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Funny, if the written word is so important, why did Jesus never write anything down for his followers?
Sorry, but I get the impression that guys like you never think at all.
Historical Christians thought all sorts of things. The Church sorted the information, and edited it. The organization supressed whatever they did not like. They persucuted those who were guilty of merely having a different opinion. Your preacher just glosses the whole history over, and pretends he knows it all. Get thee to a library and READ!

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The Church sorted the information, and edited it. The organization supressed whatever they did not like. They persucuted those who were guilty of merely having a different opinion.


get to the vatican vaults and you will see the evidence

we have shared several times that the "founders" of christian life and living was very different from the rcc or even what christians today claim as truth about Jesus … THE CHRIST and the disciples of the prophet in galilee (see origin/definition). the offspring of roman catholic dogma were under the influence of this system of beliefs---still. it has NEVER heard the truth … has never even tried to hear in {this}. the schisms occur as people realize the hypocrisy … the denial … the malpractice … the false information and so on: the fruits. the rcc, even the vatican and its cohorts, are in schism. it is an ongoing division as man desires for his own control, understanding … feast. people like mark silk are not interested in TRUTH … truth about "God" or even the truth about what the rcc is up to. they wear blinders as they fuel their agendas. why pedestal the rcc? the current pope? fair questions; questions that silk does not answer, nor will he answer the lack of information regarding the clergy/staff CHILD sex abuse (what happened in BOSTON and is happening ALL OVER THE WORLD) or the misogyny and other illicit practices of his favored seed. one cannot truth partiality … and one cannot trust willful ignorance ... and one should never allow their offspring to be taught by teachers practicing in these arenas.

why on Earth would anyone desire an orthodox judaism roman catholic islam in america? or anywhere? are people insane? do people hate female and FREEDOM so much that they are willing to crush both in one fell vote? what hell do races endure at the hands of ignorance? history is moving in the patterns it knows, and man continues to deny his part in the crimes. what serves man is what you see. what works in and through man in his seats of power is what you see. war, poverty … hate, with love a mere hint of binding metaphor.

I am in awe of the malpractice … in all institutions … IS THERE NO LAW THAT SAFEGUARDS THE CHILDREN FROM THESE MEN OF WILLFUL IGNORANCE AND THEIR DEMAND FOR POWER, CREDENTIAL AND DISEASE? do not underestimate the ravaging minds of men determined to build an empire through theft, forced obedience and manipulation. how silk can ignore the emperor and his brother roman church agreeing to a dynasty to mastermind allegiance and law … that all were forced to obey is truly sad. he lives in spiritual ignorance. he is what we call spiritually immature. his understanding of LIFE, GOD, SPIRIT is roman catholic hierarchy and its dominion. he breeds disease. the vatican, including its political puppet, the pope, has no interest in TRUTH … theirs has always been about power and control … much like dictators of nations. theirs is a FASCIST ORDER … and they do whatever is necessary to maintain their credential. the current pope has changed NOTHING, but he has brought on much disease … millions die everyday because of "its" leadership. if one is impartial, one sees the grave … the fogged in … the derelict parenting. and charities to convert to mindset catholic, using government money, is what? breeding in numbers to overwhelm a nation is what? 

if roman catholic is author of truth why is it continuing to fail---to fall … and now, striving to use again the arts and sciences of others? why? because it is a thief. just as the prophet of islam stole and used what it wanted for its agendas … just as judaism took and created its own field. 

doesn't man desire to know the Truth? is he content to allow ignorant and untrustworthy men to lead? why would any woman agree to be a slave to the advances of these patriarchal institutions? why does a professor at trinity college promote patriarchal dynasties? dynasties that forbid female equal place? are we not in a free nation? who/what keeps FEMALE oppressed? without fair wages? denied seats of "honor" … ? it does not matter whether you claim democratic party or republican party denial is denial. ignorance is ignorance. inequality is inequality. murdering innocent is murdering innocent no matter your claim to fame or title or authorship. war is war. death is death … but at whose hands? and why? 

