Iran just happens to find a new source of IRAN.ium?

really? and we believe this about as much as we believe that the money given to saudi arabia from the US, UK and that oh so wonderful, UN ... did not blow up that water bottle plant ( see bbc news with gabriel) ... where the workers, including CHILDREN, died ... as civilians and children have been dying all along ... and what does saudi arabia say: it was a place housing weapons ... 
regardless of the footage and the facts!

liars ... deceivers ... and why in hell is the united states of america doing business with this badness? this corrupt insignia and poor parenting?

and why oh why is the government of the US doing business with the rc? ENDORSING AND PROMOTING A RELIGIOUS SECT---SPENDING BIG MONEY ON THIS? has obama the christian tuned muddled roman muslim---caught tween a rock and a hard horny spot sold his soul to the highest bidder? a whore in the making? lost his virginity? lost his mind ... or desires instead to take SHORT CUTS and remove a certain "peoples" much the way jump-it-nero serra and his henchies did for rome?

these people claiming to serve the united states of america are breaking the laws of our country, folks ... blatantly, blindly and bastardly ... for what they bring on the people is of ill intent ... you can count on it


hilary, blunt words are blunt ... THEY DO NOTHING ... YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS< POLITICAN ... 

signing that deal---sending that money ... it will already be too late ... so, cleaning up the bodies after the fact is cleaning up the bodies after the fact ... much like the money you give saudi arabia and the parents having lost both their sons who worked at that water bottle plant had to find PARTS of their children to bury them! what madness allows this to continue? what will you do, politician, using military force? KILL MORE CIVILIANS? the GREAT COST OF WAR ... God, how pathetic ... how barbaric and criminal ... 

when do you people EVOLVE from this mindset and NOT engage within this? 

IRAN WILL NOT HESITATE TO OBLITERATE ISRAEL. period. are you people deaf? they need the mula to make this happen, and the cohorts to blame ... and you are feeding them exactly what they want ... they will come up with some feeble, deceptive claim ... charge up a warring nation and bam! have you not learned anything from history? are you so academically smart that you are ethically dumb? no room for wisdom? no CONSCIENCE? no compassion? no Heart?

perhaps ... NO SENSE AND NO REASON ... or ... did someone do a deal under cover, deciding on partiality? has someone made a decision apart from what is right and honest? who does our public servants work for?

and to have a religious zealot entering the political fray ... igniting the war is not good ... the pope should NEVER have entered the political arena ... not good ... but you see ... the vatican loves war ... loves warring nations --- they are always in the market for properties ... because they cannot survive without the poor. what derelict minds allow this a rousing ovation ... and use of taxpayer money ... 

it all smells foul!