the catholics we spoke with are clueless on the clergy/staff child sex abuse and they know nothing of their pope's history---IN ARGENTINA.

and this article does not address one of the more important issues of the RCC---the child abuse.

hmm ... more demo anchoring? it is absolutely clear that rns is being paid to NOT tell the truth ---the more informative truth---

they never once posted the very important article on the current pope's ordination of Barros in Chili, which caused an uproar ... but hey, do the majority of ROMAN CATHOLICS really give a damn about the children ... and the INSTITUTION they support in other countries? the women and girls raped and forced to give birth in those catholic hospitals in the roman catholic run countries?

from our study and research---a simple answer ... no

and so, they will receive what they believe ... 

added: was speaking with a catholic recently on the topic of travel (study abroad ...) and she happened to mention that she was in a children's hospital and noted that it was more than half muslim. she said that more than half the women wore either burkas or headscarves and walked behind the men, and she expressed concern with this and the issue of terrorism. i brought up the situation in catholic hospitals in latin america and other countries regarding 9 and ten-year-olds raped by their stepdads or even their dads and how these are forced to give birth ... and the women who are raped and forced to give birth ... and those with ectopic pregnancies and how some of these are treated (see prev posts or google info on this) ... and she looked at me as if she had no idea what i was talking about.