the mark silks of the world are OUR enemy. we do not trust these men. we do not trust men who rely on the old covenants … those who allow these numbers to breed ignorance. don't call me prejudiced or bigoted; call me honest. do you not treasure honesty about lies and hypocrisy? we are in a place primed for REAL change, but what does man do? he pays into and supports disease, lies … death. 

no thank you. I CHOOSE LIFE, and it does not come by way of ignorant, male dominion and manipulation. it comes by way of what? I AM the way, the truth, the life … the question, mark, is what is I AM? I am is me. :D If the Christ lives within … and WE repeat, IF The Christ lives within … would we not be I AM the One? 

you will know them by their fruits. we don't need you or your hierarchies. WE ARE A PEACEFUL BEING. we are at a place where professor/theologian is a cost unnecessary in many fields of study. on site study is … medical fields need on site training … but why do we need mark silk and co? a student having an interest in many fields today can go online and learn more openly, maybe even more safety and with much less cost (and less gas power), but only where his thoughts are not bashed and ridiculed … where his reputation is not slandered. what is the professor of theology and philosophy offering students today? his brand of hypocrisy? his version of "god"? his opinion on policy? why spend mega dollars paying for insulated mindset? and are the schools even safe places in this day? what disruption is telling us as a nation … come out of those old covenants; you can learn more freely where there is …  


I am seeing again, the episcopal church … moving out of the old and entertaining "the new". hmm … can this be? can it be that the art of ONE , one like me, will be realized, recognized … despite the grossness of the male heir achy threats about one gnostic. :)

we have shared that we are a healing operation.


the earliest christians were NOT militants, so … it was fairly easy for roma and the emperors to come in and usurp. they came with ox and ass … plowing up the fields, silencing, torturing and murdering as they saw fit. and those of this stream who tried to speak were cast out or silenced and … some formed new orders to try to heal, or to try to get away from some of the worst of the disease. they did not know but roman catholic dogma, but Spirit was still able to inspire a few to create for newness, a breaking away that breath might be. francis of assisi is one such person, but he is no saint, as saint is not who/what religious man thinks, but do ask how and where even his writings were edited, much like teresa of avila and so many others … to SERVE not I AM, but the vatican officials. ignatius of layola, another, and was his 'obedience to the pope' mistyped? yes … oh, yes! attempts to move … efforts to break free, but the arms were so heavy. the militancy so obese and so demanding of itself … to be the sole author. 

cs lewis was once an atheist … born of ireland. I think he was a belfast lad. can you imagine why he did not believe in a God? it is not difficult to imagine how this is, but he did come into belief, but chose not roman catholicism. did he know all there is to know? of course not! and for people to say he was just a fantasy writer and not worthy of respect are being foolish. it was his fantasy that challenged many and moved them to places of belief. when I read MERE CHRISTIANITY I thought, good title … because it taught me very little, but there were two things that stood out: Love is God and where he understood a contentedness in his belief. the first I found to be a revelation. instead of God is Love why not Love is God? it suited the gnostic in me well, however, the second fell short. as a gnostic, and much like science, one is not content. his is of a constant striving. it is that place of settled ease that puts men into the partnerships toward disease. but the fantasy is real in that it is everybody's person. JESUS did not lash people and animals in the temple court. the story is a story manifesting personal denial. it is SPIRITUAL METAPHOR. to take and use this story to mastermind a militia to murder those you do not agree with or that YOU FEAR … is showing your immense spiritual ignorance. roma of the doctrine within the institution claiming itself the author of GOD, despite all its furnishings and many theologians, is spiritually ignorant. how can it continue in this day … as a credible witness to anything … but its own ignorance? it steals from others, lies, whitewashes … sends its pope into the fields of politics in every nation, trying desperately to claim some credential, despite the WILLFUL ignorance. it should know right from wrong in this day, but it desires power. it will even pay into terrorism as this is what it was born from, to get what it desires. those threats yesterday? who/what do you think is responsible? 

