6 months since my last post. I was here and there … and mostly on SPIR wordpress for these sharings. but now I am moving to the NEW deal, and returning to the work I started. I just want to say that it has been most uncomfortable "out there" in the big public … having to point out hypocrisy and lies. DENIAL and the one who shall not be named: the great deceiver.

I was relieved to hear that I am moving into a place of remittance. to clarify this … it is a place of continuing plausibility. what is plausibility in the Spirit? well, read, love and mend.


each and every ONE desiring the Life in the Spirit of the Living goes through a process of renewal. it begins somewhere in the breaking of "bread" … breaking from the 'posts' of Man and beginning a journey (that walk in taking up the cross of following  … Me). this is not exactly same for every Being entering into the Life, because not every Being rests in the same post. but taking a STAND, or MAKING A STAND (platform) … or joining One in the Spirit having already established that platform, which is what I have been used for in this Day… is the start. 

we have shared extensively and often exhaustingly on the hypocrisies of Mankind: his betrayal, denial, deception, elitism, arrogance, carelessness, poor parenting, cruelty, ignorance … injustice, dishonesty and … gods, that poverty of Love Eternal, but now we etch out the steps in a way that find coherence for the Reader.

first, I am not a silly bohemian attempting to make a splash in the new agism of man's spiritual deals and steals. if you have been misinformed about my place, do not blame and accuse me. I am no more new age than a cat is a dog. a cat is not a dog, but both can be a companion. 

*( the colors are Spiritually relevant. ALL in the Language of the Spirit holds Spirit Metaphor. understand this and you begin to see the Light emerge on Truth … the Writings in parallel with renewal)

a "dog" holds the hand of THE PROPHET. he is either revered or spat on. kicked or cuddled. costly or cannibalistic. I use the word cannibalistic because I want you to begin to understand What is God?  a gnostic would say God IS. we say Truth was, is and always will Be. One of gnosis is not OF religion, any religion. rather he is OF movement that makes FOR Truth. in gnostic literature there is a verb that states God devours Man. What is God?  Eating Man. not a mauler or a molester or a marauder of ignorance; God is … of the necessity to rebel. to rebel against the vagaries of Man for … Life blood. for Living. for Love Eternal. it's just that Man has a hard time understanding What is Love (will get into this more down that road … up that mountain … in the read, along with the eating). 

a "cat", on the other hand, should hold the hand of the Dog … not be in denial of THE PROPHET's handyman (also understood as the Messenger). and when I say 'him' I speak of the FORCE, not the gender a man understands about himself. SHE is equal on the platform rent for Love. 

-----------------READ continued in the next post (LOVE and MEND will follow)