matthew, honestly, please do tell what you believe this current roman pontiff knows or understands about climate, or its change? all you did was advertise what we already know … show what is not known … :)

otherwise … *yawn*

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i still fail to see where all the pope's men are making ANY change in THEIR lifestyles called the rich and fame-mass.

how much does a cathedral eat? drink, and be merry?  

do not talk to us about climate, man, until you go after the whitewashers, and the egotists … and those making others clean up after their messes. pope on that rope is due to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help him goshdangit!!! or it's liar, liar pants on fire …

last call for this  …


this response to a comment on a trump article at rns is of interest …

Why don’t you read the Quran. Let it tell you that all non Muslims must either die or be enslaved. Also, forget trying on the “most Muslims are moderate” rubbish. Anyone who would associate with Islam is guilty by association.
Muslims are all taught from birth to hate the infidels but then maybe you agree with killing homosexuals, denying women all rights, stoning women to death, marrying little seven year old girls, female mutilation and absolutely no personal freedom. More likely you have been indoctrinated by the communist left. You may not realize it but the UN has chosen Islam as the one world unifying religion. They did this because there is no such thing as personal freedom in Islam. Uniting the world under a single religion has been a goal of the globalists for a very long time. Maybe you will call me a racist for telling you the truth. The problem with that is that Islam is not based on any one race. There are many white Muslims. I feel really sorry for you.

this is also interesting:

now, regarding islam … I have said that the god of islam is not my god, and neither is the god of roman catholicism. does this make me a bigot? or one spewing hate? violent in any way? not politically correct? not what an atheist or a president wants to hear? I cannot respect what does not respect me. is that so hard a concept for these men? are there "false" prophets? yes. the Writings speak on these many times. there is no way the UN or any other organization can make me believe in or bow to a any man, or woman, or system of beliefs that man orchestrates to satisfy his agendas, especially in its partiality … nor will I murder or maim in any name, system, institution or establishment … nor do I believe man has it all figured out … God, Spirit, Truth … or the right and wrong in this, and is why I do not believe in the god(s) of rome, islam or any other caliphate dynasty … their man versions of "holy" (note: Jesus, a prophet on truth was humankind in his work on Earth … and was not raping little girls … or boys, or even young women, or young men. he was a gnostic in the essence of the Spirit … a warrior in the call, but not an abuser and not a murderer, and NEVER advocated any of these actions … despite what some may think. his language like most of gnosis is not understood by mankind). 

IF the UN and obama, and others, have been in dialogue  … in an effort to promulgate this idea of a one world religion under islam … they will lose most ostentatiously. it is an absurdity to even consider this a possibility and shows tremendous ignorance not to mention a callous heart. a business?  … like people are a herd of cattle? property or … 
really now … roma has tried and tried and has not succeeded. islam will not succeed. no need for panic. what comes will correct the incorrect on this messaging. it has been obvious that the UN and our own president here in the US has been … how shall we say? wobbly in import.