It is time for the hierarchies of man to be removed. 

That's where we left off----yes? 

What an exciting time! Some will mourn dynasties like rome---the roman catholic church---but look at their meanderings ... and good grief, their vatican malaise is wearisome, and how they think this political pope is in any way a pope FOR the poor is a very loooooooong stretch :D ... truly ... 
No one, especially the general population, should be having to waste their time in these cults of excess. When will the government of the United States and other governments ... wake up and see this for what it is? the harms ... Even its own malaise and patronizing is in serious question ... Government, where does your allegiance lie? You are failing the people.

President. hmm ... the constitution ... hmm ... (I am tapping my right index finger) ... CHANGE IS NEEDED.

The people need the right to vote within issues that directly affect them---their families---their communities, but they MUST ALSO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR---and the negligent behavior of those (groups, individuals) they pay into and support. When CHILDREN suffer ... die ... wash up on beaches with or without a name ... end up dead in dumps or starving in houses ... there needs to be persons/groups held accountable for these acts---negligence, and poor parenting. This means COMMUNITIES are held responsible. Loving neighbor as self does NOT mean allowing neighbor: governor-teacher-coach-priest-stepdad-boyfriend-nun-inmate-bishop-mayor-brother or sister to do as he or she pleases ... as TITLES ARE OFTEN DECEIVING and ... people have a way of slogging through the day unaware. 

The STATES of America need to be FREE from Congress as a hierarchy. Let the citizens of America VOTE in what is the best "procedures" and "parenting" for their communities. Government is too often ignorant and immune to the plight of the people, and they pander-pander-pander to what serves their interests and not the GREATER interests of the people. Their thrones have long ago decayed and fallen to ruin. You may thank one or two for what appears a reasonable "law" here and there, but the reality is ... the SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING.

When Paul wrote to and of the "bishops" ... he was not writing to the roman catholic church---its hierarchy---He was writing to those in positions of parenting in a place impartial. It is time for each State in our Nation to have its own NEW SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE with the PEOPLE AS ITS HEAD, or heartmind, if of the sense and reason of the gnostic (one of gnosis). 

This "president" thing has shown itself to be a failure. There are a magnitude of bright minds just waiting to join in but the SYSTEM spits in the eyes of these. Every city/town needs a group specifically looking after the taxpayer---where and how his money is spent ... donations ... education ... but no child should be washing up on a beach having been drowned by miscreants---the dead ... the human child sex trafficker ... the abusive parent ... the wicked and all those paying into and supporting this. No student should be experiencing so much fear and stress that he commits suicide or entertains homicidal thoughts and health professionals/professions ... THE HEAT WILL BE ON YOU!

I am astounded at our government's lazy attitude about the ABUSE, murder and deaths of our children! Just astounded. I wonder ... are these people alive or dead?

continued ...