I was doing a quick scan of comments and saw the same old same old lie: religion is the cause of all the evil in the world. the world would be a better place without religion--signed ignorant atheist

what 'ignorant atheist' does not understand in his/her flat bed grid of thinking is that religion can take shape in any mode of thinking, including the mindset that is of a belief system that says: religion is the cause of all the evil in the world

and there is the atheists that believe that anyone who believes in Spirit---a Supreme Being---is delusional ... and the cause of all the evil in the world. I can't think of a poorer mindset than this, with the exception of ISIL ... human sex traffickers, child abusers ... rapists ... murderers ... 
for these are WITHOUT SENSE AND REASON ... without SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING---WITHOUT LOVE---without LIFE---WITHOUT LIGHT---WITHOUT TRUTH ... as anyone can use RELIGION-TITLES-VOCATIONS IN RELIGION, AND POLITICS, AND EDUCATION ... and these are often so intermingled, one cannot tell the difference in gods, as they often wear the same cloth ... as a shield or a cover for THEIR EVIL ACTS ... so, ATHEISTS, you better wise up and think before you speak ... or you may be seen as the wolf in sheep's clothing ... and btw, we are sad you live in ignorance---depraved of KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING ON LANGUAGE YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND ... TRANSCRIBED-TRANSFERRED FROM ITS NATURAL LANGUAGE (ARTS/SCIENCE) which you have no knowledge in ... care to disparage what you do not understand? you will be looking the bad-mouthed miscreants before too long ... you might want to brush up on your Aramaic ... you of militant and ignorant atheism 

one question: how well are you in philosophy poetry ... the arts? are you as ignorant in these as you are of the SYMBOLOGY of the WRITINGS?

it's called willful ignorance---desire to blame something-someone you don't understand ... thinking all the while that you have evolved to some magnificent place of intelligence

yeah-right ... think again 

that said ...


this event appears staged, like it was a set up. if you review the video ... there is a space between the two gay men seeking a marriage license ... where the camera can get a clear view of Kim, and the dialogue feels stiff, as if it is not natural---or a natural reaction ... so, was this, along with the videographer, a premeditated act? 


was this a new way for presidential candidate to campaign? 

what we find disturbing is that a man, any man, would treat a woman (or any person) as a slave to do his dirty deed. the gay couples got what they wanted ... as they knew they would---as those involved in this scenerio knew they would, and kim would not have to go against her beliefs and sign the licenses ... clever to remove her for these few couples, however ... the performance smells bad---real bad ... 

was this a BIG fat lie? are the american citizens being misled? and what mind acts in this fashion should this be a premeditated act? and what man uses woman in this manner---FOR HIS OWN CAMPAIGN ADS? and what woman allows herself to be used in this manner? and what SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT IMPRISONS A WOMAN FOR REFUSING TO SIGN MARRIAGE LICENSES
this looks and smells bad ...