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religionists, ESPECIALLY ROMAN CATHOLICS, don't seem to get the fact that they are being tested for their WORTHINESS---whether or not they will be of use in the NEW ... the MOVING ... THE EVOLUTION OF GOD AND MAN ... if not of use ... wouldn't it make sense to  ... remove what is dying? 
for instance ... if a tree has large, dead branches ... do you allow these branches to HANG PRECARIOUSLY OVER THE GOOD BRANCHES, the house, the little ones ... the samplings trying to get established underneath it ... and those that go to the tree seeking shade? a big wind could cause much damage ... death.
or what if a tree is infested with an insect ... a destructive, meddling _______ what happens? do you inject the tree with drugs or do you spray it with a bug killer and run the risk of infecting the area with pesticides---toxins that do more harm than good?
you remove the tree.
what is in your INSTITUTIONS that is causing harm? what is dangerous? what is not being properly dealt with because large branches hang precariously over the newer growth ... the lives of others?

if I received a nickel for every time I heard a roman catholic say that the chair of peter-the roman catholic church-will prevail when people "persecute" it ... I would be a wealthy, wealthy woman! death be not proud, religionists ... IF YOU ARE NOT MOVING, YOU ARE PRETTY NEAR DEAD. that false chair you harp about is a delusion. didn't JESUS SAY ... take up your cross and follow me ... 

what is your cross? you do not know because you are where ... doing what? CRUCIFYING THE CHRIST? yup ... if you are denying that you need to get up ... take up your mat and MOVE, but, hey ... enough on this ... falling on deaf ears ...

dead branches ... trees doing more harm than good ... unaddressed dangers ... DENIAL ... covering over the infections ... the infestation and the dead through a whitewashing

where religion falls is in its condition called martyrdom. it kills thousands, even millions, because it keeps people strangling ... suffocating in a barren field. people die because they are taught to stay where they are! no, if the people in that region don't want you there ... get up and get out ... kick the dust from your feet and move ... to where you can safely grow --- mature and move into 'becoming' of worth. GOD cannot use barren 'fruit' ... and seeds choked by vines and weeds ... and seeds planted in infected soil will not grow ... will not grow healthy and will not become what is needed TO BE of use in Prophesy ... which is a constant. 

but, you see, on the receiving end ... what is happening? the abuser, the denier ... the ones refusing growth, dishonest, wounding others in order to be the king or the proud member of such and such ... when the Christ is urging you to movement ... get out, he says, the soil is diseased ... your children are floundering ... depraved, starving ... banging their heads against the cage like poor animals in a circus zoo while people come and wait to be entertained. they are losing their lives in the name of religion such in such and NOT LIVING in the Name of TRUTH.

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just like the TRIBUNAL that was told would happen but has not (regarding the clergy CHILD sex abuse) ... *as wesolowski mysteriously dies of a heart attack (cough cough) in his hospital room (one day walking around freely ... the next ... unable to go to trial ... hmm ..) ... the vatican leadership:

Pope Francis is seeking reconciliation with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). ( The Simon Wiesenthal Center named SSPX as influential within the French far-right, anti-Semitic party. The Southern Poverty Law Center kept SSPX on their “Hatewatch” list because of the virulent anti-Semitism of its leaders.

Holocaust survivors and their heirs are petitioning this pope to audit accounts at the Vatican Bank believed to have held funds looted during the Second World War by Nazi allied governments. Pope Francis has refused to address or even acknowledge the issue. (

Financial columnist, Brett Arends: “The president, the media and other public figures ought to stand shoulder to shoulder with Jewish groups and insist that if Pope Francis wants to be hailed for his openness and candor … he can start by at last throwing open the Vatican’s secret records about its shady dealings with Hitler, Mussolini and their allies before, during and after World War II…