roma loves war. it distracts from the major issues … because it does NOT want people to see its design.


and look at salkin, again … a whore for the old covenant because he is "blind" to the deceit and would readily send all his flock over the edge. I am sure he is REACTING to the post of previous and this tells you everything you need to know about his rabbinical stays. hmm … 

say goodbye to salkin and his credentials … he has just kissed the golden cross. 

you see, when you nudge these men a bit … challenging them, they REACT and go flying over the edge … but in their LOUDNESS, they REVEAL themselves for who/what they are: PATRIARCHAL DYNASTY ism, and its licenses. 

note: we were not baiting, but he took it as bait and swallowed big, and his response shows the world his arrogance. you see, he has no interest in gnosis. these play at openness but more the easy PC route, but in reality they demonstrate their inner secrets beliefs. judaism will die out because of the salkins of the world, and the pope's betrayal of the jewish people … pope says what salkin and those like him want to hear. ;) how gullible is that?  now, folks, WHO/WHAT do you trust? an ox that kisses the ass of the ___ …

PLEASE NOTE: the pope manipulated the rabbi … and got him to say exactly what they needed him to say. clever manipulating. 

you see, the pope of rome just got salkin of judaism to demonstrate his PARTIALITY. God (SPIRIT) is impartial. this is why we are not of religion … why we would not be embedding self in judaism, roman catholicism, or even christianity. these favor its own pedestaling for agenda. look at the constant promotion of "the jewish" this or that or that roman catholic serra, saint this and saint that … THE CHRIST TEACHING is very clear on this. the disciples of The Christ, as we shared glimpses on in SPIR, is very much of Spiritual Symbolism, and this is how we read and hear the OT. The NT is a continuation but it does not stop as SPIRIT is of PROPHESY and is in an evoking NATURE … to demonstrate what is truth.

why does man fall? in part because he allows himself to be seduced. he accepts the dishonesty of this or that to serve his own agenda---his own system of beliefs. he lives in fear of his seat being taken from him without realizing that the bigger head just stole it right out from under him. he made him insignificant through his pontificating. if one sees this an embraces it for new growth and not wallowing in either self-pity or fire-power of an arrogant nature, he can overcome the diseases of the mind. take salkin, he praise the roman pontiff because pontiff sounds as if he is respecting judaism. what salkin denies is all the insolence and disease of pontiff and his bigotry and denial, including their view of female station, treatment of women in those no abortion hospitals, treatment of the divorced and the gay and … the gnostic. salkin does not care about these malpractices, or the overwhelming image that the RCC through its doctrine and offices portray, and the fact that pontiff has really made NO CHANGES TO DOCTRINE, he cares only that his judaism not be tempted, but it was tempted and it is tempted and it has been shown as what? 

why do we wait for movement? I have had offers on SPIRREALISM, but I made it clear that we would not align with dishonesty … that partiality of indifference and the willful ignorance … nor will we align with "causes" to suit hot button topics in the news. I CANNOT BE TRUTHFUL IN THE HANDS OF DECEIT … Conscience will not permit me to work with say, the catholic, if catholic is dead set on roman pep rallies. no … no can do. 

Now, ask yourself IN HONESTY … if I AM anti-semitic? or even anti-catholic? anti-muslim or anti-christian? who is the one labeling and judging those not of his order of belief and practice? so easy to cry ANTI-SEMITISM!!! and for what? because one of a sect denies the voice of others, condemning him to something unrealistic? so easy to arrange to gain 110 million from the taxpayer to serve your anti-semitism charges. hmm …  you can have the money, salkin … for what? to pad your stores with cameras? spying on people? no thank you … I will never be a whore for you or those like you, including your golden cross pope, calling himself holy father. no thank you. I respect LIFE too much to allow this type of oppression for our youth. 

so, we ask salkin: does the following from a nonbeliever ring a bell?

