so, which STATE will be the first to break from the "king"? 

Dallas, Texas? I can see where Texas will have several PROVINCES, but who will be its "bishop"? 

As I watch thousands and thousands of refugees fleeing their place of birth, or camps ... I recall those who left England ... I recall Luther and his followers ... I recall people breaking from the bigger party because ... because policies were not FOR the health and well being of the people. GOVERNANCE WAS FAILING---FRAUDULENT---DISHONEST---MEDIOCRE---NAPPING---IGNORANT---CRUEL---UNJUST---EXCESSIVE IN SPENDING AND NOT FOR THE RIGHT, MORE IMPORTANT REASONS---INSECURE---UNSTABLE---TOO FEAR-FILLED---BELLICOSE---BULLYING---NOT LISTENING-NOT HEEDING THE SIGNS--NOT AWARE ... 

so ... which State will be the PIONEER---on the front of this MOVEMENT? Who/what will be the new bishops of these states/provinces? They can remain within America and a FREEDOMS Democracy ... but not be squeezed dry by ... rome or rod or recklessness ... or plain old BUSINESS AS USUAL (as we heard it said ... over and over and over).

It can be done---yes? It's been done before---yes? Who/what will put his/her/their best foot forward to make the move? 

I close my eyes and what do I hear? 

it seems a religious group breaks ... yes, I am hearing a large religious group will break apart ... and this will be a portent for the States to take action

I see MA in the forefront of something due to people like Evan Falchuk, Elizabeth Warren and Jill Stein ... and others, but the State that will break from "the Constitution" (so to speak) will be Nevada ... 

Nevada? hmm ... the native peoples? Is this what I am seeing? well, we shall see ... but I would not blame them if they did break from "white man's laws" ... however, we do hope it is to repair and renew the land they once reared.