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so, you see, there is a political puppet on the run ... running from what? running for what? 

what is really going on ... that the catholics and so many others do not see?

a multi-faith based meeting ... for what purpose? the rcc has no intention of changing their hard core doctrine and why any members would ever believe it would is kinda nonsensical ... for, you see ... the vaticants CAN NEVER TRULY ADMIT ERRANCY ... not with the inception of this institution as it is, and its face painted whitewash.  any person or organization that thinks itself infallible is fallible in mindset ... and the catholic institution is of a derelict mindset. it harbors inconsistent truths and prides itself on name calling more than housing virgin wealth. it does not matter how many homosexual or heterosexual celibates it has shuffling around in expensive robes, playing at their oaths of poverty ... or feeding sandwiches to the homeless under the bridge, so that they never get out from under that damned bridge ... which is likely about to crumble anyway in its ecumenical gibber-jabber ... (*the tower of babble prophesied on this in verse) ... the truth about the political run is a yarn ... 

and a loud one

recruitment comes in many love triangles ... KNOW ITs SCORE ... isn't that right, silk? 
'fraid you and a great many others have been misled :(


there are some supporters of this expensive and quite loud and selfish spectacle that have lost integrity through their push to appear something they are not. it was more important to them in their aggrandizing methods to overwhelm and RUN OVER others ... carelessly, recklessly and a myriad of self-centeredness  ... that they LOST their integrity.

and they don't give a damn ... like the "we are the one true church" rabble that has gone on for so darn long its almost an enigma ... but more a stigma ... and now the shuffle between "GOD AREN'T WE JUST THE GREATEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!" and "WE ARE SO WELCOMING AND LOVING A FAITH" ... it's a WONDER that BREAD hasn't been recalled a lonnnng time ago ... but politicians have big asses, too ... sitting on so many to keep them 'shhhhhhhh'

the HOST is meant to be solemn in care and amorous in repair. 

then we have those trying their darndest to come up with something to show that their pride is not wrapped in slick cellophane with a big bright red plastic bow at the top ... cherry picking is what it's often viewed as ... or ... like butter stretched over too much bread. tasteless ... especially when the butter has turned from the heat of the spotlight and the bread has gone stale. 

it is obvious this "grand" and expensive show was and is a 

I recall sharing in SPIR at the onset that it would be overheated leftovers ...