The Church sorted the information, and edited it. The organization supressed whatever they did not like. They persucuted those who were guilty of merely having a different opinion.

and we ask, is the one not believing in your god, the gods of islam and rome … while sharing their experiences, where they believe it is their rightful place or a place they believe to be IMPORTANT, to the growth of a nation, where there is a separation of religions such as judaism, christianity, islam and the STATE … a place called anti-Semitism ? 


the following is an interesting read. will need to sift through more carefully when I have more time  … before I comment.

okay, some thought given to this … I can hear where atheists/nonbelievers in god of islam, rome, christianity and … would agree with the idea that politicians in government serving the public should keep their 'pride' to themselves and not foist this on others through name-calling, policies and … and should stick to the needs of the people of (america/american citizens), but it does not address the image of america. the image of america, established by a diverse set, demands it be of something more than just american. which leaves 'us' to define what is america. forget the ideologies of those mega religious … and look specifically at the area of america as a universe in question. 

the question from the woman about orphans being allowed or banned is where we are. as one not of the religions, I see orphan as landless … parentless … nationless children, children not being protected and served by the governance in where they eat and sleep. they have no rights as they have no money and no property but themselves. if a young female, she is at risk … child marriage, abuse and rape. if a young male … he is at risk … recruited for radical methods that may lead to terroristic acts. from afar, parentless, no voice---no choice, both are a threat to our nation … if looking strictly at safety of (america). if of the heart mind for compassion for those MOST vulnerable … my stance is to bring in the orphaned children FIRST. what threat can they be to us as children if they are found decent/proper homes without INDOCTRINATION.  of course any child can grow to become difficult, even militant or extreme in practice, but why choose for them ahead of time? why deny them based on the fact that they are originally of muslim parents, but then maybe some are not of muslim parenting … maybe some are of no set religion, or something else. 

and we do not say ban muslims from america. we say, you have many in this country suffering … what makes you think you can help these many many families? you have not shown through your policies that you can serve those already living in the states and you want to bring in loads more? but if you can arrange PROPER HOUSING and suitable parents for the orphaned children, start here … as for widows? maybe there are homes where someone needs a helper, but cannot afford to pay for one … assisting an elderly parent or mother's helper or … but this should not be viewed as enslaving the widow. this is for a house, food, self-worth … a temporary position in which to grow from as well as a place for her to acclimate safely to american society. you see, ours is to take care of what is given to us … not hog and hog, overeating, overachieving which leaves so many suffering … abused and misused. 


" WHEATON COLLEGE … FOR CHRIST AND HIS KINGDOM" ? muslim and christian worship the same god? hmm … tobin, this professor was pushing an opinion. as a professor, was this an acceptable act in light of the signage at wheaton college? don't be daft on this in favor of your own emotional ties ;) where on that sign is anything but "christ"? anyone who understands that LANGUAGE in this understands that muslim is of another prophetic stream! good grief, what people will do to blur the lines and push ecumenical seizure. 

lol … what the institution did means nothing to us. they could ignore the post or fire the professor having posted it and it would mean nothing to us, but please understand ID, or reject it altogether, but do not crucify THE CHRIST ;)

now, I am convinced more than ever that man in his religions does not understand what is THE CHRIST. roma did a whopping big nasty to make that happen, and look at the mess … look where man is combating his sins. *sigh*

has the whole religious community gone pop-up pope lolli- licking 'good'? meanwhile LOOK AT WHAT THE ROMAN PONTIFF STANDS FOR: greed, indoctrination and discrimination … but you won't hear RNS writers pointing this out. gee, I wonder how much they pay these people to promote their god rome via the roman pontiff? must be that they were born and bread in it, and they cannot help themselves … so, who will help them?

