there are people (unfortunately quite a large number) who confuse rhetoric with worth. this recent fanaticism with Mark Silk's (see RNS) god, the roman pontiff ... is clear evidence of the misunderstanding these men have. I got a few lines in on what he calls his "spiritual politics' (cough cough) and stopped: what the ...? allow us to show you what we mean:

Serve the poor! PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Don't fight. PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Serve the poor! PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Take in immigrants. PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Serve the poor! PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Take care of the environment. PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Serve the poor! PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change Be nice to gays. PHOTO OP gas-guzzling-noise-litter-no change

okayyyyy ... um, PROVE TO US THAT YOU PERSONALLY DO ANY OF THIS ... that means you, to0, silk.

if we went to the vatican grounds  ... what would we find? how about silk's house? how about those roman catholic countries and those countries recruiting people into roman catholicism? ... how are the 9 and 10 year old girls that were raped by their stepdads, half brothers and ... doing in those catholic hospitals? how about the young women with the ectopic pregnancy? 

online lines not good enough for silk and his god? they need to have exploitation, props and lots and lots of gas and flights and noise and litter and ... lies ... ?

the denial of these men is so loud the air is nearly black ... 

thank GOD I LIVE in a place that smells like ROSES and not BULL.


a comment we found on david gibson's (RNS) pope defense of the canonizing of junipero serra

Too much news devoted to this one religious leader! The papacy is the same old story with a new rapper. It is all about power and control. Religious freedom? Really? Never was a point of concern for the Roman Church if it dominated the power elite of a country .

Modesty? How much taxpayer money is provide for security and entertainment for this man in the US? What happen to separation of church and state? Riding around in a $20,000 car creating a security risk while millions spent on security, preparation funds and flying a charter plane -Not impressed.

Why are so many illegal immigrants from Roman Catholic dominated countries to here? What happened in those countries over the last 500 years?

This is really interference by a foreign leader in the domestic issues of the US.

However, we do need to take care of vulnerable citizens and legal immigrants . All Christians are called to care for the poor, sick and be good stewards of the Earth.

amen, Observer ... 


and the latest in case anyone is using "the tribunal" as an excuse for lying, hiding, DENYING the clergy/staff CHILD sex abuse

Francis has NOT set up this tribunal. He’s said he will. He hasn’t done it yet and the AP reported yesterday that it doesn’t appear it will be set up any time soon.

David Clohessy, SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, 314 566 9790,

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