaks for trump. just as the pope speaks for what he is: an INSTITUTION … and catholics worship the pope and allow him to speak for them, and support and pay into his agendas … NO MATTER HOW IGNORANT … and discriminating … but WE NEVER HEAR A PEEP FROM YOU ABOUT HIS MANNER OF BELIEFS, or those following him …  and he is a whopping big figure in many nations AND … our own government did a no-no in allowing him to peddle in political affairs of the american nation … THEY even canonized a terrorist on american soil! yes! paid special honor to a man sent by his religious leadership FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY to overpower a native people, IGNORING THE PLEAS FROM THOSE FEW LEFT OF THIS TRIBE … so much for the minorities in a democratic nation … so much for the hype promises when your own government makes DEALS with dictators. these natives were not given a CHOICE, salkin … but we do not hear a peep from you about this pope, or the roman catholic church … so, maybe it will be that YOU and YOURS will be judged according to what you did not do in hindsight, and where YOU condemn and judge one but not the other.

in your RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, salkin … how is it that you condemn the voice of another? 

favoritism … sure has a HELL of a ring to it----yes? such a dark, stingy place … 

interesting how the religionists of all belief systems find a way to promote their own. yes, judaism is much the same as islam and … the rcc wants a piece of it. interesting to watch each play each other for points ;)

maybe it will be that these "groups" that think they are above others that they can promote their own in ways hypocritical and deny others will be rendered without voice … maybe even ending up like that native tribe in CA. 

well, we did say that judaism, islam, christianity and roman catholicism will come to an end … so … there you have it. bye-bye. it matters not to us as the LIVING GOD remains. 

* we only mention to be fair and because we care. the catholic … well, he thinks his god the pope is the one going to save the institution … what say you? is pope 'francis' your long awaited messiah?

in addition ...

gnosticism will be reforged by many formerly of atheism, as something comes where no one can deny Supreme Being. this will be too evident to dismiss. again, I am not of gnosticism so, no, I will not be among these. many nonbelievers will move into gnosis, but will not be of religious mandate. science will become a new order … different in many aspects … 



yes, this is what I was shown: JESUS IS ON THE RISE …but 

it will become a misnomer. you see, people think JESUS is in the building setting as this is what they were taught---what the traditions prescribes … but there will be a drawing out … even atheist max will be on a roll :D


pope has some big ba*** to be talking on the political front in this. and is scamwell with him in the murdering of women in those catholic hospitals and the 9 and 10 yr-olds forced to give birth after being RAPED?! what would pope know or care about these women and girls? his dogma is discriminatory and diseased … and you catholics want him pushing his political agendas in the US? you are asking for it … boy, are you ever! the hypocrisy oozes from his every pore and he lies to your faces while pretending he is of the Spirit? so very sad. what a calculated whitewash. 
what a con job …  


and check out silk's commentary …he would have you licking the pope's … anyway, those of JUDAISM are being BETRAYED AGAIN---yes, AGAIN! can you believe it? yes … as history repeats because the jews have no what? where is their prophet? the ROMAN catholic church? ISLAM's prophet?  whatever … like we said, it's all going bye-bye anyway as people ignite in THE CHRIST and it won't have the religionist's labels and titles on it as people will see the abuses, the hierarchal malady and will fiercely reject these. the hierarchies of these monoliths will be laid bare.

guys, the youth are going to rebel … and some not so nicely … some, rather treacherously … and we say, why do you continue in these dead ends? are you so selfish ---so insulated that you cannot see? son will turn against father and daughter against mother and … oh, my. this is not fear-mongering. this is reality. are you so in the dark that you do not see what has already come forth? but you continue blindly leading … blindly following the deceivers and the ignorant and those covering up their crimes. 

with centuries of religion in all forms and all versions … with drugs and broken homes and the junk kids are exposed day in and day out … is a merger of three monolithic religions going stop the following? you go ahead and spend your days praying to the wall the rosary the … or you can even come up with new titles and new labels and new sacraments for your 3 in one MEGA "CHURCH" but … what are you really selling the youth?



well, david gibson of RNS got one thing right … his HOLY FATHER does not bother reading the NEWS!

*note: just letting you that I do not go on RNS or any other comments page and post under false names/titles. that would be dishonest. it is opheliart.  I also go by L Thiel … both are on my work/gallery sites so … easy enough to see they are the same