ADDED: let's be completely honest here, shall we? is it okay for the roman pontiff, having been pedestaled by many nations, including the united states of america, to say what he said about the gnostic, BUT NO OTHER BELIEF/FAITH, instead trying to align self with others (ISLAM , JUDAISM and PROTESTANTISM) …  to be discriminating to female and others, denying these, also IGNORING THE QUESTION OF HIS TREATMENT OF THE CLERGY CHILD SEX ABUSE IN ARGENTINA and throughout the world now as head bishop of the rcc … all of this RECEIVED AND VIEWED AS ACCEPTABLE TEACHING AND PRACTICE, where he should be HONORED and FOLLOWED AS SOME SORT OF WISDOM PROPHET AND LEADER OF TRUTH…  INCLUDING FORCING 9 and 10 years old to give birth after being raped, AND forcing at risk women to die in HIS hospitals, but it's not okay for one like me to state the obvious in this? 

ARE YOU FOLKS AFRAID TO HEAR FACTS? do you hate me because I am not fooled by the pope's rhetoric, knowing he speaks to build himself and his institution into a world order where HE (the papal office/vatican) is in CONTROL? what don't you like about these facts? would you rather hear lies? seems so, because HE TELLS YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, WHILE SITTING ON HIS POT OF GOD AUTHORITY (not), STILL A PATRIARCHAL FASCIST INSTITUTION! talk about hypocrisy! and you lap it up like what? how dare you deny people the truth about this man's character and what he is really perpetrating! what kind of guides and leaders, and mentors are you?  

so, it's the roman pontiff by way of the roman catholic church, and the alignment of judaism and islam with rome, that you desire to pedestal and spend time and money on, and it is 'his' knowledge and understanding, and preaching,  that you align with and teach your children … okay, so be it. you don't need us. 


Allah IS the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus. That statement has as much truth to Muslims as yours does to Christians.

So Ms. Hawkins was making a statement about the faith of Christians and Muslims which have common points.

If you want to split hairs, Jews, Christians and Muslims all have their own take on their version of a one true God which differ so wildly that they cannot be considered common theologically. The commonalities being entirely historical in nature. Like evolutionary branches of species off a common ancestor. Fundamentally different at a basic level but with shared traits.

The whole, “we worship the same God” is really more of a courtesy than an actual belief. A way to appeal to ecumenical/interfaith instincts in a polite, respectful manner.

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no, larry, it is not a courtesy comment. you, as a self-proclaimed atheist, have no say on the matter of worship or faith or belief in this particular area as you do not believe in any GOD or GODS or SPIRIT or other apart from you and those like you. you have no experience in this field, nor do you understand the ethical stance on WHAT IS within Supreme Senses. you cannot possibly speak on the manner of worship of any god or gods. you do not speak for me (although I do not think you were trying to speak for ME), and you cannot speak for anyone who believes in Spirit … just as the jew cannot speak for THE CHRIST, and that, dear one, is a matter of MAJOR significance in belief  difference with the believer of the RESURRECTED, as THE CHRIST IS … ONE WITH GOD THE LIVING AND GOD IS … Spirit. you cannot possibly lump all three into a worship of the same God. to you and those accustomed to reading books in the mind of the universal and this form of reasoning do not understand WHAT IS GOD, so no … if speaking THE CHRIST, jew (in the Writing) is not of the same God, and is why we say we are not of religion. if these are the same God JESUS as Prophet on TRUTH would never have come, never would have been needed … and I would not be here now writing this ;)

any one claiming christianity while claiming he worships the jewish god and the muslim god as the same is not of the Christ … to one of gnosis, which leaves ALL of you to consider WHY CHRIST Jesus is even relevant … AND WHY he was needed AND … what it meant for him to die on that cross (whether you believe this as Spiritual Symbolism or a real suicide, for what else would it have been, folks? ahem … ) so, in this the jew becomes more profoundly understood … and for us, there is no mistaking "what is GOD"